AGAIN, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! 💔💔💔

Yes, my friends, it has happened again.  Another mass shooting in the United States.  Last week, it was 8 killed in Atlanta, Georgia, and this week it’s 10 killed in Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder-shootingI don’t want to hear “thoughts and prayers” from anybody.  Keep the damn thoughts and prayers … they won’t bring back the dead, and they won’t stop the next one, probably later this week or next week.  ACTION is what’s needed.  Action on the part of our inert Congress to pass emergency legislation banning any further gun sales, effective immediately.  Action to shut down the National Rifle Association, aka NRA.  Action to ban assault weapons and to require rigorous background checks on every single damn gun sold, no matter who the seller.  Action to begin removing guns from the homes of the mentally unstable, the domestic abusers.

The shooting, for any who may be unaware, took place yesterday afternoon in a grocery store.  Police are, apparently, still trying to figure out the motive.  The shooter, last I heard, was injured in the leg and was “being treated for his injuries”.  WHY is he being ‘treated’ for anything … throw the son-of-a-bitch in a jail cell and let him writhe in pain … or die … doesn’t much matter which to me at the moment.

Boulder-shooterWhile he is being treated for his injuries, let me note here that if he had been Black, he would be dead now … there were SWAT teams at the store within minutes of the shooting and they would no doubt have killed the shooter if his skin had been darker.  Instead, he is gingerly put on a stretcher, placed in an ambulance, and taken to a local hospital.

Welcome to America, land of opportunity.  Opportunity to get killed while picking up a gallon of milk on your way home from work.  Opportunity to get killed while working in a spa, or a grocery store, a bank, or a news station.  Opportunity to make less money in 2021 than you made in 2009.  Opportunity to graduate from college with so much debt that you will be nearing retirement age before you pay it off.

When are people going to wake up and realize that we have a critical gun problem in this nation?  Perhaps when their own child or grandchild is killed while at school?  I have written before about people who, when confronted with a choice between their children and their guns, chose their guns.  This is not human, people!

And guess what, folks?  Just 3 days before the shooting, as a result of a lawsuit filed against the city of Boulder, Colorado by none other than the NRA, Boulder’s ban on assault-style weapons such as the AR-15, was deemed to be unenforceable.  Guess what the shooter used?  Yep, an AR-15.  It’s only a damn shame that NRA head Wayne LaPierre wasn’t doing a bit of shopping in that grocery store yesterday, or having a massage at a spa in Atlanta last week!

Funny, there is a certain element in this nation who believe that mass voter fraud is the most important issue to deal with, that restrictions must be placed on voting such that Blacks, Hispanics, women, and the poor will find it almost impossible to vote.  This, despite the fact that it was overwhelmingly proven last year that there was no mass voter fraud.  However, those same people are all about making it easier to buy a damn gun.  Something is seriously screwed up in this nation, so much so that I seriously doubt we can continue as a democratic republic.  Our headlines read much more like a third-world country, with people being shot at random in a grocery store, and our politicians appear to favour a plutocracy – a government by and for the wealthy.

I will likely be suspended from Twitter again by morning, as I responded hastily and in a fury to a post by none other than the consummate gun looney, Lauren Boebert, who posted she was sending those damn useless “thoughts and prayers”, when she is part of the problem with her arsenal pictured behind her during a congressional Zoom meeting.  I let her know my feelings in no uncertain terms … just waiting for an email from Twitter to slap me on the wrist … again.

People … this has to STOP!  This nation is eating its young, so to speak.  We are killing for no good reason.  We are a nation peopled with bigots … gun-owning bigots … and our Congress is in such a stalemate that no legislation is likely to be passed this year or next, no matter how urgent, how sensible.

We the People voted for the fools who are currently playing games with our lives.  Yesterday, ten people lost their lives, one a police officer, because this is a nation that cares more about their “right” to own a gun than they care about this country and the lives of the people who live here.  Let’s all do some serious thinking and study the issues, and before next year’s election, let’s make some wiser choices.  Let’s vote for people who do NOT have an A+ rating with the NRA!  Our lives depend on it!  Instead of sending useless ‘thoughts and prayers’, let’s send some people with brains and consciences to Congress!

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  1. Hmmm… as I read your words, Jill, I thought about the effectiveness of the Black Lives Matter protests. Gun control only has a chance if: a) people take to the streets and demand change in a long series of protests nation-wide, and b) your Senate fixes that ridiculous filibuster rule. We need tighter gun control here in Canada as well, but thankfully, we never considered gun ownership a constitutional right – so preposterous!

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    • Yes, you’re probably right, but there are so many 2nd Amendment advocates that I don’t know if I could get a dozen people to protest! However, most have been horrified by what’s happened in the past week or so, and so maybe …

      I didn’t even realize you guys had a gun problem up there, for I didn’t think guns were allowed, other than perhaps hunting rifles, in Canada. Your laws much be much stricter than ours, for your statistics are far lower. Yes, thinking of gun ownership as a ‘right’ is ridiculous, but thinking of it, as some do, as a “god-given” right is absolutely preposterous!

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      • Guns are smuggled into Canada from the US each year – those are the ones used in crimes. Our laws are much stricter and very few registered firearms are involved in shootings. I honestly hoped there would be change after the high school shooting in Florida two years ago. I don’t have much hope left. I think GOP senators would have to be shot in the Senate chamber in order to get them to move on gun control.

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        • and this just proves one of the contentions that I have around this issue, that most gun crimes are committed with weapons that aren’t registered, legally owned by the assailant, etc. so banning certain guns, though it looks good on paper and is a good symbolic move, overwriting the substance of any meaningful reform, it ultimately won’t help.

          I agree, something needs to be done and there are already laws on the books around the notion of background checks, etc.

          Jill, I know you and I won’t ever agree on this issue but I think we can agree upon the philosophical point that as long as man or woman has the thing in their heart that makes them go out and commit murder, killing will still happen and it will happen no matter what the weapon is, knife, automobile, airplane, etc.

          Why do the people in congress or the citizens not want to address the cultural issues by having national conversations about other problems like poor mental health intervention, horrible insurance companies who won’t pay for or treat mental health equal to physical health, etc.

          And, just to be proactive, I’m not one of those ignorant people who have the silly belief that violent video games and music are corelated to mass shootings, that has been disproven so many times that I honestly don’t understand how any person can still believe this myth.


              • Hi John.

                We’ve never talked but coming from someone who also deals with mood issues, more properly, dysthymia, though not officially diagnosed, I wish you recovery with ease and grace and that you will be able to come out of the dark and back into your own light.

                The nonstop 24/7 news cycle, which I personally think is a great disservice to us in the long-term, for we don’t need to know every detail of everything all of the time, I think is one of the biggest problems. I keep up with current events to a degree but I find I’m much happier, okay, well, a little happier, (my brain can only take so much levity before it will explode all over the house and the wife says “no blood inside”, but I’m more focused on what I enjoy since I don’t have the ongoing distraction of all of the noise.

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  2. I swear America is the only country or at the very least a very select few countries where mass shootings happen so frequently. There was this one chilling quote from a foreign news source (I want to say The Guardian or BBC?) that said “It’s just another day in America.” years ago.

    When I first heard about this story, addressed the killer as a “shooter”, wasn’t identified yet (I didn’t see a picture until this article), and was taken alive, I knew 100% that this was a white guy with all the pattern recognition I’ve noticed over the years about mass shootings. Had this have been a Black or Arab man doing the same thing, they’d be Swiss cheesed by the feds faster than you can say “NRA”. Does anyone remember George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, or Breonna Taylor killing people? Oh, wait. That never never happened. It’s mind-numbing that mass murders can be treated with kid gloves in this country.

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    • You’re right, and there’s a very good reason for that … we are the only country on the globe that has almost zero regulations on gun ownership. Even the laws that are on the books, few though they are, are loosely enforced. We literally have more privately-owned guns in this country than we have people!

      Yes, that was one of my first thoughts, too, that obviously he was a white man, even before I saw the picture, for if he had been a Black man, an Arab, or Hispanic, he would have looked like a piece of Swiss cheese with at least 20 holes in his body. Oh yes, my friend … I remember them all, and many others as well. The trial of George Floyd’s murderer, Derek Chauvin, starts next Monday and I will be following closely. Care to make any bets that he gets no more than a slap on the wrist, if that?

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      • Sure thing. I forgot if there were as many guns as people in America or more, but that doesn’t surprise me at all. Gun sales did go up last year if I’m not mistaken.

        Exactly! It really shows the racial double standards with everything. I wasn’t trying to limit myself to those names since there are so many other examples. Yeah, I have multiple reservations going on especially with the questionnaire and the settlement.

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        • Oh yes, at the very beginning of the pandemic, gun sales surged! Some states’ lockdowns only allowed ‘essential businesses’ to remain open, and gun owners in at least one state that I’m aware of sued, saying theirs was an “essential” business! HAH!

          There are so many that I keep a list and have to refer to it from time to time, but obviously George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are the ones closest to the forefront of our minds, for they were the most recent. Turns out, though, the shooter dude from Monday is, in fact, Arabic, though he’s lived in this country since he was a small child. I was pleased that the judge in the case struck down both the motion for a delay and the motion for a change of venue.

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          • Gotcha and that makes sense. I just didn’t know the timing. The essential business issue was certainly a talking point and some states had different definitions from what I heard. For example, professional wrestling is considered an essential business in Florida which is why the WWE was able to stay open even if they’ve been taping empty area shows in their performance center or AEW having shows with very limited capacity and social distanced seating. Some of those gun shop owners WOULD claim that to be the case with their shops.

            I don’t blame you or anyone since it’s gotten so prevalent (or at the very least recorded) over the past decade. That’s right given the recency and the egregiousness of those cases. I wasn’t aware of that and just looked it up. Thanks. It’s good that there won’t be a delay or venue change. I feel like other people have been trying that like those who stormed the capitol for example.

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            • I always wondered … why? Did they think to shoot the virus and stop it that way? Or did they figure they might get bored under lockdown and need to add some excitement to their lives by going out and shooting their neighbors? Sigh. People puzzle me … somedays I’m not sure I’m of the same species. Interestingly, just as gun sales surged with the onset of the pandemic, alcohol sales surged with the election of Trump! That one didn’t puzzle me in the least!

              It has become prevalent and that’s part of the danger, that we may become inured to it. Yes, re those who stormed the capital (and those who were behind the scenes instigating the attack) are trying everything under the sun to delay and obstruct. One guy said he couldn’t stay in jail because it was stressing him. I wanted to get in his face and ask him if he didn’t think the ten years or so he’s likely to spend in prison might not also be stressful! Another was moved to a different prison so he could have an all-organic diet. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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              • If you want gun control, are you also okay with the politicians and their security staff not having guns? If not, why?

                I think it’s a good logical question that deserves a well thought out logical answer with evidence supporting any opinions you have on the matter.

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                • Absolutely! If there are no guns in the hands of civilians, then we would not need guns in the hands of law enforcement, either. Look at the UK, where the average beat cop does not carry a gun. Why? Because he doesn’t need to worry about some idiot running out of a store waving a gun!


              • Yeah, seriously! You can’t just shoot or bomb a virus to oblivion. It’s just sickening with how these people do these heinous things. That is also not surprising about alcohol sales as well.

                Yes, and it’s just crazy with everyone trying to deflect and deny. There are just so many excuses thrown around. The organic food one really infuriated me not just with how spoiled that guy was, but also knowing that there are people in jail who are falsely accused. Assuming if they can’t get out of jail, they should get organic food, too and if not, then that could be a discrimination case! These insurrectionists and mass murderers are unbelievable.

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                • It seems that somewhere along the line, people stopped thinking. Nowadays it seems they are all too willing to play “follow the leader”, believing the rhetoric they are fed by the politicians and the likes of Fox “News”.

                  I seriously hope that every single one of those they have arrested spend no less than ten years in prison for their role in this attempt to overthrow the will of the people, to overthrow the government. More, though, I want those who plotted this in prison for the rest of their lives, such as Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and many others including the former guy. One person who was in on the plotting said their intent was to murder every single member of Congress. That’s pretty damn chilling.

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                  • Sometimes thinking can be so rare it might as well be a superpower these days.

                    Thank you! I know they’re still finding the rest of them, but they were treated so softly for what they did. That was the first time since the precursor to the War of 1812 where the Capitol got invaded, but this was done by Americans! It was very chilling and the people who enabled them need to get prison time, too.

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                    • You’ve hit the nail on the head there, my friend. I feel that I am the anomaly some days!

                      Just tonight I read about one who isn’t even in jail, but merely on house arrest with an ankle bracelet, asking the judge to remove the ankle bracelet because he’s “a Christian” and “loves the police”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And he goes by the moniker of “Baked Alaska”, his real name being Anthime Joseph Gionet. Go figure. You’re right … they were treated with kid gloves. In fact, they were treated better than the Georgia state legislator who was arrested for knocking on Governor Kemp’s door!!! Yes, cops literally dragged her out of the State Capitol and arrested her for knocking on the Guv’s door. Sigh.

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                    • Thanks. I’ve felt that way more than once before even though I don’t want to sound like an insufferable genius.

                      Hold up! This idiot stormed the Capital and ONLY got an ankle bracelet and put on house arrest? WOW! Just, wow! People got jail time for far less. I can’t believe they actually used those excuses. Nobody should be making “blue lives matter” or “loves the police” comments after they assaulted cops and murdered one. How much you want to bet that those same people were the ones who got Kaepernick canceled from the NFL? At least he won’t be on a no-fly list. It’s infuriating about the double standards in the justice system.

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                    • I am the same … it’s not that I’m any more intelligent than others, for I’m not. It’s simply that I actually USE my brain. I have to think long and hard sometimes to understand something, but I do the thinking, not just buying into what someone on Fox News, or some politician tells me to believe.

                      Well, his ‘house arrest’ is only while he’s awaiting trial. I sincerely hope that his trial will result in a conviction and a prison sentence, though I wouldn’t make any wagers at this point. I don’t see how anybody who participated in the events of January 6th can claim to “love the police”, for they KILLED one of them and given half a chance, would have killed more! You’re right … if not them, then some very like them were the ones who called Kaepernick “un-American”, a ‘traitor’, and more. Personally, I gained great respect for Colin Kaepernick that day and in the months following. The flag is a piece of cloth, the anthem a bunch of words … what does any of it matter if people cannot treat others right?

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                    • I know what you mean and I feel the same way. People told me that I overanalyze things, but in hindsight, I guess some people just wanted me to take things only at face value.

                      Gotcha and I hope so as well, but these people get slaps on the wrist all the time. I know, right? Those people never cared about police. They just wanted them to slaughter Black people wholesale while they can be lawless. Not only that, but you had tons of off-duty police officers at the capital that day. Those people were the REAL traitors and not Kaepernick. Glad you respect him. Not many people would’ve done what he did. I legitimately didn’t know there were other verses of the national anthem until after he took a knee which shocked me with the pro-slavery cheerleading in the extra verses.

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                    • That’s funny, for I am often told the same, that I “overthink” things! So much easier for them to simply accept what they are told.

                      Agreed, but I’m hoping that once they start having the trials, they will get relatively long prison sentences as a deterrent to others who may have similar ideas of mounting insurrections, for it seems there are an increasing number of groups such as the “Oath Keepers” and “Proud Boys”, both of which are misnomers in my book. Yes, I was beyond disappointed by the number of military and law-enforcement officers that participated on January 6th. Apparently ‘loyalty’ oaths don’t mean much to some. I can’t help wondering … what if they had succeeded? What would life be like now? Would we have fought them, or would we simply lie down and give up? Kaepernick, unlike so many others, had the courage of his convictions and his simple protest showed us what half of this country is really like. There are those, I think, who would not mind going back to the days of Jim Crow, or even further back to the days of slavery. And that is what is so very depressing, seeing that the human species seems not to have evolved much at all.

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                    • Glad you can relate and that I’m not crazy for overthinking about different things.

                      Definitely. I sure hope so, too. Those and other groups need to be prosecuted. Yeah, it was infuriating seeing military and LEOs being part of this seditious act. That would be scary if they actually succeeded. That protest really revealed the hidden racism, so I agree with you there and it doesn’t surprise me at all that some people want that to happen again.

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                    • You and I … we may be seen as crazy by some, but in my book, we are the ones who may yet bring sanity and rationality back to this world. Sigh.

                      I fear that those groups are still plotting an insurrection. Last I heard, it was scheduled for when Biden gives his first address to the Joint Session of Congress, which is as yet unscheduled. Hopefully, law enforcement and the intelligence community is a heck of a lot better prepared for the “next time”, but just the fact that there are more and more of these groups cropping up is frightening. I don’t understand how somebody can claim to “love” this country, and yet wish to destroy the very foundation of it? For a while, I thought I couldn’t continue fighting this fight, but if we stop … then what? We are making a difference, ever how small. I have to believe that … and so do you.

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                    • Thanks. It’s been rough with how much I’ve been gaslighted and psychologically affected even when I was right, but I’m thankful that you can see that, too.

                      That sadly wouldn’t surprise me and I’ve heard a recent story of someone trying to assassinate Kamala Harris, but failed. These groups don’t get vetted, but if some Islamic terrorist group were to plot something bad, then they’d stop it instantly. Like you, I’m beyond frustrated with these fake-triots out there. Thank you for believing that we can make some kind of difference by calling out these issues.

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                    • Oh yes, I see it and go through the same as you. I’ve even had my life threatened for a piece I wrote about gun laws several years ago. But, I’m not giving up, just because some days it seems we’re fighting a losing battle.

                      I hadn’t heard about the attempt on Kamala’s life, but I’m not at all surprised. Oh heck yes, or even if a Black Lives Matter protest resulted in a broken window somewhere, they’d be labeled domestic terrorists. “Fake-triots” … I like that one! It’s so true … they don’t love the country, only their “own kind”, ie white. We have to believe we can make a difference … many have before us, and while we’re only a small voice among many, we gather others along the way and eventually our voice is heard. I’ve long said if I can just convince a few people to THINK about things in a different way, then I’ve done something worthwhile.

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                    • Sure. Sorry to hear that about people sending you death threats for an article. That’s horrible and no one should have to deal with it.

                      I definitely agree with that if it was a Black Lives Matter protest, too. Thanks! I forget where I first heard that term from. It’s good that you have that kind of cautious optimism.

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                    • Hi Jill.

                      Anyone who would send you a death threat simply because of something you write is a reprehensible individual and it is those kind of horrible people that are vile pollutants in the stream of political discourse.

                      I know that you and I are as different as night and day regarding the roadmaps on how to achieve some of the objectives we both share and I know that, at times, I can be a bit reactionary in responding to some points but we are both civil enough and are of such conscience that doing something so terrible as this would not cross our minds.

                      hugs my friend.

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                    • It takes all kinds in this world, and I guess that’s the price one pays for being highly opinionated on some topics as I am.

                      Yep, Black Lives Matter protestors merely walk past a person’s house and the person is out with his rifle, calling the cops. And I read yesterday where one of the goofier members of Congress has proposed a bill to label “Antifa” a domestic terrorist organization! And “Antifa” as such doesn’t even exist! There is no such organization! Sigh. We have to have optimism, my friend, for otherwise we just give up and then what happens? Keep plugging away!

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                    • Sure thing. I kept a lot of things to myself even if I was proven right about something which was infuriating. I’m glad I have blogs where I can use my voice whether it’s serious subjects or more lighthearted material.

                      Exactly! It’s just so insane with how people abuse the justice system and everything. Thanks, Jill.


  3. I feel the rage Jill. It never ends. At least now, maybe we’ll actually get a bill passed in the House and sent over to the Senate. Let’s make idiot Republicans go on record by either filibustering or voting no. Moscow Mitch would never even bring the bill up for debate if he were majority leader. Well, he’s not now. If they don’t want to do away with the filibuster altogether, make their asses stand up like the buffoons they are and tell America why citizens need these kinds of weapons. What for? What purpose, so they can have fun at the shooting range? Oh, and if you do get suspended by Twitter, wear it like a badge of honor Jill. That crackpot deserved whatever you tweeted. She needs to go. Taylor Green needs to go. All of these gun nuts. I’m so done with all of them.

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    • No, my friend, it never ends, and I can’t see a path toward it ending. Hatred, bigotry & racism, mental illness … they exist everywhere in the world. But without guns, their effect is muted. Here, we encourage every man, woman, and even child to learn to shoot a gun, to own an arsenal … and then when these mass shootings happen, we gasp in surprise. In my book, every member of Congress, past or present, who has refused to vote for a ban on assault weapons, for background checks on EVERY gun purchase, and for limitations on who can own a gun, have the blood of these ten people, plus the other few thousand who have died by gunfire this year, on their hands. I would have worn it like a badge of honour … would have been my third suspension! But, they left me alone this time. Like you, I’m so done with them all … but then, I’m feeling done with everything right now. Sigh.

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      • It’s like you mentioned to me several weeks ago. When you go into a place of business and you see some whacko with an open carry assault weapon, or pistol, you simply leave and tell the manager. I promise to do the same. I haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ yet. But I’m sure it will come. These idiots are proud of their ‘piece’ that they carry around. We know why. They lack something somewhere on their body. I’ll just leave that right there!

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        • Jeff, talk about an overgeneralization. not every person who carries a gun is a lunatic or is lacking in personal extension of their manhood. You’re sounding like the evil right wingers who generalize every biden or Obama supporter to be a communist. just stop already, these childish blatant absurdities are ridiculous and you should know better.

          What if I said that everyone who cared deeply for the environment was a tree hugger? You’d call me out and you’d be right to do so. I obviously don’t believe such a thing but you should get the point.

          Not every republican is a jerk, not every person who voted for the “former guy” is lacking in brain cells or is a “deplorable”.

          I am so over the generalizing from people on all sides of these issues, we are all human, our commonalities far outweigh our differences but there are certain elements in our society who capitalize on and take advantage of man being against man. it boosts their ratings and propagates the cycle of negativity.

          On that note, I conclude my soliloquy and return control of your devices back to your hands.

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          • I would argue, Scott, that any person who carries a gun into a grocery store, library, book store, or other place of business is not to be trusted. I have walked out of stores more than once because a customer had a gun stuck in his waistband.


          • Scott, when over 70% of Republicans still say they’d vote for the criminal insurrectionist Trump, I’m left to conclude that most of them are indeed, jerks.

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        • Good for you, my friend! I was in the grocery last week and there were three cops just wandering up and down the aisles. I found it a bit creepy … not that I was afraid of the cops so much as I wondered why they were there. Now I’m really dreading my next trip to the grocery store!

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          • When you can’t even go buy some stuff at a grocery store without worrying about some whack job blowing you away……this is America Jill. How far we have fallen

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            • We have fallen into a dark place, my friend. A place where money and power are all that matter, but where those who have neither are too ignorant to see they are being used to shines the boots of the ‘haves’. Sigh.

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  4. I can understand the anger, Jill. When my son was younger and in high school, I discussed the matter of the availability of guns. He told me it was easy to get a gun. You didn’t need to go to a sale or store if you really wanted one and didn’t care how you got it. You could pick one up on the street from a youngster if you know who to ask. There are many stolen guns around. It seems hopeless in the U.S. to try and get near-total control. Just ask the kids. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • You’re so right … it would be a monumental task to attempt to rid the nation of guns. But, the first steps aren’t so hard: expanded background checks, a ban on assault weapons, no guns for those accused of domestic violence, etc. But, half of this nation fight even those minor steps. They’d give up their children first. Sigh.

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    • Relative to most of the world, apart from the USA, Aotearoa New Zealand has a high gun ownership rate (about 1 gun for every 4 people). Yeah, I know Fox and the NRA claim that the government has taken all our guns, but it’s a total fabrication.

      Anyone here who wishes to own a firearm, or use a gun without supervision requires a firearms licence, but there’s no registration of guns. Sure there’s guns in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, but they’re either stolen, or sold by someone with a firearms licence to someone without a licence, which is illegal. By banning some types of guns, it restricts the availability of stolen and illegally obtained guns making the underground price of such weapons prohibitive for most, including criminals.

      Where there’s a big difference between our nations is in the storage and transport of firearms. They must always be kept in a locked and secure cabinet, even in a vehicle, so the practicality of using a gun in self defence is problematic.

      Quite simply, if you are carrying any item in public that can be effectively used as an offensive weapon, you really should have a legitimate reason for having it in your possession. That includes guns, baseball bats, flick knives, pepper spray, even a screwdriver might be considered an offensive weapon in some circumstances. Carrying a weapon in public for the purpose of self defence is not a legitimate reason, nor is owning a gun for the purpose of self defense.

      As a consequence our police do not routinely carry firearms – there’s no need. They are armed with pepper spray and in “hot spots” they do carry tasers. Private security personnel have no more rights to carry weapons in public than everyone else. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s ever going to be seen in America.

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      • I wasn’t aware that there were that many guns in the hands of civilians in your country, but … it sure sounds like you have the laws in place and enforced to prevent such mass shootings as we’ve seen recently. Or other murders, for that matter, which number in the tens of thousands per year here. In the U.S., there are more guns in the homes of civilians than there are people in the entire country.

        I think you’re right and that this nation, so steeped in its gun culture and slaves to the gun industry, will never see the sort of sensible gun laws that your country has. I used to hope, but Congress is so in the pockets of the gun lobbyists that they won’t even vote for expanded background checks or to ban assault weapons. Sigh.

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        • The American pro gun lobby and Fox cite NZ as an example of what is wrong with gun control regulations after the reclassification of some types of guns following the Christchurch mosque shootings and subsequent buyback.
          (1) The government has taken away our freedom by confiscating all our guns. False as there’s still an estimated 1.2 to 1.5 million guns in legal circulation, including semi-automatics.
          (2) The gun buyback was a failure and most NZ gun owners refused to hand in weapons, and are now law breakers. They claim less than 4% of guns were handed in by dividing the number of guns in handed in (50,000) by the estimated number of guns in civilian hands (1.5 million). False. The government had estimated between 25,000 and 60,000 reclassified guns were in circulation, so most or perhaps all have been taken out of circulation. Note the guns were reclassified, not banned. The reclassified guns can still be held in civilian hands but the grounds for possessing them are very, very restrictive.

          The two claims are contradictory at best, as it’s not possible for both to be true.

          The gun lobby claim that we’re now sitting targets for criminals is nonsense. When not in use, guns must be kept on a secure, locked cabinet and ammunition must also be locked in a secure cabinet, but not near the guns. It’s been that way for decades. Can you imagine a gun owner asking an armed home invader to wait while he finds his keys, and collects a gun at one end of the house and then gathers some ammunition from the other end? It’s laughable.

          When there’s little fear of confronting someone with a gun, no one sees the need to carry a weapon, and that includes the criminals.

          Also, the necessity of taking multiple steps to fetch and arm a gun makes it less likely that angry, spur of the moment shooting will occur.

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          • You guys are doing it right! And, when the Christchurch mosque shootings occurred, Jacinda Ardern didn’t just say that “Now is not the time to talk about gun control”, but she took it seriously, as did the people of your country. I gained tremendous respect for her during that time.

            As you already know, neither Fox nor the NRA are overly bothered by such things as facts, but instead prefer to spout rhetoric that makes their case for them. Sadly, a large swath of our population are uneducated enough to believe whatever they are told to believe.

            Thanks for the info regarding guns in your country! We could take some lessons from you guys, but it’s unlikely that we will.

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  5. I’m still suspended from twitter so I can’t read what your tweet said. would you mind posting it if you still can? It’s a good thing I’m no longer on that platform, I’m getting so much more done now that I don’t screw off on ravidly angry social media.

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    • Sure, but you won’t like it. Oddly, I didn’t get ‘suspended’ over it!

      “Keep your DAMN meaningless ‘thoughts and prayers’, B*tch! YOU are as much to blame for this lunacy as anyone is. You and your damn guns” … and an image:
      Reversed hand with middle finger extended


      • well that’s your opinion so you’re entitled to speak your truth. It’s good that you didn’t get suspended for exercising your constitutional right.

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          • we’re doing alright. I’m getting more followers on bandcamp and am thinking about doing a special streaming event on April 1st which is the one year anniversary of me starting my isolation concert series.

            Season 1 is all released now and season 2 has 15 episodes so far, we’ve had some issues with slow upload speeds so I haven’t streamed as much as I would have and, honestly, the inspiration just isn’t there some nights to go live.

            Hope you guys are doing well.


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            • That’s awesome news! I’m so happy to hear you’re making such good progress. Yes, I can certainly understand the lack of inspiration sometimes. Over a year now of living with the pandemic takes a toll on us all.

              Glad to hear everyone is well, and we are too. The temps got up into the 60s yesterday and today, so it’s feeling very springlike, which boosts my mood a bit. I even opened a few windows today!



  6. If every time there were genuine thoughts and prayers from the gun totting crew which would reach God in all sincerity and heartfelt anguish, then The Lord would have sent the Holy Spirit down to have each and every one of them lay down their guns and all would be peace.
    Instead they rattle off something ‘Like the pagans’- New Testament and then feel they have done a good job.
    To quote from the old song War Pigs ‘Satan laughing spreads his wings’
    I’m done ranting.
    For today

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  7. What could it say about a nation that would rather keep the new tradition of mass killings than give up the right to sport a lethal and unwarranted weapon around town? Would rather see a class at a school shot up than have to keep it’s lethal weapons under lock and key. Would rather have more weapons than they have hands to shoot them than to limit themselves to true hunting rifles and a handgun for protection in a country that sets no limits, has few rules all thanks to the NRA, the mouthpiece of the gunmakers, It says it’s a nation that doesn’t value life.

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    • That is exactly what it says about this nation. They value power, they value money, but they do not value life. There comes a point where a person of conscience simply says, “Enough” and gives up the fight.

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  8. Wishing you luck from Canada. Our big news today (Monday) was a 28 year-old white woman attacked two Muslim teenage girls, throwing one on the ground, tearing off her hijab, punching her in the face, and kicking her in the stomach while 6elling racist slurs. The cops actually have her in custody thanks to a concerned bystander.
    They are trying to decide if this was a hate crime. They have to decide?

    I am sorry to hear about the 10 dead in Boulder, it did not even hit the 6 o’clock news here. It’s absence speaks volumes. Mass murder is no longer newsworthy. Maybe we just watched 5he wrong station.

    Guns, violence, it’s all got to go. Hope you get banned from Twitter. Boebert is obviously a Twit. You have to protect the rights of Twits.

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