How do you know who the good guys are? (a repeat post)

Two of my favourite blogging buddies wrote about our problem in this country of far too many guns in all the wrong hands, and I couldn’t decide between Keith’s and Brosephus’ posts, for both are thoughtful and thought-provoking. A coin toss made the decision. This is Keith’s post from more than 8 years ago, but it is eerily apt today. Thank you, Keith. I would like to wish that we won’t have to write these posts someday, but … we both know that would be a lie.


This is a repeat post from over eight years ago. With yet one more mass shooting in the United States, on top of the usual gun deaths that happen every day reported in any newspaper, this message sadly must be sounded again. We cannot solve a problem, if we don’t admit we have one.

There have been many excellent posts on the need to lessen gun deaths in the United States. I have been thoroughly impressed by many blogging friends, in particular Amaya at who in the face of well-armed relatives will not back down on the need for smarter gun control. Yet, the purpose of this post is to address a series of questions I have, one in particular, in response to the infamous comment by Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.

“The only solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”


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8 thoughts on “How do you know who the good guys are? (a repeat post)

  1. So apt! Shades of the old West, when all the men wore their holsters slung around on the hips. Too bad the women don’t stay out of the way like they did back then. Sexist? Maybe, but so many women with guns also and the world going downhill on skis while Nero still fiddles. Makes me wonder what he’s fiddling with though. Good one, Keith. and brilliant Jill, for reposting. Now I need a nap and some aspirin for the developing headache.

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    • You are so right about that … I think some of them fancy themselves as Wyatt Earp. It does seem that more women today are into guns, but I still don’t see the level of violence (with the exception of two members of Congress!) among women as men. Perhaps they just don’t go ’round bragging as much. Enjoy your nap, my friend! I’m about ready for one myself.

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      • I think the women maybe carry the derringers with two shots only, like the Gambler! Fits better in their corsets, don’t ya know!

        I had a good nap, ate a good dinner, and now my laundry is clean but still in the basket because I’m too tired to put it away right now. Few more hours of sleep and maybe it will all feel better.

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        • Hah … my late ex-husband bought me one of those little two-shot derringers once … I never even took it out of the box, but took it straight to the pawn shop and sold it. Never in my life have I felt the need for a gun.

          My laundry from last night is still half in the dryer and half in the washer, ’cause I’ve been too lazy to fold it! And, I’ve got 3 loads backed up, waiting for me to get off my lazy patootie! Sleep well, my friend!

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          • Oh my gosh. You were almost a pistol packing mama! I’m glad you hocked it, but might have been better dismantled and stuck in a drawer to keep it away from a potential murdering maniac. Of course, this is in retrospect, after the shootings began. Before that who would ever have thought anyone would be this crazy??

            Had a lovely nap and finally got my laundry folded. Of course I have another load or two to go in the laundry, but for a minute or two it was finished. Trying to put out of season clothes away, so have to wash them, and then get the seasonal clothes out of storage, which of course, means more laundry time. I could go broke here just getting the things ready to wear or store!

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            • You’re probably right that it would have been better to destroy it, but at the time I was just so appalled that I wanted it gone! Plus, we were a struggling young family at the time, and needed the money to put food on the table. 😉

              I know just what you mean about the laundry! By the time you think you have it caught up, there’s already more. I keep threatening that I’m going to make the girls go naked for one day just so I can actually stay caught up for a day, but then they remind me that would have to include me, and … NO WAY!!! I’ll just be perpetually behind, I guess. I stopped packing away seasonal clothes years ago … too much hassle.


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