What is your ‘ism’? Ask the dictionary

Owen is a blogging friend from the UK. His post yesterday focused on the political terms we use that so many people don’t even understand, but use them almost as if they were bad words. He gives concise definitions for everything from liberalism to fascism and adds his own views of each. Though his perspective is from Brexit and the UK, he also has a good understanding of U.S. politics and sees the parallels between his country and ours. Thank you, Owen, for this helpful post!

11 thoughts on “What is your ‘ism’? Ask the dictionary

    • Good comment. More and more, I’m leaning in the direction of some form of limited socialism. I don’t trust people enough to entrust the means of production to communities … but then, I don’t trust corporations, either. Sigh. Why can’t we all just share what we have with those who need it? Why does everything have to be turned into a battle?

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  1. Hi Jill, I left a comment on Owen’s post, but it was a lengthy one, so I will not post it here. That comment is still awaiting moferation at the time of this writing.
    However, I did post in on my blog at https://wp.me/pcWlJa- where it can hopefully be found. The way Word Press is treating me these days, I am not positive it will be there for all those who try to find it.

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    • rawgod … your comment was longer than Owen’s original post, and twice the length of most of my posts! (The link here didn’t work, but I found it by going directly to your blog).

      Like Owen, I find there’s just too much to respond to … it’s overwhelming. It reminds me of a plate … if you put too much food on my plate, I will not be able to eat it, for it will overwhelm me and make me feel full just looking at it.

      I’m not trying to be critical, but you’d make your point much better if you could condense a bit … and, it would be easier for people to understand and respond to. Brevity sometimes makes a much stronger point … just sayin’.


      • This is why I put it into a post, to give people the opportunity to take their time to answer. I think the importance of the idea demands careful consideration. Having said that, I could have chopped it into smaller parts, but interfered with the flow. Knowing all the pitfalls, I felt best doing it as I did.No matter how I did it, I knew people would complain.

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    • You are so right, Nan … I guess none of us see ourselves quite the way others do, but in some cases people have dangerous delusions and believe they are doing something positive … but for whom?


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