The Week’s Best Cartoons 3/27

As she does each week, TokyoSand scoured the internet for the best of last week’s political cartoons.  Needless to say, mass shootings and guns led the way, followed by the attempts to overthrow the right of We the People to vote, to have a say in our government, who runs it and how.  These days I wish I had some shred of artistic talent, for I would love to be able to opine in a ‘toon!  But alas, a cracked egg shell is about the extent of my talents!


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16 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 3/27

  1. As funny, as sad the reality. Thank you for sharing, Jill! Just watching a short information about the fight against Covid in New York! Great, there is something going forward, in a very good way. Have a nice evening! Michael

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