Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday … Sans Gwammie

When me ‘n Joyful reminded Gwammie last night dat we needed to get a start on Jolly Monday, she threw a water bottle at us and told us to … erm … [insert bad word] Jolly Monday.  We think Gwammie is in a funk or somethin’.  But, me ‘n Joyful talked it over an’ … well, we know you guys count on Jolly Monday to start your week off good, so we did da best we could.  Joyful made some cookies ‘n other tweats, while I found some ‘toons I think will make you laugh, so have a snack and see da ‘toons, okay?  We’re sowwy there’s no bacon dis week, guys …


I almos’ forgot, but Joyful minded me ’bout da cute animal video!  We hope you like dis one ’bout a doggie an’ a parrot dat become good fwiends!

Now go have a good week, and wemember to smile, ’cause it makes other peoples happy, yeah!  Love ‘n hugs from Jolly ‘n Joyful … an’ Gwammie too!

29 thoughts on “Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday … Sans Gwammie

  1. Great cartoons and film clip, Jill. Sometimes I agree with Philip’s feelings about that Oprah interview when I see the ad multiple times on TV. Have a great week. Don’t most of us have more serious things to be concerned about than how people treat a couple of millionaires who live in splendor and need publicity. I never heard about either of them joining Black Lives Matter or any other group concerned with their problem. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Thanks Suzanne! Well, I certainly understand the Royal family’s angst over the Oprah interview and related publicity, but at the same time … there is no place anywhere for racism. I think it is a multi-faceted situation that we in the U.S. should probably not opine on, for we have enough skeletons in our own closet.

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      • I have lived in Ohio, a KKK state, for a good many years, and my dad and I both faced discrimination for being Catholic. When my husband and I moved to North Carolina with the kids I was concerned since the kids were part Indian. I was happy to find there was not the problem I thought there might be. I had given them a talk about not everyone liking them and that it was the prejudiced people who had the problem, not them. I can’t believe Meagan didn’t have any idea she might face prejudice being she was bi-racial. After all, she was a mature woman in her mid-30s who was already divorced and had been working in a competitive field of TV. This was no 18-year-old kid with no experience like princess Di had been. They’re now living in luxury and are both millionaires. I have trouble forming much pity for their position. I think she planned to leave the royal family work behind her and take Harry with her. I’ve faced prejudice and I hate it but I also think she’s just now getting an interview with Oprah for the push they’ll get with their careers from it. I apologize if I’m wrong, but if I wanted publicity it’s what I’d do. Harry looks like he’s being led by the nose. He’s given up a hell of a lot that meant a lot to him but little to her. I may be wrong, but I’ve often been right about my guesses. Sayjal is in show business and I think she’d agree with me about the publicity angle. I do hope the royal family works on the prejudice angle to improve things. Of course, they’ve always known there’s probably some black heritage in their line. They seem perfectly at home with it. —- Suzanne

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        • I agree with much of what you say … I don’t feel particularly sorry for them, for they do live a life of luxury and have turned the royal family upside down with their televised interview. But, the thing they did illuminate is that there is racism within the ranks in the UK as well as here in the U.S., and in both cases it is wrong. Yes, she’s a 30+ year old woman, but y’know … discrimination and hate hurt no matter what our age. I do agree that the Oprah interview was unnecessary and perhaps in poor taste … it did seem like an attention-getting ploy. Hugs, my friend!

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      • Lol. So true, i dont want to loose my shape, because this had need over one year to realize. 😉 I prefer carrots, Jill! Less calories, a lot of vitamines, and three of them crushed filling the whole plate. 🙂 The psychological moment ins also counting. 😉

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        • Right … you’ve got to keep that school-boy figure! Carrots are good, too … especially if glazed with brown sugar, butter, and orange peel! You’re so right about the psychological effect … if food looks appealing, it is more likely that people will at least think it tastes good!

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          • You already have another great carrot recipe ready. Thank you! But I’m only allowed to go into the kitchen for a short time, otherwise I’ll loot the fridge. That’s why I always eat the carrots raw, cut into small pieces, with a piece of wholemeal bread.

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            • Ahhhh … I understand! Last year, I moved my workspace from the living room to the kitchen for comfort and convenience. I do love sitting right by the large window and being able to watch the squirrels and birds outside eating the peanuts and birdseed I put out each morning. But, the downside is that I am only 2 steps away from the snack basket and 3 steps from the refrigerator, so temptation is always within reach!

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    • That’s why I love videos like this one, stories of different species becoming friends, protecting and cherishing one another. Humans cannot seem to even tolerate other humans. Someday you’ll read about a wolf who rescued a little squiggle, and you’ll know that wolf was me.

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  2. Hugs to you guy and gals. Most of the funnies were cute today, good job, Jolly. I would thank Joyful for the treats, but I would feel like a chauvinist, thinking the girl was responsible for the cooking and baking while the boy did all the hard work seeking out the ways to make us, the readers, laugh. I’m betting it was Gwammie who found the cute animal video, no matter how out-of-sorts she was. So how about just a blanket Thank You to everyone involved. (Please imagine a blanket with a beautifully scripted Thank You embroidered on it.) Your fine work is highly appreciated.

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    • Jolly, as it happens, is not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen after twice almost burning the house down! Joyful helped with the ‘toons, too, and it was her that found the video. I did nothing but read my book and occasionally grumble. Thank you for your kind words and the blanket “Thank You” … much appreciated by us all!


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