The States Racing to Copy Georgia

Our friend TokyoSand reminds us that Georgia isn’t the only state that has passed a restrictive voting law this year.  Some 43 states are working on or have already passed voting laws that will strictly restrict voting by minorities, the poor, the elderly and the young.  In other words, they only want fat, old men to vote!  Read Tokyo’s post to learn which states are coming up on Georgia’s heels …

The States Racing to Copy Georgia

I’m happy that the media is covering the travesty that is the new Georgia law that restricts all kinds of voting rights for its citizens. But, that coverage is drowning out other, similarly important stories.

First and foremost, the media barely covered the Iowa governor signing a voter suppression bill a few weeks before the Georgia bill was signed. The Republicans in the state House and state Senate pushed their bill through, using the tired, old GOP talking point that it was all about “guarding against voter fraud,” even as they admitted that “Iowa has no history of election irregularities and that November’s election saw record turnout with no hint of problems in the state.”

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17 thoughts on “The States Racing to Copy Georgia

  1. It’s sickening to think that a minority group has the power to create so many restrictive rules to disenfranchise so many of a majority group. That these rules border on the obscene and close to illegal in some cases only makes it worse that these people are doing it openly as though it’s everyday normal practice. War might be avoided but hate and internal division are unavoidable and one side is playing on that.

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    • It is sickening and just so WRONG! Didn’t we fight for voting rights for all back in the 1960s? We won then, so why are we having the same fight now? And why are the people we elected and whose salaries we pay doing everything in their power to hurt us? My hope … the only hope we really have at this point … is that the Courts will strike down every single one of these horrendous voter suppression laws … AND … that the U.S. Senate will get off their arses and pass S1 & S4 soon. Federal law, when in conflict with a state law, reigns, so it would negate any restrictive measures the states had passed. If those two things fail to happen, I think we will see bloodshed in the streets, whether it’s called a war or just violent protests. When I hear of people from Central America sending their children here for “a better life”, I have to scratch my head, for life here is no better than anywhere else, worse than many.

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  2. Considering the fact that there was no significant fraud in the 2020 election, it is clear that the GOP realizes it can no longer win an election legitimately. Who was the rocket scientist who allowed gerrymandering practices to be performed by political parties? If something isn’t done now at the federal level to protect voting rights, there won’t be a democracy in the USA to fight a civil war over.

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    • Yes, and at least a couple of congressional Republicans even said as much, that if everybody voted, they could never win another election. Turns out that ‘rocket scientist’ was a man named Elbridge Gerry, Vice President under President James Madison in the early 1800s, but before that was Governor of Massachusetts. As such, he signed a bill that created a partisan district in the Boston area that was compared to the shape of a mythological salamander. Hence the term Gerry-mander. The other rocket scientist in this gig was Founding Father James Wilson, who proposed the Electoral College. Now, the Electoral College was created with a good intent, to give us a way to override the vote if people went nuts and voted for some totally inappropriate arse (like maybe the former guy?). But, as we’ve seen, more often than not it has the opposite effect and it dilutes the votes of minorities and the poor. I fear that you are right in your assessment, John … if the Courts don’t strike down all these voter suppression laws and if Congress fails to pass S1 & S4 at the federal level, then we are headed for a fight, the likes of which haven’t been seen for over a century.

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  3. These measures seem to be a case of “it’s preferable to disenfranchise ten legitimate voters than to allow one fraudulent vote”.. The reality is that for every fraudulent vote cast, there’s thousands of legitimate votes, which means it’s extremely unlikely to alter election results.

    If there’s going to fraud on a massive scale then it won’t be by voters, it will be by those managing the voting process, which why it is essential to keep politicians well out of the process altogether including setting voting district boundaries to prevent gerrymandering.

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    • Your first sentence hits the nail squarely on the head! So few fraudulent votes were cast in the 2020 election that it was said to be the most secure election in our history … by the director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, Christopher Krebs — a man who knew of what he spoke!

      As you say, if there is to be fraud going forward, it will be by the officials who destroy ballots or disenfranchise voters. The gerrymandering is going to take … an act of Congress to repair, I fear. Simplest solution, get a supermajority to remove the electoral college from the Constitution. Not likely, but possible. If … IF we can get the purchased assholes out of Congress and some honest people in their place.

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