Still More Never-Ending Snarky

The snark-o-meter is still running high and needs a release … fasten your seat belts!

Does free speech cover incitement to violence?

Justice Clarence Thomas is apparently upset about social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook banning the former guy from their platforms.  Oh REALLY, Clarence???  He, along with your nasty wife Ginny set a marvelous example for the youth in this country, teaching them that violence is the way to solve the problems of the world!  For any who may not be aware, Thomas’ wife endorsed the attacks on Congress and the Capitol on January 6th.  She later, no doubt as the Justice was coming under some fire as a result of her actions, apologized to the Court saying she had no right to “impose [her] passions” on them.  So, her ‘passion’ is to overthrow the government, killing police officers and others in the process?  Where the hell did he find this ‘wife’ and why isn’t she in jail with the rest of them?

Justice Thomas (whose salary we pay) had nothing better to do with his time than to write a 12-page diatribe about the power of social media firms like Twitter.  Thomas’ opinion amounts to an invitation to Congress to declare Twitter, Facebook and similar companies “common carriers,” essentially requiring them to host all customers regardless of their views.  Note, please, that it wasn’t the former asshole’s views that got him in trouble, but his inciting a riot, inciting a takeover of the legitimate, elected government by white supremacist madmen for his own nefarious purposes!

While I don’t always agree with nor appreciate the lax and uneven attitude these social media sites take toward hate speech and destructive verbiage, I do see that they are at least making an effort.  If Thomas has his way, then we will also have to make it legal for a person to scream “BOMB” on an airplane or “FIRE” in a crowded theater … both currently crimes under the law.  Justice Thomas apparently believes there should be absolutely zero limits on free speech.  So, if I call for somebody to please shoot the former guy, then that’s okay, right Clarence?

Funny, isn’t it, that Justice Thomas supported the Masterpiece Cake Shop’s right to refuse service to a LGBT person, but he doesn’t support Twitter’s right to refuse ‘service’ to a person who is inciting violence.  Methinks the Justice has his priorities skewed a bit.

A brief pet peeve …

We all use acronyms … a set of letters that stand for something, such as EPA for Environmental Protection Agency, FBI for Federal Bureau of Investigation.  In common vernacular, there is WTF for What the F**k, SOB for Son of a Bitch, etc.  I get it, I grew up with most of those, and the ones for governmental agencies are so well-known that we rarely think twice about them.  But people!  Draw a line somewhere!!!

I popped into Twitter tonight and saw a post about the recent ruling of the Senate Parliamentarian that will give more leeway in the Senate to avoid a filibuster, but the tweeter said it was BFD.  So, I was confused as to whether he was pro or con … what the Sam Hell is a BFD???  Pretty soon, our speech is going to consist of nothing more than acronyms!  HhaymniJ (Hi how are you my name is Jill).  BFD … Balanced Feeding Development?  Bored Fireman’s Dance?  Bring Food Down?  I commented on the man’s post that while I am grateful for the fact that more legislation will be able to pass through the Senate sans filibuster, I am nearly 70 years old and for the sake of the people in my generation, might he possibly use whole words.

Infrastructure, anyone?

Everyone, even congressional Republicans, agree that the nation’s infrastructure is crumbling and badly in need of an overhaul.  Yes, even Republicans such as Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi, and Senator Roger Wicker also of Mississippi have expressed their state’s dire need for money to repair roadways, bridges, water supply lines and more.  But, of course, anything that is proposed by President Biden will get a red light from these same people.  I’m tempted to say, “Fine, let the whole damn thing fall down around our ears and then see what happens to that damned economy you’re all so worried about.”  But of course, the people who would suffer if that were to happen are not those rich dudes in Washington but the poorest among us out here in the field.  Which is at least part of the reason they can sit on their fat posteriors and do nothing about anything – it doesn’t affect them.

So, do you know why the Republicans claim not to like President Biden’s infrastructure bill?  C’mon … take a wild guess.  Yep, you got it … because it would mean a tax increase on their big corporate donors, and probably hit their own pocketbook as well.  If you spend money to repair an Interstate highway or run new water lines to Flint, Michigan, then that money has to come from somewhere, right?  Right now, corporations and rich assholes are paying almost nothing … some actually pay nothing … in federal income taxes.  President Biden seeks to change that and let the rich pay their way for a change.  The Republicans in Congress have no doubt been warned by their big-money donors not to vote for this.

Biden’s proposal actually leaves them with nearly half of the tax cuts they received in 2017, raising their effective tax rate to only 28%, rather than the 39% it was in 2016 and years prior.  The current federal tax rate for corporations is only 8.84% … far less than most middle-income earners pay!

Despite corporations receiving huge tax cuts in 2017, I did some quick and dirty calculations on a per-item basis the other day and the price of food has increased between 25% and 40% since 2017.  Now … ‘splain that one, Lucy!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

35 thoughts on “Still More Never-Ending Snarky

  1. ‘BFD’ is like ‘Meh’; It signifies ‘I am semi-literate and lacking the wit to make complex statements’.. Probably has its origins in the old dismissive ‘Big Deal’ which later because ‘Big Fat Hairy Deal’…so this is ‘Big Deal’…not half as impressive.
    Of course the alternative, and more likely explanation is that this is a text speak version of the welsh word ‘Burfydd’ which by the requirements of simplicity and short-attention span is reduced to ‘BFD’. The original word means ‘Butcher’ whose duality signifies not just a purveyor of meat products but also to damage something ie ‘To Make a Mess of’, this in turn has become associated with the process of degrading something as in ‘To butcher the language’, thus to use ‘BFD’ is to imply a circumstance, situation or process is viewed in a derogatory manner by the user of the term ‘BFD’.
    It is all quite sad because we loose even the pithy eloquence of mid 20th Century American English in such phrases as “Justice Clarence Thomas is a complete jerk”.

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    • Yeah, I concluded, once I was told what it meant, that it was the sign of somebody with a limited vocabulary and not to many wits. AH … a new Welsh word to add to my ever-expanding list! Thanks! And yes, Justice Thomas has been a jerk in more ways than one … remember the Anita Hill affair?

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          • True, however the Democrats are not the party who:
            1. Try and shove a hypocritical façade masking as ‘Christian Family Values’ down the nation’s throats.
            2. Tolerate Hate-Mongers and racists in their ranks.
            3. Make no attempt to clean out those complicit in a fascist attack on Capitol Hill.
            4. Want to bring in Jim Crow laws.
            5. Think the answer to problems is to allow white folk to carry guns.
            6. Are sympathetic to Right-Wing conspiracy crap no matter how outlandish.
            7. Refuse to accept the results of elections that don’t go their way.
            Shall I go on?

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            • Nope … you’ve said it all, dear friend! I guess I felt a need to say that even the good guys, those who care for the average Joe, have their faults, but you have reminded me that their faults cannot hold a candle to the faults of the Republicans who stand for racism, for exclusion, for conspiracy theories, and for hatred … bitter hatred. Sigh.

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  2. big f@ing deal…….and I know that as Sam (who now wants to be called by his middle name Christian, is an incredibly relaxed ten year old who tells his gramma Suze anything. Been very busy annoying the state congressmen and senators. None of whom are intelligent republicans, two of whom are incredible selfish and stupid ones and one “intellectual” (his words, not mine). trying very hard not to let Oklahoma follow Georgia down the slippery slope of voter suppression. sigh. I am really REALLY sick and tired of protesting the stuff I protested in the early 70’s.

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    • Ah yes, so a few people have said. I liked Maka’s answer better: Bones for Dogs! My thanks to you … and Sam! He sounds delightful! Good for you, Suze … give ’em hell!!! Isn’t the term “intelligent republicans” something of an oxymoron? The Chinese believe that history is cyclic, and at this point I’m inclined to agree with them, for as you say, we are fighting the same fight we fought in the 60s and 70s … the more things change, the more they stay the same. That expression has taken on new meaning of late.

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  3. Jill, if we again do nothing to invest in needed infrastructure improvements, when the next car or train bridge collapses, when the next train derails, when lead is found (it is already there) in more water pipes, when coal ash seeps into another river, when a rural child cannot access the internet to do schoolwork, when the electrical grid fails when over cooked by need, legislators will point their fingers as to how could you let this happen? Take it to the bank.

    As for spending, legislators from both sides have shown no interest (even the Freedom Caucus) in curbing the debt and deficit. But, like business know, while we have to cut expenses and increase revenue, we still have to maintain our investments. Borrowing to pay for operations is not like borrowing to improve or build an asset. The asset value will compare to the debt. Operation spending is lost money. We must be wise and make cuts and raise revenue (the math requires both per the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget). Yet, we must also invest in our deteriorated assets. Keith

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    • Paul Krugman’s newsletter today showed a picture of the Brent Spence bridge on the south end of Cincinnati … a bridge I used to cross twice daily to get to work and back home … and it is crumbling. What happens if it snaps one day with hundreds of cars on it? How many will die? Just as with the gun debate, it seems that legislators on the Republican side of the aisle will only take it seriously when it involves one of their own … until then, cross your fingers.

      You’re right … whatever happened to the budget hawks of yore? I thought that was the main platform of the Republican Party, but obviously it is only their mantra when the spending will benefit the average Joe. As long as the spending benefits their donors, it’s okay. I don’t recognize the Republican Party these days … they’ve turned into something that belongs in a comic book.


  4. If the Senate Parliamentarian has made a ruling that reduces use of the filibuster, surely that is Better For Democracy? No, I have no idea what it means, either…

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    • I still have to do some research on exactly what she did rule, but apparently Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer believes it will be easier to debate bills under the budget reconciliation process, which only requires a 51% majority. Yes, it would be great if is, indeed, the case. I’m now told it means Big F*cking Deal … who knew?

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        • Me too, my friend. Likely there are only these two years for Democrats to get any sensible legislation passed, for it’s very likely that the Republicans will retake a majority in at least one, if not both chambers of Congress with the 2022 elections, so there’s no time to waste with all the obstructionist tactics such as the filibuster. Yes, I suppose so …

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            • Thanks, Clive. You guys have your troubles, too. Sigh … damn the “populist” movement that gave us Trump and you Brexit, and nothing has been quite right since. France dodged the LePen bullet, but now they’re not happy with Macron, so she may well make another bid, more successfully this time. And it all has its roots in climate change and the Arab Spring. Sigh.

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  5. Wealthy Republicans do not shop in grocery stores, they own the damn things, and take home the best before it even gets shipped to the stores. Nor do they pay for what they take, because they already own it. But we pay for what they take, because someone has to.
    Maybe we should just take it too! FBI! (F**k Big Industry!)

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  6. Agreed, Jill! If the people who send one tweet after the other would just think about it a little longer, what could one save energy? 😉 I love the us-american acronyms, but agree that reinventing can be overdone. As i had heard the former guy will establish his own social media network. If that really happens, then the traditional social media channels will be free again. 🙂 I doubt, however, that he will be happy to have to look on his own after many crazy people. Michael

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