Two Worlds

Of late … well, for the past decade or so … I have wondered how the human species could possibly survive to the end of this century, for we are destroying our home, our world, and each other at an alarming rate. Professor Taboo, aka PT, has written a post that I think should be required reading for every human alive … thoughtful and though-provoking. Thank you, Prof, for your words of wisdom and the eye-opening photos.

The Professor's Convatorium


Just like as in a nest of boxes round,
Degrees of sizes in each box are found:
So, in this world, may many others be
Thinner and less, and less still by degree:
Although they are not subject to our sense,
A world may be no bigger than two-pence.
Nature is curious, and such works may shape,
Which our dull senses easily escape.Margaret CavendishOf Many Worlds in This World

There are a number of Earth’s animals, great and small, that care for each other. They seem to have feelings for the welfare of another. They demonstrate an innate behavior to protect their own as a whole rather than and possibly at the demise of themselves. In human terms this is called compassion, empathy, courage, altruism, love, and other inspiring virtues. In scientific terms it is known as eusociality and forms of superorganism behavior

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15 thoughts on “Two Worlds

  1. Now, on a more general note, I tried to leave the following comment on PT’S blog, but did not see it show up yet, so I will preserve it on your post just in case. Remember, this is not directed directly at you. You have other fish to bite you on the ass right now, lol.
    To Professor Taboo:
    There are many people having this discussion, and some of those people actually have the power to do something. But the vast majority of humans either have no power (as in third world countries) or not enough power to do anything about it.
    Silent Spring started to change all that, starting a groundswell that should have become a tidal wave, but petered out because those with the power of wealth and advertising were able to convince large numbers of poor people their lives would get worse rather than better if we fought against capitalism, and environmental devastation.
    We cannot win this war with words. We cannot even win it with pictures of the destruction that we are causing. Then add in the gun violence, the privatised provision of health, and wealth inequity, and what power we could have erodes even more.
    We must stop playing the same games over and over. We must refuse to partake in the capitalist bullshit that we are actually making the world better when we are obviously making it better for only a few, while destroying it for everyone else.
    Whatever infidel was on about earlier is the kind of thinking that will bring us to our knees, and lay us down forever. Only when everyone shares in what this world has to offer by maintaining a healthy world will we have a chance at repairing this world AND ourselves.


  2. Dearest Jill, Try giving in to your apathy for awhile. I know it seems counterproductive, but this can work. Stop fighting yourself, and give yourself the chance to understand exactly what it is you are so busy using all your energy to fight. Just sink into it, let it overwhelm you. Cry a lot of tears. The only request have for you, don’t give in to suicidal thoughts. You have lived this long without needing to end your life prematurely. Life is not always kind, but it is still better than the alternative. Give yourself the opportunity to heal, once you know the true root of your suffering. It is not always what you think it is, and this can be discovered by giving up. It works for me when I need it, and it has worked for others.
    I know you are a fighter, Jill, but sometimes you have to give up the fight to just heal.

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