♫ Bits And Pieces ♫

In a comment on a post yesterday (or was it the day before?), our friend Keith asked if I had played this song on my music posts yet.  I hadn’t, in fact haven’t played anything by the Dave Clark Five!  It was simply oversight, not intentional.  Allow me to remedy that oversight now …

Released in 1964, this song by British group the Dave Clark Five is a toe-tapper.  I must admit to a bit of confusion, for while writing credit for the song is to Dave Clark and Mike Smith, according to Wikipedia, Smith co-wrote it with Ron Ryan rather than Dave Clark.  I cannot find verification either way … do any of my UK friends know the truth?

I did find it interesting, though, that some theater owners wouldn’t let them play this at concerts because they were worried that fans would jump up and down in time to the beat and damage the venue.  I told you it was a toe-tapper!

Like the rest of the Dave Clark Five catalog, this song wasn’t issued on CD in the U.S. until 1993 with the The History Of The Dave Clark Five collection, which was distributed by Hollywood Records, a division of Disney. Clark had held back the rights to the group’s catalog, which made their music difficult to find – even for radio stations, many of which didn’t play DC5 tracks because they didn’t have them.

In signing with Hollywood, Clark was hoping to get songs like this one used in Disney movies, but that didn’t happen. With the catalog held back for nearly two decades, interest in the group’s music waned, and many of their songs – including this one – never had a popular resurgence through use in a movie or commercial.

The song is in antiphonal style, with Mike Smith singing a solo line and the whole group responding. The drums have a very prominent part in the accompaniment. Additionally, some of the song’s unique percussion was supplied by an exercise board, which two of the band members (reportedly quite intoxicated) stamped on, not always perfectly in time to the music.

Okay, so this isn’t going to outpace Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed or The Beatles’ Something, but it’s a fun song, one that will make you wanna … DANCE!  After a week of meaningful songs that carried a deep message, I think it’s time we get those feet moving just because, and stir that adrenaline!  This made it to #2 in the UK, #4 in the U.S., and #1 in Canada and Ireland.

Bits And Pieces
The Dave Clark Five

Since you left me and you said goodbye
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
All I do is sit and cry
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
You went away and left me misery
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
And that’s the way it’ll always be

You said you loved me and you’d always be mine
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
We’d be together till the end of time
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
Now you say it was just a game
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
But all you’re doin’ is leavin’ me pain

Time goes by and goes so slow (oh, yeah)
It just doesn’t seem true
Only just a few days ago
You said you’d love me, never make me blue

Now you’ve gone and I’m all alone
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
And you’re still way up there on your throne
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
Nothin’ seems to ever go right
(I’m in pieces, bits and pieces)
Cause night is day and day is night

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Dave Clark / Mike Smith
Bits And Pieces lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

26 thoughts on “♫ Bits And Pieces ♫

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  2. During that period each area was said to have it’s own sound. Liverpool had the Mersey Beat with The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and the Searchers, London had the Kinks But the Manchester Sound was The Hollies, The Dave Clark Five, and Hermans Hermits as well as sneaking one in the Monkees. The North East produced the Animals Like everyone here I grew with the Beatles but I was able to see the Manchester crowd and I’ve lost count of how many times I had to have a foot reattached from stomping too much to this one.

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    • Being a long time supporter of Spurs I’d always thought of the DC5 as being ‘our’ boys – DC himself was born in Tottenham and that’s where the band formed. Interesting that they had a Manchester connection too. A great band while they were at their peak 😊

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    • Funny how different areas have their own sound … here, I think California mostly led the way with beach music. NO FOOT STOMPING for you, David! You can just nod your head and tap the toes on your good foot this time ’round, okay?

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  3. I can’t remember if I mentioned this song on the list I sent you, probably not. But I did mention the Dave Clark Five. My favourite of theirs was BECAUSE, a nice sweet love song, and I was in love when it came out. Bits and Pieces, and Glad All Over were both foot stompers. With Cuban heels on a dance floor, we made a helluva lot of noise!!!!!

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  4. A great, fun song from my childhood! This brings back happy memories of watching them in the early days of Top Of The Pops. Ron Ryan was a friend of Clark’s who claimed to have written a number of songs for the band, without being credited. It went to court, but they agreed a settlement before the case was heard.

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