J-J-Jolly M-M-Monday!!!

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to another Monday!  Do you realize that this year is already 28% over?  Yes, more than a quarter of a year has passed since we welcomed in 2021 and … what have we done with it?  In my case, not a damn thing!  I’ve been out of the house exactly 14 times, once a week to the grocery store that is just one mile from my front door.  Whoopee, huh?  Ah well … enough of that, else you’ll all be joining me down here in the rabbit hole!  Oh, and in case you are wondering, Christmas is just 257 days away, so you better start making those lists and buying some cards!  Given the time it took my packages to arrive in the UK last year, I’m thinking to try to have them ready for the mail by July this year!  So, this week we have some ‘toons, some funny signs, some cute pics, and for a special treat, a … well, Joyful says she wants it to be a surprise, so I best say no more.  Grab a snack and let’s find something fun to start this Monday morning with, okay?

As always, our friend over at Phil’s Phun has some cool ‘toons for us this week …

I think these cute pictures will melt your heart … they melted mine and it’s still in the freezer attempting to re-solidify!

Just a few funny memes that I stumbled across …

A few funny signs …

And of course, if it’s Jolly Monday, there MUST be a cute or funny animal video, yes?  Since autumn, a pair of squirrels have been visiting my patio and giving me so much joy. At first, I purchased some fairly pricey food from the National Audubon Society that they were guaranteed to love, and it was healthy for them too.  They hated it … the neighbor’s dogs finally ate most of it, and the birds finished the rest.  So, I now buy 4 pounds of unsalted, unshelled peanuts each week for them and feeding them, along with the kitties and the birds, are among my first chores of each morning.  They also get bananas, apples, and sometimes other nuts such as pecans or walnuts.  Yes, they eat as well as the humans in this family!  So, is it any surprise that tonight I went in search of a cute squirrel video?

I don’t know if our friend Hugh will drop in this morning, but in case he does … Hugh, please get well, my friend, and I hope this at least gives you a chuckle this morning …

And sadly, my friends, that concludes our time together on this lovely Monday morn.  I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, and that you share those gorgeous smiles I see, for there are many of us who are having a really hard time finding our own smiles these days.  Much love and many hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

63 thoughts on “J-J-Jolly M-M-Monday!!!

  1. Okay, I admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but whoever traded a watch for children left no children that I could see. Who took them?
    Best of the day, Feeding the Bees. Spring is so much more colourful now. But I wonder when it will arrive. I still have 4 feet of snow piled up in my front yard. I hope the bees are still hibernating.
    Saw a coyote on the highway the other day, healthiest springtime coyote I have ever seen in my life. What I didn’t see? Ravens cleaning up the roadkill. Did the coyote get a new job description, or is it eating all the ravens?

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    • You do sometimes overthink things! Presumably, whoever gave him/her the watch, took the children in exchange! Yes, I loved the “Feeding the Bees” meme, too. SNOW? You still have 4 feet of snow? We’ve had temps in the low 70s (21° – 24° Celsius) for two weeks now! As re the coyote and the ravens … perhaps the ravens haven’t flown back north yet? Or do they even fly south in winter? My best guess is that climate change is altering the behaviour and patterns of some animals.


      • Apparently, according to the news, a great number of ravens are holding a huge parliament further south in the tourist areas of Alberta this spring. Maybe that is where our ravens have gone, maybe to decide what the hell to do about homo sapiens. Somebody has to do something about us, we sure won’t.
        The coyotes, not sure what is going on there. In 14 years of living up here we have seen maybe 1 coyote. We have seen more wolves over the years. But this year, there are lots of coyote tracks, and we saw two coyotes in two days of travelling. Very strange.
        The snow, it started to disappear a few weeks ago, then we got two feet more about three weeks ago in one night. We have had a number of lighter snows since then. Night-time temperatures still go down into the minus 20s Celsius, below zero in American degrees. Winter is desperately trying to hang on up here, despite the nice warm sun that shines down on us in the daytime.
        The bees? They will be back I hope when the snow is gone. Dandelions start to grow usually in May up here, so this is nothing unusual, but I guess we are just wanting to see real signs of Spring. The longer winter drags on, the more people bitch. I don’t like bitchy people, and this year they are out in droves.

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        • Uh-oh … I gotta wonder just what those ravens are plotting! I think they’ll need help from other species if their goal is to eradicate the planet of the human scourge … but then again … did you ever watch the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “The Birds”? Chilling. Oh … I rather thought coyotes were common in Alberta.

          I think our snow for the winter is over and done, but Michael in Germany tells me they got light snow yesterday. I’m glad ours is over … I needed warmth and sunshine. I haven’t seen any bees yet this year, either, though the dandelions are in full bloom, as are some other wildflowers. Hopefully soon. I did see my first mosquito tonight, though … I think he was trying to mate with my computer! No, I don’t like bitchy people either, but … sometimes I am one. I think we all are from time to time. LuL


          • The coyotes are common, but they know how to stay hidden. Wolves don’t care who sees them.
            Imagine The Birds starring Ravens. That would be much more terrifying. If they attacked in unison, I doubt we could fight them off. They are big, strong, and fast. But let’s not think of such things. If we are going to eradicate ourselves, I’d rather we do that to ourselves. No need to make anyone else feel guilty.

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            • We’ve had a couple of ravens that show up here periodically and yes, they are scary! No coyotes or wolves, though … too suburban for them. The squirrels are a delight, however, and they’ve brought me much joy in this year of confinement.


              • We got no squirrels here, not sure why. But on garbage collection day a great number of ravens come to town usually. If anyone does not put proper lids on their cans the ravens will tear that garbage apart. And yet people do just that. Another sign of a dying culture.

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                • That’s odd … I thought squirrels of one variety or the other existed nearly everywhere in the world. Perhaps your 4 feet of snow deters them! I’d like to say that it’s only common sense to put the lids firmly on the trash bins, but … here in da hood, people throw their trash toward the dumpster, and if it lands inside, that’s fine, but if it doesn’t make it into the dumpster, they leave it lying on the ground. Then, on a windy day, it all blows into our yards. Sigh. People are slobs.


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