The Week’s Best Cartoons 4/10

People like Matt Gaetz and Mitch McConnell give the political cartoonists much material to work with these days!  It’s almost impossible not to mock them … it’s almost as if they’re begging us to!  Our friend TokyoSand found some of the very best ones last week, as she always does.  Thank you, TS!

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13 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 4/10

  1. Love ’em, Jill. Especially the one of Twitchy Mitchy. I can remember when he was a Democrat and I actually voted for him. Back then a Republican couldn’t get elected in Kentucky. Now the wealthy are taking over the major cities and it’s hard for a Democrat to get elected. On the bright side, we have a wonderful governor now.

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    • Y’know, I don’t think I knew that Mitch was ever a Democrat! I have trouble imagining it! Was he actually a man of conscience back in those days, or still the greedy bigot he is today? I really do wish you guys would stop sending him to Washington, though … we’ve got enough assholes already! Yes, I’ve been pleased with Beshear, but disgusted that they have taken from the power to appoint a temporary replacement should Mitchie die or retire.

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      • Third time for trying to reply. Not sure who would replace Mitch if he dies, but hopefully this will be his last term. The years he ran unopposed I wrote in Mickey Mouse to be able to vote but not for him. Voter apathy mainly, just not that many coming out to vote.

        His two terms as Dem were good for the state. He got some things done. Then he switched parties and did things for himself and the national party. I wish I knew why people can look at someone and not see them for what they are, but no one asks me. And for that matter, if I try to tell them they don’t hear me.

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        • Surely he would not run for another, since he will be 84 when he’s next up for re-election. But then again, he seems to think he’s invincible and that the nation would not survive without him … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

          I did not know any of that … I wonder what turned him? Sigh. I hear you, my friend … I still have friends and family members who will not listen when I tell them that the former guy would have brought total destruction to this nation had he gotten another term. People … some people … are not right bright!

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          • One turnip short of a load, for sure. But even in the years he ran unopposed I would vote for Mickey Mouse as a write in. Have tried to contact him by email but he never writes back. I wonder why he doesn’t like me? Boo Hoo, cry me a river! If he’s alive next election he will either run himself or appoint one of his minions to do it. Like the turnip, he won’t go away!

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            • That is one thing I consider essential … if we take our time and make the effort to contact our elected officials, they should at least have the courtesy to respond, though it’s most often a staffer that responds with a canned response, but still, at least you know your voice was heard. Have you considered writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, pointing out that “Senator McConnell” cannot even be bothered to respond to his constituents? The key now is to make the people of Kentucky see that they are NOT being represented by Mitchie. Short of that, perhaps we could take up a collection and pay Elaine to hold a pillow over his face some night!

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              • Thanks for the chuckle at the end. I hadn’t thought about the Readers Write column in the paper. Great odea/ It probably won’t get published or even noticed by the majority of people if it is printed, but i can almost see the hate mail from the radical Reps when they see it. I’ll have to make sure they don’t print my address, and give them my old phone number so I won’t be getting a million hate calls and threatening letters, but it would be worth it if at least one person reads it. As long as that one person isn’t a gun totin’ radical who will decide to come here and open fire! Sure would hate to be responsible for some idiot to kill and injure a lot of innocent people who would not have a clue as to why it was happening. Maybe contacting Elaine would be easier.

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                • My pleasure! I’m rather surprised she hasn’t already! Yes, it’s the best way to make sure the people in your area know and understand what they have sent to Washington and just how self-focused he is, not even caring enough about his constituents to bother to reply to a letter! They won’t print your address nor phone number, only perhaps what town you live in. Sadly, I suspect that Elaine is just as bad as he is, else why would she have stayed with him all these years? Sigh.

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                  • She’s probably in it as much for the money as anything else. Who knows? I don’t think I could handle looking at him every day, especially waking up next to a turtle! But then we all have different taste in everything, so maybe she really likes him. For now though, I’ll just compose a letter to the editor and see if I can get it to Keith Lawrence and see if he can get it published. You never know unless you try. Will probably be a few days though. My youngest brother had a heart attack Saturday and is in the hospital. I tried to tune in for his Mass on Sunday and was very surprised when the Bishop walked out, taking his place. Great way to find out your brother has had a heart attack, but he now has a stent and is doing well, hopefully going home tomorrow. And older brother isn’t doing well at all, so worrying about him. He looks so bad, according to my sister who visited him a few weeks ago.


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