The Dems in Disarray Media Narrative Continues

I was so exhausted last night that I missed Jeff’s spot-on post. The media is condemning the Democratic Party for putting its shoes on the wrong feet, while turning a blind eye to the Republican Party who is trying to steal others’ shoes, even if it means chopping off their feet! Great post, Jeff! Thanks!

On The Fence Voters

One of the more prevailing narratives over the past several years by the mainstream media is how the Democratic Party is always in disarray. To hear some of them, you’d think Democrats can never agree on anything.

A recent article by Jeff Stein in The Washington Post drives home the idea by pointing out that there are differences in opinion between Senator Bernie Sanders in the Senate and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on how Democrats should move forward on health care.

Sanders has been a vocal advocate of Medicare for all, a government-run health care system where every citizen in the country is covered from birth to death. Pelosi is advocating for an expanded version of The Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Pelosi would like to make the ACA subsidy enhancements included in the American Rescue Act permanent. Sanders, for his part, would like to lower the Medicare eligibility age requirement…

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12 thoughts on “The Dems in Disarray Media Narrative Continues

  1. I had my 10 cents worth on Jeff’s post, but here I go again.
    Democrats in Disarray….Big whoop!
    One thing to bear in mind about any media is that the writer always needs a good hook to attract the readers, because readers mean money coming in. It should also be borne in mind that newspapers have an agenda, otherwise they wouldn’t be published. Thus very little in mainstream news journals is unbiased. Thus if the journal in question has ‘form’ (ie a track record)- ignore it. I don’t read newspapers.
    Secondly ‘Party in Disarray’ is a headline as old as the days when the communities were split between Big Ug and Large Grug’s followers over whether to plant seeds or gather what ever was around. (there were internal disputes over the best seeds or what to gather)
    Here in the UK ‘Labour’ is in disarray (when was it ever not, I ask?), The Scots Nationalist Party (SNP) is in disarray, if they were still not recovering The Liberal Democrats would be in disarray. Next year The Conservatives will be in disarray because Brexit won’t be working properly.
    It’s only in places like North Korea that parties aren’t in disarray.

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    • Excellent points all! No party or group is ever going to fully agree on everything … it’s human nature. It’s the media’s exploitation that disturbs me, for I defend them as the voice of the people, but if you’ll remember, it was their slavish devotion to all things Trump that gave him thousands of hours of free air time and helped him win the election (that he actually lost by 3 million votes, were it not for gerrymandering and the Electoral College). I do understand that the media outlets are ‘for profit’ and ‘if it bleeds, it leads’, for humans are drawn to chaos, blood and gore. But still, we need them to be the bearers of facts, to enlighten us on the issues of importance, not to be like Aunt Harriet gossiping over the backyard fence! Sigh.

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        • Yeah, silly me … I don’t know what I was thinking! Rather like the pause of the J&J vaccine. The media has played up the risk of blood clots, but what they failed to tell us is that only 6 people have gotten the blood clots out of the several million vaccines that have been given … the risk is negligible, but to read about it in the news you’d think people were keeling over right and left. Sigh. Yes, let’s hear it for Maxine!

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          • In Jerome K Jerome’s book ‘Diary of a Pilgrimage’- written in 1890; a sometimes comic sometimes observational account of a trip to Germany, the writer and his friend get into an argument over the actual height of the spire of a cathedral.
            The friend points out ‘The Guide Book says’
            To which Jerome counters with:
            ‘The Guide Books says? You’ll be believing a newspaper next!’

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  2. Democracy lives from constructive strife. For me, nothing is worse than a self-contained party, without any externally visible discussion. After all, you don’t just vote for the party, you vote for members of parliament. You should see their different opinions. Michael

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    • You are so right … democracy requires a blending of voices, requires compromise, for people will not always agree on how things should be. When we stifle toe voices of one side, then we can no longer claim to be a democracy.

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    • You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head. I support freedom of the press, but some days it almost seems as if they do more harm than good. In 2016, it was all the free publicity and air time the mainstream media gave him that helped Trump get elected.

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