The Week’s Best Cartoons: Where Are The Good Apples?

Where are the good apples?  A good question to ask after this past week, isn’t it?  As TokyoSand says in her opening remarks to this post, this was a very bad week for this nation and while this week’s batch of ‘toons may reflect a rather dark humour, they are a reflection of this country today.  Sadly.  Still, the talent, the ability to say so much with a single drawing, is amazing as always.  Thank you, TS, for finding the best cartoons for us, as you always do!

See All The ‘Toons!

16 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons: Where Are The Good Apples?

  1. Left this comment on Tokyo Sand’s post: A great collection this week, TS. Every time I thought there was an astounding ‘toon, another two popped up to replace it. The ‘tooners were at their best. So I wonder what those you did not choose had to say. Were they the bad oranges? As in Trumpelstiltedorangeskins?

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