Jolly Monday … I Think …

YAWN … Seriously?  It’s Monday again already?  Didn’t we just have Monday a few days ago?  Snif … snif … do you guys smell something burning?

JOLLY!!!  Where’s Joyful … what are you doing in the kitchen?  Just LOOK at this mess … and what the heck is that dead thing by the sink???

Sigh.  Sorry folks … I forgot that Joyful is ‘cross the pond helping Roger decorate his new tower, so Jolly thought he’d do a good deed and make the treats this morning, despite the fact that he’s banned from the kitchen!  Jolly … run to Krispy Kreme for some donuts and stop by Starbucks for coffee … there’s no way we’re going to salvage anything from this mess!  It’ll be just a few minutes, friends, and then there’ll be some snacks.  Meanwhile … it’s Monday and I want to start your week out with a smile, even if it won’t be put there by a fine breakfast.

So, while Jolly’s picking up donuts, how about a few cute pics?

Which one of these is a bit different?

And here’s Jolly back with the donuts and coffee … oh, and it looks like he found some fresh fruit, too!


Thanks, Jolly!  You’re still cleaning the kitchen this afternoon, though! 

Now that you’ve got your coffee and a donut …

I am told that our friends in the UK are experiencing a shortage of gnomes!  According to United Press International, garden stores in the UK have sold out of gnomes and the reason they don’t have new stock is due to the recent blocking of the Suez Canal.  Who knew gnomes traveled via the Suez?

Ian Byrne, assistant manager of Highfield Garden World in Whitminster, Gloucestershire, said COVID-19 lockdowns led to a boom in sales of gnome statues and other gardening supplies.  He said the increased demand mixed with a shortage of raw materials attributed to the recent blocking of the Suez canal by the cargo ship Ever Given has made garden gnomes increasingly difficult to find.

“We haven’t seen a gnome in six months now, unfortunately.”

Now wait a minute … the Suez was only blocked for a few days and just last month.  There’s something fishy going on here if they haven’t seen a gnome in six months.  My guess is the gnomes got tired of all the cold, rainy weather and headed for warmer parts!

I think a few fun ‘toons might help with those smiles, don’t you?

Ain’t it the truth? Sigh.

Ain’t it the truth!!!

I found this one just for our friend rawgod …

And a few fun memes that caught my eye …

For our friend Hugh … just to let you know we’re thinking of you and love you, dear Hugh …

And, naturally, if it’s Jolly Monday, then there must be a cute critter video.  I think you are gonna fall in love with this bear family …

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, and please remember to share those beautiful smiles I see this morning!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and the absent Joyful!

37 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … I Think …

  1. I was too busy yesterday, so when I read Jllly Monday on Tuesday, the toons and things had time to marinate. I had a lot of good laughs, right from start to finish. The BORN TO ROCK t-shirt, the elephant and the trunk (how many men wouldn’t kill to have a trunk, size is so important to them) to the guy talking to the dog, and more, topped off by the bears, just wonderful.
    Speaking of busy, I am starting a temporary job next Monday working for the federal government so I cannot tell you what it is, but I may not have as much time to play WordPress for awhile. Guess I’ll give your readers a break from my meanderings.
    But the Spring pictures, that was a nice pic–of Southern Alberta! I live in Far Northern Alberta. We’re barely getting there now.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday on Tuesday! I didn’t know you were looking for a job. Well, it’ll probably be good for you! Keep in touch, though, so we know you’re okay. And by the way … about the pic and the snow … you can keep it! We’ve had a couple of warm, sunny days and I’m loving it!


      • I wasn’t looking for a job, but an offer came my way. It’s temporary, not full time, and work will probably be in spurts. But it’s something to make a change. We’ll see how it goes.
        Today is warm and sunny here too, and snow is disappearing. But snow can still fall anytime till the end of May–or later!!!!!
        But, with the ducks and geese coming north, and the ravens and red polls going north from here, what we need is for the evening grosbeaks to stop by on their way north and then we can say Spring is here.
        It’s all up to the birds…

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        • Ah well, daughter Chris tells me that the rain I currently hear falling out there is to turn to snow later tonight, so … sigh. The one upside is it will delay the arrival of the cicadas that are expected to make their 17th-year visit soon.


          • I wonder how evolution figured out 17 years was the perfect interval, and where did it learn to count that high? There must be some kind of astronomical cycle or something, cause surely the cicada eggs can’t know when to hatch without some kind of clue.
            But then, we really have no idea what goes on in an insect egg, do we? Maybe they have electric clocks wound to sound an alarm every 17 years. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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            • Woke to about 2″ of snow this morning, but it was all melted by early afternoon. Supposed to be 80° next week! What a drastic change! I can’t answer your cicada questions, for I’m a science dud, but I believe it, for I’ve seen it happen every 17 years without fail. And then, they only live for a matter of a few days, after spending 17 years getting ready for life. Kinda sad, if you think about it.


  2. Happy Jolly Monday, Jill, and thanks for the laugh! I have to show the pics to Hubby and the two Teenagers 🙂 (Boy, they are growing fast: “little one” has now officially caught up with me, whereas his older brother is already taller than his Daddy… So, before long, I will be the smallest one in the house…) I hope things are going well at your place, Jill! Sorry for having been absent for so long. It’s still lockdown here in the Netherlands, although schools are re-opening slowly, so the boys have on-campus lessons twice a week now. Which is a relief for everyone! Spring is coming slowly – we had snow on Easter Monday! But now my garden is getting greener and greener and I am welcoming each fresh leaf as a friend. – Hugs & Cheers from over the pond!


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