Jolly Monday … A Few Laughs To Start Your Week!

Good Monday morn, my friends.  I hope you all had a fun weekend and are ready to put your nose back against that proverbial corporate grindstone.  Except those of us who are retired, of course … we will happily read, write, sleep, cook, go for walks … but we’ll be thinking of you the entire time!  Anyway, it is Monday morning, and Joyful has returned from decorating Roger’s tower, so there will be no more kitchen disasters like last Monday!  I’m not sure what Joyful has cooked up for us this morning, so let’s go see, grab a snack, then find some fun things to start our week out with a smile.

It all started a year ago when pandemic boredom set in and Josh Swain, a 22-year-old college student from Tucson, Arizona, messaged others who shared his name on social media and challenged them to a duel.  No no … no guns, swords, knives or even slingshots … just pool noodles!

Swain sent the following Facebook message to a group of people with his name in 2020:

“We fight, whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name, you have a year to prepare, good luck.”

It took nearly a year to organize, but this weekend, hundreds showed up at Air Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the ‘duel’.  The festivities started with a “grueling and righteous battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors” between the Josh Swain from Arizona and another Josh Swain from Omaha. KLKN-TV reports that the Arizona student won that competition, allowing him to claim the title of the true Josh Swain.

The pool-noodle competition that followed was open to anyone with the first name of Josh.

But, in addition to the activities and the good fun that was had by all, there was another positive effect.  People donated nearly 300 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Lincoln and raised more than $8,000 for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation in Omaha.

And the winner of the noodle duel is … {drumroll}4 year old Josh Vinson who was coronated with a Burger King crown!  The newly crowned Josh was unable to keep the crown on his head, as it dropped to his shoulders, but he proudly wore his championship belt!

I found a few signs … well, actually Phil did and I’m borrowing them … that I thought you’d get a kick out of …

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for … ‘TOONS!!!!

How about a few funny memes before we go?

And last, but not least, this week’s funny animal video!  These baby animals are just now figuring things out … some days I know just how they feel!!!

And now, sadly, it’s time for you to go to work and for me to go to bed … er … um … clean the kitchen, do laundry, feed the critters, and more!  Oops … can’t leave without a bit of Maxine’s wisdom, now can we?

I hope you all have a wonderful week … please remember to share the smiles you’re wearing right this minute, for some people didn’t get to come here for Jolly Monday and they might not have a smile.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

21 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … A Few Laughs To Start Your Week!

  1. Sorry, still not ready for the sight of hundreds of people in close proximity like that….maybe where you are at, but we are still locked down up here for awhile. But have a happy Monday!

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    • Heh heh … people in this country are not always the brightest bulbs in the pack. Lock-downs just give them a reason to defy the rules. Sigh. But don’t worry, I leave my house once a week to pick up groceries, the rest of the time I stay home! Have a great week ahead, my friend!


  2. Jill, I love the pool noodle challenge organized by Josh Swain’s and his namesakes. What a cool idea. It reminds me of Herb Kelleher, the CEO of Southwest Airlines learning a company in SC was using the same slogan for marketing. Rather than sue, they decided to have an arm wrestling match for the slogan . It gave them free publicity and they involved no attorneys. Herb, who was 65-ish, was training by doing curls with filled bourbon bottles, while his opponent was lifting weights. He would have loved the pool noodle challenge. Keith

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    • Yeah, I thought it was a great way to relieve some boredom without anyone being hurt, just good fun for all. Love the story about Herb Kelleher … what a great way to resolve differences! So much cheaper and quicker than lawsuits! Have a great week, my friend.


  3. A great selection – I loved the noodles battle, reminded me of doing aquarobics, though we called them woggles. There was a bit of a fight to get the best ones, not the ones that had chunks bitten out of them and had gone limp with age!

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