We Need to Talk About Arizona

Just when you think the 2020 election is finally over, just when you think the Big Lie is finally put to rest, just when you think that things can’t get any crazier … they do get crazier.  Our friend TokyoSand tells us about the Republican-fueled craziness happening in Arizona …

We Need to Talk About Arizona

The Big Lie won’t go away. And now we have Republicans in Arizona who want to give the conspiracy theory new life.

You may have heard about an “audit” that is happening in Arizona. First off, I’ve put the word in quotes because there is nothing official about what is happening. As you will see, this is a partisan effort by the Republicans to cast doubt on the 2020 election.

The Arizona Republicans in the legislature are paying a Florida company named Cyber Ninjas (yes, seriously) to manually recount all of the ballots for Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county. They are only looking at the presidential and Senate races, which we all know were won by Democrats. Cyber Ninjas is owned by Doug Logan, who posted multiple tweets, hashtags, and memes spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election before deleting his account.

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10 thoughts on “We Need to Talk About Arizona

  1. Jill, I think it was a poll you cited that said 78% of Republicans believe the election was stolen from Trump. This is why I am perturbed with his sycophants who were silent while this person lied to people because his fragile ego could not handle losing. His follower do not know or believe what former Attorney General William Barr said to Trump’s face in a meeting before he was the latest Trump firing. He said “Mr. President, the election fraud claims are bulls**t.” The fact countless Republican judges and election officials who were threatened by the wound-up zealots gets lost asa n argument. Too many people believed a “con artist” using Michael Cohen’s definition of Trump which he said under oath.


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    • That’s just it … the politicians can lie, and Fox ‘News’ can spew conspiracy theories, and I could laugh it off … EXCEPT for the fact that far too many people seem to actually believe their off-the-wall lies … and if they believe them, then they act upon them, whether in the streets, at an insurrection, or at the voting booth. There is a very real danger in the hateful lies being passed off as fact … but I don’t know how we can put an end to it.


      • Jill, there needs to be more of them, but a growing number of Republicans and former Republicans are calling folks on the carpet. Are they being heard? Not at the rate that is needed, but it has to sink into a few. I did see a pool that said the support for the former president is waning some after losing a good percentage after the insurrection he caused. Keith

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        • Not only are they not being heard, but they are being threatened by the GOP, just as those who voted to impeach the former guy are being snubbed, censured, and threatened. It’s a “you’re either for me, or you’re agin me” mentality and if you criticize the pack, then you’ll pay the price. But yes, we do need more to find their backbone and stand up for truth, for honesty. I hope that poll is right, but he seems to still have a huge following and many sycophants, especially compared to other former presidents. But then, other former presidents have left office, breathed a sigh of relief, and gone on quietly about the business of returning to civilian life, while the former guy keeps making appearances and acting as if he is still prez. Sigh.


    • A reasonable person would think so, but … we’re talking about Republicans here, not reasonable people. Our friend Scott was tweeting about it this evening, saying he didn’t see what the problem is. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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      • I was giving this some thought late last night. The Republicans seem to be doing everything they can to circumvent the result of a legal election in order to regain power and turn the U.S. into a dictatorship under Trump or maybe one of it’s more intelligent politicians. Given the number of current problems that don’t appear to be forging ahead for the majority party namely De Joy, S1 and S4 and some kind of gun control plus the threats from Mitch of the filibuster, maybe it’s time for the Democrats to create a benevolent dictatorship in order to get the necessary measures through that the majority require. Removal of the filibuster, arrest of those politicians with a proven link to Jan 6th, especially Trump, force through the necessary legislation for voting rights to overrule the States who want to disenfranchise and push through some absolutely necessary gun control . Yes the Republicans will howl but they are trying to do the same thing without any benevolence. If they have their way the U.S. will become a country of the rich and the starving with no in between. The Democrats won the election and are not being allowed to govern because they play by the rules. The Republicans don’t.

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        • You are right, of course … it seems the Republicans will never let go of the false notion that the former guy actually won the 2020 election, even though I’m pretty sure they know the truth, that there was NO voter fraud and that Trump lost, in large part due to his bungling of the pandemic that has led to more than a half-million dead in this country.

          If the filibuster is allowed to continue, President Biden will find it difficult to get anything done that requires congressional support, for the Republicans in Congress have made it crystal clear that their only goal is to block anything proposed by Biden or any other democrat. They’re shooting themselves in the foot, but they don’t care, for they only care about being anti-Democratic. Funny, they talk about ‘democracy’, they even falsely claim that the U.S. is a democracy, but then they do everything in their power to turn it into a fascist regime.

          The problem with the idea of a ‘benevolent dictatorship’ is that … first of all, it would never fly, and second of all, such power would lead to an even worse form of corruption, for humans are drawn to power, they lust for it, and greed is the dominant driving force for most people in government. I will say, though, that the Republican Party as it stands today, a party focused on conspiracy theories, lies, and in the pockets of wealthy, corrupt corporations, should be burned to the ground and let them re-build from the ashes, hopefully having learned something along the way about who they represent. Sigh.


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    • No, Michael, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will not end anytime soon. The Republicans are not ready to accept that their guy lost and move on. We are paying them a pretty nice salary to do nothing but stir up trouble and keep the lines that divide us solid. Sigh.

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