Good People Doing Good Things — Saving Lives

Mayur Shelke is a superhero.  Nope, not Batman nor Superman nor even Pikachu, but a real flesh & blood hero.  Mayur is a railway worker in India, and on April 17th, he was working at Vangani station about 60 miles out of Mumbai.  Meanwhile, a partially blind mother and her 6-year-old son were walking next to the tracks.

Suddenly, somehow the child broke loose from his mother and tumbled over the edge of the platform and into the path of an oncoming train … a train that would never have been able to stop in time to keep from running over the child.  Mayur Shelke saw the boy fall and jumped into action, seemingly without a second thought …

“I ran towards the child but also thought that I might be in danger too. Still, I thought I should save him. The woman was visually impaired. She could do nothing. The child who is someone’s precious child, too.  My child is the apple of my eye, so must that boy in peril have been to his parents. I just felt something stir within me and I rushed without thinking twice.”

The entire remarkable incident might have gone unremarked—except that the whole thing was caught on CCTV cameras. Shelke says he hadn’t even mentioned it at home fearing he’d be scolded for putting himself in harm’s way. In a matter of days, the viral video took the Internet by storm.

The railway held a small ceremony to honour Mr. Shelke for his bravery, and they also presented him with ₹50,000 (about $660 USD).  And you might think that this is the end of this story, yes?  No, it isn’t.  When Mr. Shelke received the reward, he gave half of it to the family of the little boy whose life he had saved …

“I’ll give half of the amount, given to me as token of appreciation, for that child’s welfare & education. I came to know that his family isn’t financially strong. So I decided this.”

Damn … I want to shake this man’s hand!  This, my friends, is a hero … no, not the comic book kind, not the sort you might see in movies, but a real life hero.  Thank you, Mayur Shelke, for saving a young child’s life.

One week ago today, Edward Bomba was flagging traffic as the town crews patched the asphalt street in Seymour, Connecticut, when all of a sudden he dropped to the ground, convulsing, in the throes of, it was later determined, ventricular fibrillation.

It just so happened that Robert Dillon, a USPS employee, was on the street delivering the mail … he had finished up, then realized he had forgotten to deliver one package, and it was that which put him within feet of Mr. Bomba as he convulsed on the ground.  Mr. Dillon immediately began CPR, keeping the blood flowing until paramedics arrived and took over, transporting Mr. Bomba to the hospital.

Mr. Bomba is recovering, and according to his wife …

“He’s home and except for being tired, he’s fine.”

Now, granted Mr. Dillon didn’t throw himself in front of a moving train, but he still saved a life by being in the right place at the right time, and most importantly, knowing CPR, knowing what to do.  How many of us would?  I certainly wouldn’t.  My hat is off to Mr. Robert Dillon, another hero of the day!

Now, this ‘good people’ post is about saving lives, but I didn’t necessarily say that it was about saving human lives, did I?  Dogs are people too, and I think your heart will melt a little when you see this video of one dog, Jessie, rescuing her dog friend, a 15-year-old Toy Pom named Chucky, from their family’s pool in Johannesburg …

All that time, and Jessie never gave up!  What a hero!

See, my friends … heroes come in all shapes ‘n sizes, all species.

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  2. I notice the big dog was ready to PLAY after the valiant rescue, but the poor little dog was saying “Leave me alone! I’m pooped!”

    The other stories were heart-warming as well, but animal ones really tug at my heartstrings. ❤

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    • I’m surprised the poor little dog’s heard didn’t give out, for he was no spring chicken!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s ‘good people’, and I’m like you … an animal story will ALWAYS melt my heart!

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  3. Jill, great stories. Just highlighting the first one, to see him run toward an oncoming train is quite brave. And, to save the boy and himself with less than a second to spare is miraculous. A slight hesitation and both would have been lost. Keith

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    • I agree … my heart was in my throat just watching that clip! I questioned last night, as I was preparing this post, whether I would have that sort of courage. I doubt it, but then … maybe … we never know until faced with such a situation and the adrenaline kicks in.

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  4. You know what I take away from this post? It’s that there are heroes, and there are scumbags.

    Examples of heroes: Mayur Shelke and Robert Dillon.

    Example of a scumbag: the anonymous shithead who continued to film a dog struggling in a swimming pool for over a half hour — instead of doing something to help the poor thing.

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    • Now now, pendatry … there was no shithead behind the camera filming the dogs … it was a security camera mounted outside and the family was not home at the time! But as to the heroes, you are right, Mayur Shelke and Robert Dillon are the sort of people I’d like to be.

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    • Indeed, there are millions of people who care … care about others, care about the environment, and who will always be the ‘helpers’ in this world. We need to be reminded of them sometimes, for it’s easy to forget in today’s world where the horrors are highlighted constantly, and in the news we mostly see only the bad people. Have a great day, my friend!

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    • I’m so glad … for I count on your optimism to keep me out of the rabbit holes, y’know! I’m reminded of hearing people long ago say, “The world is going to the dogs” … well, we could do worse, eh? Smile, old man … there really ARE good people out there.

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