Caution: VERY Disturbing Video

I hadn’t planned a fourth post today … I generally try to stick to two posts plus a music post, but then I read Nan’s post and … I was so sickened that I couldn’t let this one pass. The head of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, is in my book, the lowest scum of the earth … and now this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thanks, Nan! The world needs to see this jackass for what he is!

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I subscribe to an email newsletter from NPR. In today’s issue was the following blurb:

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre’s carefully cultivated image as a hunter and outdoorsman is taking a hit this week after a leaked video showed his clumsy marksmanship.

Since I have fairly strong negative feelings about LaPierre, I was interested to see what the video showed so I clicked on the link.


The headline on the linked page was: “Video Leaks of NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Missing His Mark on Elephant Hunt.” Sadly … disgustingly …  the headline was correct. He definitely missed the mark. The video shows him taking FOUR shots at the elephant … and it still wasn’t dead. The final –and deadly– shot was made by another member of the hunting party. NOT LaPierre.

What was even more sickening was the “praise” by the individuals accompanying LaPierre on the hunt –

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14 thoughts on “Caution: VERY Disturbing Video

    • I fully agree … 100%! I just cannot understand what pleasure anybody could possibly take from murdering a beautiful animal? Do humans really believe they are the most superior, most valuable species on the earth? I just don’t get it … sigh.

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  1. The NPR is well-known for using the money of its members to finance the hunting trips of the higher-ups. I am not surprised at any of this. Nor am I surprised that LaPierre is such a horrendously bad shot & a terrible hunter. These guys think that it’s “natural” for them to own/shoot guns & that they never need to practice. They make every serious hunter (those of us who hunt for food, not trophies) look like assholes. They don’t care about sportsmanship, they only care about the politics of gunownership.

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    • I wonder if the members who contribute to these murder sprees are aware how their money is being spent? As for the hunting thing … there is no sportsmanship in it … the animal is not armed with high-powered rifles, scopes, etc. It’s not a fair fight, and I will never understand how anybody can kill a beautiful animal for sport. In this day and age, at least in the Western world, there isn’t even a need for people to hunt for food, and certainly not for a wall trophy or bragging rights. Sigh.


    • Sigh. Why is it humans seem predisposed toward the killing of beautiful animals? Is it their superiority complex, or is there a glitch in the human DNA that makes them think murder is fun? Sigh. xx

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  2. As awful as it is, I do hope people will grit their teeth and watch the video. It most definitely shows what an ass LaPierre is, but it also demonstrates what so many other millionaires think is “sport.”

    Thanks for the reblog!

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