The Week’s Best Cartoons 5/1

For our viewing pleasure this afternoon, our friend TokyoSand has waded through the internet in search of the best, most relevant editorial cartoons from last week.  Topics include President Biden’s speech last Wednesday night, Rudy Giuliani’s legal woes, Republican lies, the vaccine, and more.  Thank you, TS!

See All The ‘Toons!

26 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 5/1

  1. The last one is my favorite. Biden is wonky in the best possible way. He’s only boring in comparison to 45’s constant chaos. I’m breathing another sigh of relief on that one.

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  2. I received two emails this week from my state’s idiot senators…both with revisionist history of their votes, their statements and the insurrection. It amazes me (yes, still) how these republicans can blather a bunch of lies and expect us to swallow it. I spell-corrected and struck thru all the lies, added reality at the bottom with refences to printed blurbs from various sources, and sent them right back. Now I wonder if either will answer back?

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    • That’s something I don’t understand … during the former guy’s tenure here, the voices of dissent and dissatisfaction were loud and global, but BoJo says he’d rather see bodies pile up than another lockdown, and I don’t hear a lot of people calling for his ouster. I don’t get it. But then, our former fool may well make a comeback in 2024, and I don’t get that, either. I think I have outlived my usefulness on this planet, for everything puzzles me these days, so much seems so very wrong. Sigh. Let’s just flee to Switzerland and have coffee for the rest of our lives! Speaking of which … I haven’t visited your Swiss Sunday post yet! I must go there now! Hugs, dear friend. xx

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        • It is the same here, and I, too, have said I’m done with this country, but … what option do I … or you … have? Both of our countries, and many others, are likely to get worse before they get better. These days, I find myself hoping for the entire human species to keep on as they have been and bring about their own extinction. Sigh. No, I don’t mean that … not really … but humans are out of control almost everywhere … how does this end? Or does it? Sigh. xx


        • Tough isn’t it?
          In our house we work on the basis, if we survived Thatcher, we can survive Johnson.
          Let’s see what The results of the 6th May bring; I’m expecting the worst case, so there won’t be the terrible shock I experienced after the Brexit Vote and The Horror of December 2019.

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      • Yeah, you see the problem here Jill can be divided as follows:
        1. Johnson supporters only believe what is good about him (which is standard fair with any politician)
        2. The opposition are too busy fighting amongst themselves and only slag off Johnson as a kind of easy emotional release at the end of a day of hard internecine warfare.
        3. The English population as a whole (along with a large portion of the Welsh population) can’t work enough enthusiasm. This is a complex business – a mix of Support for the Government / Dislike of the Opposition / Other People Demonstrate Not Me- with a few side dish issues thrown in.
        We’ve got a big messy election day today: (6th May)
        England- Local authorities- like towns etc.+ one bi-election for an MP in the town of Hartlepool.
        Wales & Scotland- Our own regional parliaments.
        Now if the Conservatives don’t do very well, then Boris has to watch his back because he will get the blame.
        Now if Labour does not do very well the devoted of Martyred Jeremy will be saying ‘We told you so,’ and the civil war will continue and Boris can relax in England (as long as someone is watching his back- British politics is like that).
        As for Wales and for Scotland….. who knows?

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        • Oh MY! Your mess is just as messy as our mess is! Only difference being that while BoJo is rather bungling and inept, I don’t see him as being evil. Trump is evil from the inside out. Fingers crossed for your elections today, my friend. David hadn’t mentioned them, so I wasn’t aware.

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          • Boris is indeed inept, also an adulterous, swindling bully, you might say ‘A Classic Type’. If he discerned it would suit him, he would make a ‘noble’ resignation speech and jump ship (then clean up on book royalties).
            Trump belongs to the ‘Lowest Form of Crawling Humanity’ class and that’s all there is to say.
            Meanwhile the election results start to come in. I won’t go into details because if you don’t live in the UK the process can make heads spin. To summarise it looks like England is sticking with Boris.
            Wales & Scotland’s results will come in over the day and have another layer of relevance because those will be a measuring stick on the unity of the UK as a social construct.
            Northern Ireland (Ulster)’s political scene is only understood by experts and folk who live there but NI is not involved this time around.
            Updates will follow.

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            • I’ve tried to keep up with politics in the UK, given how many friends I have there who are affected by it all, but as you say, it does make my head spin. I did hear today that Boris is still in, which somewhat surprised me. It seems that the fact Scotland is again giving thought to the idea of leaving the UK, and David tells me that ultimately Wales may do the same, tells me that unity in the UK could use some work. I think Scotland’s primary reason is they were against Brexit and hope that if they leave the UK, they will be welcomed back into the EU, but from what I’ve read, that’s far from being a certainty. Is that right? Sigh … the whole bloomin’ world seems to be in a mess these days!

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              • Yeah.
                These being local govt / one bi-election / Scots & Welsh parliaments can be seen as a massive opinion poll with consequences.
                Firstly England is essentially choosing The Conservatives over Labour, because Labour under Corbyn messed up and many folk are not too sure what Keir Stammer and his grouping stand for.
                Secondly whereas Scotland does not appear to trust The London Conservatives further than they could throw them (unless in was in the River Clyde), the Scots are not too sure about the independence thing…. though results are still coming in.
                Thirdly Wales having suffered a loss of comprehension and perspective in 2019 has not followed up as the Conservatives hoped. And Labour hold onto the Senedd (Parliament). Plaid Cymru suffers from a ‘Not that enthusiastic about Labour but let’s keep The Tories out’ vote.
                The dust should have finally settled by Monday morning.
                It’s not a happy picture. The UK is going tribal

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