Facebook’s ban on the Former Guy Must Remain

Tomorrow, Facebook will announce whether the former guy will be allowed back on. If he is, I will be closing my Facebook account on that same day, for it would show me the lack of values, lack of integrity of that outlet. Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters weighs in on the topic, and I am 100% in agreement with him. Thanks, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

Here’s hoping the Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) does the right thing tomorrow and keeps the indefinite ban on the disgraced former president. American democracy eagerly awaits the decision.

For those of you who might not know it, Facebook created the Board to weigh in on certain moderation decisions made by the company and make sure that those decisions were “made according to its stated values.” Whatever decision they reach tomorrow cannot be overruled – even by Zuckerburg himself.

The Former Guy is seeking reinstatement of his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Currently, his accounts on YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter remain suspended. All social media giants responded when the mob of thugs tried to overthrow our government on January 6. The Former Guy’s reprehensible promulgation of the Big Lie that the election was stolen from him directly resulted in the events of that day.

The media companies did the right thing then…

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24 thoughts on “Facebook’s ban on the Former Guy Must Remain

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  2. Thanks Jill.
    Actually the way they operated it would have not so much laugh as:
    1. Knock on his door at 3am (always 3am, because it’s the time folk’s resistance is at their lowest) and several men in uniforms would take him away.
    2. Show trial. Bye-bye
    3. After that his name is not mentioned (unless you want a 3am knock on the door) and you just can’t find any mention of him in the journals anywhere AND he face doesn’t appear on any pictures, even those you thought he was in.
    The alternative would be the official vilification campaign and to be used a Hate Figure whose memory would be trotted out when necessary…..and no MAGA (lots of 3am knocks on doors there).
    Wouldn’t it be fun if any MAGA person happened upon this entry.
    Imagine the apoplexy. Once more ‘Teee-hee-heee’

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    • True … they really didn’t have much of a sense of humour, did they? Still, that seems a fitting enough end for Donnie … and yes, I’d love it if some maga goon stumbled across this comment thread!!! 😁

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          • I have often wondered where the snowflake reference came insofar as conservatives insulting liberals, or I guess, in the case of some recent comments, maybe it’s the other way around too but either way, I’m still curious about the question.

            Hope you are all having a good Saturday.

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            • I have wondered the same, for ‘snowflake’ isn’t exactly a harsh, hateful term. In fact, I always just thank the person who calls me that, telling them that I take it as a compliment, for snowflakes are both beautiful and unique.

              I did have a good Saturday, and you? Have you left Twitter? I couldn’t send you a message the other night …


              • Hey Jill, they suspended my second account because they eventually figured out that I was using some info from my old account to create it. They’re a little slow at twitter sometimes. ha.

                I do have a new account, set up a gmail address just for that so I’ll follow you next time I log onto twitter. When you see the handle, it’ll probably make sense to you why I selected it. Think ambient music made by someone who doesn’t leave the house.

                By the way, when you mentioned something about singing snowflake, was it to a particular tune?


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                • Ahhhh … that explains it, then! I did get your ‘follow’ and followed you back, AmbientHermit! I’m puzzled, though, as to the powers that be at Twitter cared if you were using info from an old account. Ah well, I’m just happy you’re back.

                  The ‘singing snowflake’ came from when Roger posted the song “Let It Snow” in a comment.



  3. Guess who’s up in his tower saying.
    ‘The trouble with Stalin was he over-thought the problem. Now Lenin would have settled Draft-Dodging Donnie without missing a beat’
    (That little statement should get MAGA devotees screaming in outrage…..tee-hee) ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

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    • Heh heh … you do have a way with words, Roger! Lenin or Stalin either one would have laughed Donnie out of the country! They would have seen him for the pathetic, whiny, lying ignoramus he is.

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  4. check out this dude’s perspective on the matter, it’s the first story he covers in his direct message so I’ll be curious about what you think of his take?


    • We should find out about 9:00 a.m. If it were the decision of Zuckerberg, then I wouldn’t think they would do the right thing, either. But, with a varied Board making the decision … maybe. We shall see.

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    • Breaking Facebook rules versus an engagement in nasty and corrupt business of the Bidens in Ukraine,, what’s more serious? The right thing that favours the undemocratic Dems? No wonder your nation gradually losing its glory!


      • Er … what planet have you been living on, sir? You’ve obviously been exposed to the numerous conspiracy theories put forth by those on the far right. I suggest you listen to facts, not fantasy.


        • If I was in mars don’t think I would be able to talk to everyone on the planet. When it’s the Dems it’s conspiracy theories, didn’t even bother to probe, it matters to the Dems. Facts are what the Dems say not others, no wonder russiagate is a fact and not conspiracy theory.😭


          • we all know that the mainstream media is just a propaganda puppet for the democratic party, after all, look at sources used to provide content here, always the Washington post, nothing else. Who owns the post, Jeff form Amazon which is an enormous corporation that gets favors form the government that the little people, that’s you and me don’t forget, could never obtain.

            that’s okay but if it’s a republican who benefits from government, all of a sudden, they’re evil.

            See how this all works?

            It’s pure hypocrisy and they want to pass it off as truth.

            The question is, who’s living in fantasy land?

            Probably all of us actually.


            • And what, Scott? Fox ‘News’ and Newsmax are the tellers of truth, the face of honesty and unbiased news? Seriously, my friend, I know you don’t believe all of what you say here. And for the record … I use some 26 sources on a daily basis, not only the NYT or WaPo. Scott, you’re better than this … I know you are better than to engage in all the conspiracy theories and hateful rhetoric.


            • I agree with you 100%, people have to learn to accept wrong doing and stop painting others as evil while they are doing even worse things, and thats the problem with the Dems.
              They are putting American democracy in a dangerous position, and the world is watching. Mexican border wall was a major issue, because it was Trump’s idea, but today we see an influx of immigrants wanting to penetrate America. Why? What answer can the dems give that would give hope to the citizens about this crisis? Is it Trump still? Who is a patriot? Hypocrisy by the Dems is destroying the nation and people are watching and do nothing about it.😭😭😭😭


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