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What follows is just a few of the many things that weigh heavily on my mind these days, that keep me awake at night, and that are robbing us all of peace of mind, of any sense of security in this nation.

Why in hell do we start campaigning for the office of president before the ink is even dry on the last election results?  Huh?  Anybody know an answer to this?  Last Tuesday, in an interview with the traitorous Candace Owens, the former guy, asked about whether he plans to vie again for the Oval Office in 2024, said …

“I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement.”

The implications of that arrogant statement made me want to throw up my supper.  Luckily, I had only eaten about ¼ of a salad, so not much to worry about.

Very happy???  It literally made me want to kill the man.  Note to FBI agents who may be monitoring WordPress blogs … don’t worry, I don’t own a gun and wouldn’t go within 100 miles of that jackass anyway.

There are 1,276 days left until the 2024 election … PLEASE let us live at least ¾ of them in relative peace!!!  Allow us time to rest and recuperate from the turmoil of the past 5 years, to take heart in the fact that we once again, have a government led by a man, a man who cares about people, not only their money!

And then I read that former Vice President Mike Pence touted Trump, saying – “we made America greater than ever before” – in a recent speech.  No, Mikey, you and he damn near destroyed this nation.  You both attempted to turn a nation built on diversity into a homogenous, lily-livered, homophobic country filled with people who carried a torch for hatred of ‘other’ in their shriveled up little hearts.  And how … just HOW can you say that when it was he who incited the riot where people were chanting “Kill Mike Pence” on January 6th, and a gallows had already been erected for just that purpose?  Are you really so blind, so stupid?

In Arizona, a fake audit of the ballots cast in Maricopa Country (you remember Maricopa’s former sheriff, Joe Arpaio) performed by a nudnik cast of characters including one who participated in the January 6th attacks on Congress and the Capitol.  The audit is neither legitimate nor sanctioned by any government agency, and is crazy in that they are using ultra-violet lights to attempt to detect bamboo on the ballots, for they claim that something like 40,000 ballots were shipped here from Asia.  Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs detailed multiple irregularities with the audit in a letter to the person overseeing it for the state’s Senate Republicans, Ken Bennett.  Hobbs warned Bennett that she would be forced to haul him back to court if he didn’t bring the audit into compliance with state law.  And then, the death threats started against Secretary Hobbs and her family.  Said Hobbs …

“Earlier today a man called my office saying I deserve to die and wanting to know ‘what she is wearing so she’ll be easy to get.’ … It was one of at least three such threats today. Then a man who I’ve never seen before chased me and my staffer outside of our office.”

As a result, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has ordered round-the-clock security for Ms. Hobbs.  This is not the first incident of this type related to the controversy surrounding the 2020 election and the Big Lie being perpetuated by the former guy, nor is it likely to be the last.

Capitol Police report that there has been a 107% increase in reported threats against members of Congress compared to last year.  In 2020, the USCP logged about 9,000 cases of threats against lawmakers, while the Secret Service handled another 8,000.  In a press release, Capitol Police said …

“Provided the unique threat environment we currently live in, the Department is confident the number of cases will continue to increase.”

This, my friends, is what happens when people in positions of power such as members of Congress, former presidents, popular media personalities, and religious leaders engage in game-playing, lies, deceit, and do so loudly, attempting to stir emotions, to rouse the masses.  This is what happens when those same people with power blindly follow a madman.  This is what happens when people don’t bother to ask questions, to verify what they may hear from others, or to even take a few minutes to think about whether something makes sense or not.  C’mon folks, surely we are better than all this?

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    • Sadly, it does. Worse yet, I see no end to it until half of this nation removes their collective head from their collective posterior and stops believing the b.s. they hear from Fox and other conspiracy-promoters.

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    • I have often thought the same, my friend. The current situation is untenable, and I don’t see this nation surviving as a ‘united’ nation much longer if something doesn’t give. Thing is, I also don’t see a simple (???) Civil War, but rather a breakup into a number of nation-states is possible. One thing is for sure, we are headed down a potentially perilous path. Hope you’ve been enjoying your travels! Sorry I haven’t checked in lately!

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  1. I try not to engage about the former guy, or Republican politics b/c it’s a giant headache. On a similar vein, Texas state senate just approved a bill allowing open/ permitless/ constitutional carry.
    That means anyone can walk around in Texas carrying handguns without permits, background checks, or registering firearms. The Bill awaits governor Abbot’s signature…. uhh, what can possibly go wrong?? I guess “stay out of Texas” carries more weight going forward.
    Happy mother’s day, please try de-stressing have a nice meal out & enjoy the weather. ❤

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    • Yeah, I hear you. I’m pretty damn sick of Republican politics myself, for there is zero integrity, zero representation for the people, just unabashed lust for power and greed. However, I still feel compelled to stay on top of the situation, much as it may sicken me, because they have the ear of about 40% of the people … and that 40%, with gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics, have a voice that is far louder than warranted. Yes, I read about the Texas bill, and I anticipate legal challenges to that almost immediately. A person’s right to feel safe walking down the street should supersede another’s right to own a gun without licensing. That is simply nuts, it is reverting back to a time of the wild west. I did have a happy Mother’s Day, albeit the weather was stormy all day! ❤

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      • I was thinking that… showdown at the OK corral. Trump’s legacy is coming true, ppl shooting one another on main st. and no one giving a second thought.
        The saddest part, your wonderful posts will fall on deaf (republican) ears, ur preaching to the converted. I’m not sure there’s anything we can do when ppl have stubbornly made up their minds. When 20% of the population own 80% of the guns, we all have a problem.


  2. Let us remember all the times he implied something was going to happen only to have it, of course, not happen. I’m going with that – and for today, friend, turn off the news and enjoy your Mother’s Day!

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    • Very true, and I think that no matter how many times he announces his plan to run, he is going to find it very difficult, as embroiled in legal difficulties as he already is. But, the fact that he says it is enough to rile the masses, and … I honestly think we’re going to see a rise in political violence over the next year or two, largely incited by him.

      I did have a nice, relaxing Mother’s Day, and now it’s time to turn the brain back on … sigh.

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  3. It’s really sad. The affairs of government seem to be a minor matter everywhere. Everywhere it is all about preserving one’s own political assets. ;-( I am remembering what had happend in the ancient Rome, before all went down. Lets hope, we will not have the same destiny. Michael

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  4. Hello Jill. Happy Mothers Day! I agree that the election cycle has gotten horribly out of reason. I think it is driven by money. The more it costs to run for four years, to pay for media that long, to pay for staff that long, to need offices and supplies for that long, the more money politicians / those running for office need to fund raise from the wealthy and large corporations. That means more control the wealthy / large corporations have over those running and winning elected office. Also all those businesses involved like election strategist, poll takers and everyone else keep raking in the money. It is racket for sure.

    I wonder how other countries do it? I have heard some places have their elections with in 6 weeks? Boy think of the money and grief that would solve. Politicians might respond to the people more if they did not need to fund raise every day from the wealthy? Hugs

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    • Good points Scottie. Over here w limit the amount that can be spent on electioneering so the parties must decide how it’s to be spent. TV ads, flyers or whatever else. The BBC has to give equal coverage to each party but not one penny more can be spent on the election than allowed. If the same was applied over there smaller parties with good platforms may be able to compete better.

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      • And THAT is as it should be done. A couple of Supreme Court rulings a decade or so ago shot campaign equality in the head here. Worse yet, I’m starting to hear bits ‘n pieces that lead me to believe that in addition to voter suppression laws being passed by the states, some states are engaging in voter intimidation. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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    • Thank you so much, Scottie! I did have a lovely, relaxing Mother’s Day, mostly ignored both news and blog!

      Yes, it is certainly driven by money, and I think in part the goal is to wear us down, make us so sick of it all that we tune out all but the loudest voices that cannot be tuned out. This is where the republicans have the advantage, for they have no morals, no conscience, so they will sell their soul (their future votes) to the NRA, the fossil fuel industry, and others, in exchange for mega donations that help them become the loudest, most prevalent voice.

      How other countries do it is widely varied. Most do not, however, have 4-year campaign cycles! Most are done within months, there is forced equal air time, and EVERYONE has a vote. Most other countries also vote on Sunday, else make election day a national holiday, ensuring that working people cannot be denied the opportunity to vote. We have a long ways to go to catch up with the likes of Finland, France, the UK, and the rest. Hugs

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  5. Just two things occur to me from your post today.
    1.“I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement.”. He might be announcing that he will not be running safe in the knowledge of how much joy that will bring to the majority.
    2. C’mon folks, surely we are better than all this? I realise that this is a rhetorical question, but I feel compelled to answer it anyway. Yes we are, or most of us are anyway. It’s just a case of making sure that those who aren’t, the minority, the idiots, the strictly non-patriots, the treasonous, the traitorous, the bigots, the racists, and the fundamentalist (emphasis on the mental) Christians do not by dint of their vote repressing tactics, win out.
    Enjoy your mother’s day

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    • As re #1 … yes, it could have been interpreted either way, but … do you really think Trump could ever admit that people would be happy if he announced he would NOT run? Nah, his ego would never allow that one.

      And #2 … sigh. If asked to estimate percentages, 10 years ago I would have said that 90% of all people are mostly good … we all have a bit of ‘not-so-good’ in us, but mostly good. Today, my estimate has dropped to about 60%. Interestingly, I was thinking about this the other night and I think the ‘goodness’ of people is largely tied to their awareness. Awareness of what is happening in … first off, their immediate neighborhood, then expanding outward until we’re talking about the world at large. Those who wear blinders … they aren’t doing anything to solve problems or help people, for they don’t see either the problems or the people. Those who refuse to think but follow the train of populism because the likes of Sean Hannity or Donald Trump say so … I just cannot think of them as good people, for they are helping to bring about the destruction of not only this country, but perhaps the world. I still think that religion … while it could have done so much good … has instead contributed to the downfall of the human species.

      Thanks, sweetie … I did enjoy the day with the girls. Miss Goose cooked supper and I was just a lazy ol’ biddie!


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  6. Jill, on this Mother’s Day, I wish for you the serenity of being able to ignore the ranting belligerence of a the most deceitful, corrupt and seditious acting president in our lifetimes, including Richard Nixon. Take it to the bank, if Mary’s Crazy Uncle is talking, he is most assuredly lying. Or, he is ranting like a toddler whose friends left the sandbox and went home, saying “mommy, the other kids are being mean to me. I did win that best sand castle competition. The others stole it from me.”

    So, take a few deep breaths. By the way, do take some solace in that the RNC is lying to Republican leaders running for office, by not telling them the whole story about how underwater the former president is in key districts. In essence, lying to his own team leadership is going on, not just Americans as a whole. The wizard is saying to not look behind the curtain.


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    • Thank you so much, Keith! I did mostly stay away from the computer and the news of the day, until my phone notified me of another mass shooting, that is. Still, it was a nice family day, relaxing, and Natasha cooked supper, so that was a bonus!

      My hope is that sometime within the next 18 months, the Republican Party begins to unravel from within, the public able to see the cracks in their foundation. To follow with your analogy … that they look behind the curtain and see the small man issuing orders, pushing buttons, and pulling levers surrounded by a screen of smoke.

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