Jolly 19th Monday Of The Year!

Yep, folks, it’s that time of the week again – the beginning.  Take heart in the fact that today is the 19th Monday of this year, 2021.  Just 33 Mondays left in the year!  C’mon, friends, don those smiles, those happy faces … you can do this!  {yawn}  So, how was your weekend?  In some countries, such as here in the U.S., yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Daughter Chris went all out this year with a beautiful flower for the back patio, a steering wheel cover, an adorable wolf with cub (stuffed, of course), and an assortment of other things.  Miss Goose cooked supper for us both, and all in all it was a nice, relaxing day, although filled with rain and thunderstorms.  But now, it’s back to the grind for us all, so let’s see what Joyful has cooked up for our Monday morning treats, then see what we can find to put smiles on our faces to start the week out right.

Now, I like my wine, okay?  But I lean toward cheap wine … cream sherry at $10 per bottle or something along those lines.  The auction house Christie’s in London (England, not Kentucky) announced a couple of weeks ago that they will be auctioning off a bottle of wine called Pétrus 2000.  This particular bottle of wine has been around the block … actually, around the world … in fact, it spent more than a year in orbit aboard the International Space Station.  WHY???  Heck if I know!

According to the Associated Press (AP) …

“The Pétrus 2000 is one of 12 bottles sent into space in November 2019 by researchers exploring the potential for extraterrestrial agriculture. It returned 14 months later subtly altered, according to wine experts who sampled it at a tasting in France.

Tim Tiptree, international director of Christie’s wine and spirits department, said the space-aged wine was “matured in a unique environment” of near zero-gravity aboard the space station.”

Apparently, the wine sells for around $10,000 per bottle even when it hasn’t been flying around in space for more than a year, and now, Christie’s is expecting to get … wait for it … $1 million for this bottle of … fermented grape juice!

Anybody … ANYBODY … who would pay even the initial price tag of $10,000 for a single bottle of wine needs to have their head examined, and whomever takes home this ‘prize’ from Christie’s should be convicted of ‘felony stupidity’!  I couldn’t even drink it for that price … I would be ill every time I looked at it!  I’ll stick with my $10 cream sherry, thank you!

And after that, I think we need some ’toons, don’t you?

A few funny signs …

And, of course we must have a cute animal video, for if nothing else has made you smile yet this morning, this is guaranteed to do the trick!

And for Hugh, just in case he is able to drop in …

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead, and remember to share those gorgeous smiles I see you wearing now!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

30 thoughts on “Jolly 19th Monday Of The Year!

  1. Wow! Yes I will gladly share a bottle of $10 Cherry wine with you! Oooh what all I could do with $10,000 dollars, besides buying wine!!!
    Great comics! Rapunzel one is my favorite. And then the poor Octopus! I thought I had problems finding socks! LOL!

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    • Thank you, Nan, but I cannot take the credit for the ‘toons, for I usually get most of them from over at Phil’s Phun … you should check it out … he lives in Australia and posts some beautiful photos from there and other places. Yes, while I do enjoy the political ‘toons, once in a while we need to step away and just have fun. Have a great week!

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, John! Yes, those stoats melted my heart! Funny, until just a couple of years ago, I had never heard of a stoat, had no clue what they were! Have a happy week ahead, my friend!

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  2. I noticed a distinct lack of bacon tis morning. now I’ll want it for the rest of the day. Other than my stomach, you’ve given the rest of me a great start to the week. As you’d expect I loved the stoat video. There was a time I wanted a ferret as a pet but I was aware of their biting capabilities so we stuck with rats. Enjoy your week.

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    • Now wait … there was a plate of bacon, wasn’t there? Yep, I just double checked and there was a plate of bacon. Joyful said she was concerned about you guys’ cholestrol, so she cut back a bit on the bacon, but there was some, and I know you got there before Emily, Larry, or Larry. Plus, a chocolate mousse with strawberries on top that we thought would appeal. I’m glad you enjoyed the rest of Jolly Monday, though. Those stoats were adorable, weren’t they? Melted my heart. We had a ferret briefly … Donnie rescued it from the site where he was working and brought it home, but we found it didn’t make a very good pet with three small children around, so he gave it to his cousin. Keep that smile on your face this week, ‘k?

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