The $10 Lazies

I’ve mentioned before the criticism by Republicans of the extension of the additional $300 unemployment benefits passed by Congress (well, the Democrats/humans in Congress) and how the Republicans have been hyper-critical, saying it encourages people to stay home rather than get jobs. Republicans totally miss the mark there, and their math is deserving of an ‘F’ grade! Fellow-blogger Joseph Urban has written a post about how some Republican-led states are actually attempting to refuse the money! Methinks the courts will have something to say about this … at least I hope so … but meanwhile, people are in desperate need. Thank you, Joseph, for bringing this to the forefront and for your kind permission to share it here on Filosofa’s Word.

The Old Liberal

This Congress passed a bill giving all unemployed Americans an additional $300 a month to help them until they can return to the workplace. I t was part of the massive covid relief bill which had unanimous Democratic support. And unanimous GOP rejection. As in all laws the GOP does not like, many GOP-run states are simply refusing to enforce it. They are rejecting the additional monies which help the poorest working families in their states.

As of 2 days ago the following states, all with Republican governments, chose to not allow their unemployed citizens the additional funding. Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and Missouri have all told their poor unemployed: Sorry, no extra help for you. Yesterday, Ohio joined the parade.

To be clear, this money comes from the federal government. Which means most of it comes from the “blue” states which…

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  1. I hope the GOP in each of these areas are preparing the nails for their election coffin. It’s obviously not just Democrats they hurt with their actions but their own, soon to be ex voters I hope. With some leading lights of the Republicans threatening to start a third party I hope the voters see where their best hope for the future lies.

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    • I hope so too, but if you think this was bad … just wait ’til you see (my a.m. post) what Ohio’s governor has decided to do with the money he’s withholding from those most in need. I really do hope that the Republicans lose 90% of their seats next year … they damn sure haven’t done anything for the people of this nation.

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