Sweet Caroline For Cops

Clay Jones is spot on, as always!



The nation was shocked with the conviction of police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Shocked because normally, cops get away with killing unarmed black men. Prosecutors will often say, “Nothing to see here,” and work diligently to protect police, which is what happened in Ferguson over the cop killing of Michael Brown and Cleveland over the cop killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. In both of those cases, prosecutors put together grand juries that refused to indict the cops. Grand juries typically do what a prosecutor wants. If there’s no indictment, it’s because the prosecutor didn’t want one. Too often when it comes to cops killing an unarmed black man, district attorneys act more like defense lawyers than prosecutors. It’s what they often refer to in the south as the good-ole-boy network. Good-ole boys take care of good-ole boys.

After Chauvin was convicted as a murderer, a…

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Caroline For Cops

  1. Jill, there is an interesting contrast in yesterday’s paper. A former NC Republican state legislator named David Lewis was found guilty of embezzling campaign funds for personal use. The FBI announced, since he was contrite, he will not be sentenced to prison. A day earlier, Andrew Brown’s killers were deemed justified in shooting him as he was using his car as a weapon (I thought that was a stretch). The first man is white and the second man is black. Why the hall pass on the first man? The second man had a team of officers show up weapons drawn. Why so many prepared to do battle? To me, when people show up weapons drawn, they are very likely to be used as even the best of officers have adrenalin pumping. Keith

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    • The very example of that ol’ double standard! I read an article by a restaurant owner this evening who said that he has a great crew, they all pull their weight, but the one Black server garners more complaints … petty complaints … than the rest of his crew. He says he has watched, and the Black server does an excellent job, there is no basis for the complaints, but complaints against him number something like 5 times as many as the other servers. Racism is alive and well in the U.S. Sigh. And on the topic of Andrew Brown … why is a judge withholding the body cam footage? What the family and attorneys have seen apparently shows definite wrongdoing on the part of police, and like you … a team of officers arriving in a pickup truck, armed for bear, have only one thing in mind … to shoot those guns. That he was shot in the back of the head speaks volumes. If he were white, he’d likely be at home sleeping in his own bed tonight.

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  2. It’s hideous to think how well the ‘Good ole boy network’ survives in the South, almost as though the fact they treat black people as animals rather than human is State sponsored. There must be people there who want this to change and now is the time it must stop and the judges right to withhold evidence is curtailed.

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    • I agree … in this, the 21st century, you would think most people in the South would be disgusted by the status quo, but either they must like it this way, else they just don’t care enough to protest against it.

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