The Week’s Best Cartoons 5/22

This week’s editorial cartoons, needless to say, largely focused on the topic of the proposed January 6th commission and the attempts by congressional Republicans to block any such investigation.  Odd, don’t you think, for it seems to me that being so dead set against finding the answers to the ‘who, what, how’ questions is a sign of guilt in and of itself.  It makes me wonder how many Republican members of Congress had a hand in the insurrection/attempted coup.  And then, of course, there is the cease fire between Israel and Palestine, and the new threats to women’s rights coming up in the Supreme Court.  Never a dull moment, is there?  Our friend TokyoSand has, as she always does, found the best of the political cartoons for your Saturday afternoon pleasure!  Thanks again, TS!


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12 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 5/22

  1. I checked out the whole post…..Somewhere out there in the WP there will be a pro-Trump contributor rending their garments and gnashing their teeth (even casting ashes in the air) over the unfair treatment these cartoonist have meted out; they get one like (max) and never reply to you (I get quite offended- y’know how sensitive and gentle a soul I am Jill).
    And the cartoonists are way ahead of the rest with their work on the Palestinian / Israeli war (which will deeply offend some on the Left in the UK- mirror image of the Trump folk)
    If anybody wants me, leave a message with Trelli.

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    • Oh, there are plenty of pro-Trump websites and cartoonists, never fear! I just choose not to highlight them … perhaps I should do a post with some of theirs for comparison purposes … 🤔 (And yes, Roger, you are a sensitive and gentle soul, a kind and decent man in my book)

      I left a voicemail for Trelli … told her we need your voice over on this side of the pond for a bit, if that’s possible.

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      • Aww thanks Jill…
        I wouldn’t bother with the cartoon comparison if I were you. Watching folk in Denial is a painfully annoying experience. A bit like hearing some passengers on the Hindenburg saying ‘Ah that’s better. They’ve put the heating on. It was getting chilly’.

        (Trelli says she sides with Sheila and that I am not allowed….You’ll have to do with Word Press Commentary….. Shucks)

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