FACTS Matter And Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

Truth is not subjective!  Truth is based on facts.  Period.  Fact:  the sugar bowl on my kitchen counter is in the shape of a strawberry.  That is not disputable by any reasonable mind who has ever seen my sugar bowl … or a strawberry.

Today, however, there are people who will argue any point, even when a thousand facts have been presented by credible, well-respected experts.  Take, for example, climate change.

97% – 98% of all climate scientists worldwide support the consensus on human-caused climate change, and yet there are people who will tell you it’s all a hoax.  A HOAX???  For some, it is a matter only of ignorance, for they do not understand the difference between climate and weather.  For others, it is a matter of Terminal Stupidity for they believe what their favourite politicians tell them despite all the facts to the contrary.  Those favourite politicians take their marching orders from the heads of such companies as Exxon Mobil (oil company) and Murray Energy (coal company) because those are the CEOs that are lining the politicians’ pockets.  As of 2020, 88% of Democrats believe that climate change presents a major threat, while only 31% of Republicans believe it. The facts are there for all to see … melting icecaps, rising sea levels, rising temperatures, prolonged droughts, more severe and frequent tropical storms, and more.  How can anybody deny the science here?

And speaking of science, conspiracy theories and lies abound in Republican circles about the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine.  Even though it is a fact that more than 600,000 people have died in the U.S. alone and 3.5 million have died worldwide as a result of the coronavirus, there are still those who thumb their nose, refuse to wear a mask, and are refusing the vaccine, saying it infringes on their ‘right’.  And yes, once again, the majority of those are Republicans.  A poll taken last month shows that 45% of Republicans say they will not be vaccinated.  One of the leading Republican conspiracy theories making the rounds is that the coronavirus pandemic is a cover for a plan to implant trackable microchips via the vaccine, and that the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is behind it.  This one ranks right up there with the Pizzagate conspiracy theory that claimed Hillary Clinton was running a sex trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza parlour. That one almost got people killed … the vaccine refusal will absolutely get people killed, perhaps innocent (not Republican) people.

And then there is that Big Lie that says the former one-term, twice-impeached guy actually won the election for president in 2020, despite the fact that not one single shred of evidence exists to support that lie.  In fact, every bit of evidence proves that President Biden won the election by more than 7 million votes!  And, if you want to talk about election facts, that former guy was never the legitimate president of the United States, for he LOST the 2016 election by nearly 3 million votes!  But, due to a little thing known as the Electoral College and gerrymandering, that really boils down to racist cheating, he was allowed access to the Oval Office and spent four years there tearing down instead of building up.  A national poll conducted just last week shows that fully 53% of Republicans still believe that the former guy is the “true president” now.  61% of Republicans believe the election was “stolen” from the former guy.  My jaw drops every time I see these figures … how in the Sam Hell can anybody be so bloomin’ stupid???

For more than four years, I have made every effort not to paint Republicans with a broad brush, not to lump them all in together, and not to label them, but I can no longer continue that effort.  Every single thing I am seeing today tells me two things:  Republican politicians are as corrupt as they come, they would rather rob us of our rights than lose their power; and the majority of Republican voters are just plain ignorant, not bothering to dig a bit for a few facts, but instead content to believe everything they hear on Fox ‘News’ and out of the mouths of such blathering idiots as Margie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, and others.  They say that ‘ignorance is bliss’ … and it may well be for the ignorant, but their bliss is quite literally killing the rest of us. Sorry, Republicans, but respect is earned and you have lost my respect by your ignorance, by the danger you are putting us all in with your ignorance.  If you want respect, get up off your arses and educate yourselves, try studying a few facts, and using your brain.  Earn that respect.

42 thoughts on “FACTS Matter And Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

  1. Ignorance breeds suspicion, and of course that old Human fall back Hate.
    As stated before, though it bears repeating there is as much ignorance, bigotry and a willingness to accept any conspiracy nonsense on the Left and Liberal wings as in any MAGA grouping. (Only with a lot less guns)
    Y’see ‘We’ don’t like being told ‘It’s not going your way’. Well that’s natural but instead of sitting down and thinking constructively ‘We’ often decide there is something ‘sneaky’ going on and if we shout, rage and break things all will be well. (The ‘Peace’ movement of the 1960s could be pretty intimidating and nasty at times).
    If you want constructive change it’s much harder work.
    Grant was correct. The rest of the century was to prove him very astute and not just in the USA.

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  3. Jill, it should be noted a NC man sits in jail after believing the Pizzagate story and going in armed to free the nonexistent captured kids. It should be noted, before hiring a new PR firm to deny global warming, the Exxon scientists used to hold seminars and speeches on their concerns over global warming and Shell produced an educational video on their concerns. Even the use of the words climate change vs. global warming is the result of a PR effort. As for the staged election fraud claim fight, the former president continues to lie to his followers and they believe him in spite of his inability to prove any of it. Keith

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    • Agreed on all counts (though I think Welch got out of prison last year?). Far too many lies have been perpetuated by people with ulterior motives, and far too many people would rather believe the lies than seek the truth.


  4. Every word true. It leaves me disgusted though that a political party could resort to outright cheating without trying to put forward any policies for their term in power. Power being the operative word.
    Cwtch. One of Clive’s Cretins.

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    • It disgusts me, too, but the Republican Party has apparently decided that rhetoric, rather than policy, is the way to go. I’ve long blamed the former guy for that, but in truth it has been headed in that direction ever since President Obama was elected, if not even before that. I could easily predict they are going to fade into obscurity were it not for the concerted efforts of the party in nearly every state to take away our right to vote. If they succeed in that effort, they will retain and even increase their power, their hold over the people of this nation.

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  5. All correct Jill. I will add that a lot of those people who buy into the theories want to be told the ‘good stuff’, the same folks who never question their doctors (gods) about diagnoses or treatments. For them following a leader is less scary and they hold no responsibility for the outcomes.

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  6. Thats indeed a sad situation, if people dont realise whats true, and whats not. Here – if of interest – the media are preparing for fake news according to the German elections in September. This will be a great desaster, if after the elections here is beginning the same like around the former guy. Best wishes, Michael

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  7. I don’t worry about people who think that facts are optional. If you read history, these people have always existed & if you read American history, these people have flourished particularly in the New World. I can’t see getting upset about this. People are who they are & that’s the way it is.

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    • In one sense you are correct, that people who would deny science, deny facts, have always existed. But … the difference is that never before have they been represented by so many people in power. The climate deniers today have nearly as large a voice as those of us who are trying to save the environment. Nearly half the members of our legislative branch of government are faux climate deniers in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry. Those same members of Congress pretend to believe the Big Lie. And unfortunately, they have tremendous power. So yes, it is much more dangerous today than at other points in the history of this country. I cannot take the attitude of “Oh well, this too shall pass”, for our future is in jeopardy.


  8. Well said, but the people who need to listen won’t, will they? That innate stupidity will stop them. It’s happening here too: much of what you say applies to our Conservative Party, its MPs, and the cretins who believe their lies and keep voting for them.

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    • No, you’re right, the people who need to hear this message won’t listen, will only vilify me and say I’m just a liberal nerd without any sense (one of the kinder things I’ve been called in the past 5 years or so). To an extent, I think this is happening throughout the Western world, but it seems to be more rabid, more widespread and hateful here. Perhaps it only seems that way because I have it in my face constantly. Sigh.

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  10. People believe what they want to believe. Republicans want tbecayse o believe Trump won an election, and that climate change will not affect them personally. Some even believe their God will protect them from Covid-19. Good luck, Republican folks, because you will live to regret the day you decided to ignore facts, and depend on fantasies.

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