The Danger of Collective Amnesia

Nearly five months after the attack on the Capitol on January 6th of this year, Republicans continue to downplay and naysay the attack.  Time seems to have diminished their memories of that fateful day, and they claim it was nothing more than a few ‘tourists’ or ‘patriots’ having a good time.  Never mind that five people were killed and 140 police officers injured, and never mind that if the attempt to overthrow an election had succeeded, we would be living in a very different country today, one ruled by a madman and his cronies.

Robert Reich explains the utter importance of investigating the attack and the events that led up to it, the people who may have played a role in instigating it.  If we fail to learn from the past, then we are destined to repeat it.  Listen closely to his words, for he speaks the truth.  We the People pay to sustain a government that operates in our best interest, yet nearly half of those in Congress have completely forgotten their oaths, forgotten their purpose, and their only goal is to cement their own positions of power.

36 thoughts on “The Danger of Collective Amnesia

  1. Jill, it matters not what party the former president is a member of. It matters not what other things he did good or bad. It matters not how popular or unpopular he is. Through his persistent election fraud lies, this person invited, incited and pointed the zealous members of his base to cause an insurrection on the Capitol building. He placed a target on his Vice President’s back and if the found this white haired man, he may not be alive today, or would have been harmed or captured, or both. We cannot tolerate as a nation, one branch of government causing an insurrection on another branch. We must hold the former president accountable of his actions. It is that simple. Failing to do so, his a dereliction of duty to which people named McConnell and McCarthy need to answer to. They are violating their oaths to the constitution. Keith

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    • You are so right, my friend. He wasn’t a Republican anyway … until he saw that as his best path forward, and then he was. But his lies, his corruption, have penetrated this nation and brought it to a place where we can no longer tolerate each other, where you are either “for us, or agin us”. Worse yet, he has sown seeds of doubt regarding election integrity that will cause us grief far into the future. DAMN HIM! And DAMN those who have enabled him.

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  2. So folk say to me:
    ‘But Rog’. A socialist state with an authoritarian undercurrent, which requires everyone to behave responsibly, and anyone seen to sound bigoted is seen as a threat. It may seem attractive at first. Though gosh that does not sound healthy,’
    So I just gesture with thumb over my shoulder to the Republican Party and MAGA in the USA and say.
    ‘You happy with that?’

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  3. Any delay in acting upon this benefits one side only. The further past it becomes the less people remember and the doubts set in. Prosecute while the events are fresh enough to be believed. Don’t allow the day to be turned into a series of Conspiracy Theories.,

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    • I fully agree … and I think that is what the Republicans are hoping for, that the world will forget, that they will not be held accountable. Were it in my power, yes, I would be prosecuting every last one, and would offer a shorter sentence in exchange for learning who in Congress played a role.

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  5. Thank you for this reminder of the danger of forgetting.

    Hence, the importance, for democracy, of education for the long term, and especially of really learning our history.

    In Service to HumanKind,

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