Remember These Names!

Yesterday, the following 44 republicans and two democrats flipped us the proverbial bird …



Party Affiliation

Alabama Richard Shelby Republican
Alabama Tommy Tuberville Republican
Alaska Daniel S. Sullivan Republican
Arizona Kyrsten Sinema Democrat
Arkansas John Boozman Republican
Arkansas Tom Cotton Republican
Florida Marco Rubio Republican
Florida Rick Scott Republican
Idaho Mike Crapo Republican
Idaho Jim Risch Republican
Indiana Mike Braun Republican
Indiana Todd C. Young Republican
Iowa Joni Ernst Republican
Iowa Chuck Grassley Republican
Kansas Roger Marshall Republican
Kansas Jerry Moran Republican
Kentucky Mitch McConnell Republican
Kentucky Rand Paul Republican
Louisiana John Neely Kennedy Republican
Mississippi Cindy Hyde-Smith Republican
Mississippi Roger Wicker Republican
Missouri Roy Blunt Republican
Missouri Josh Hawley Republican
Montana Steve Daines Republican
Nebraska Deb Fischer Republican
North Carolina Richard Burr Republican
North Carolina Thom Tillis Republican
North Dakota Kevin Cramer Republican
North Dakota John Hoeven Republican
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe Republican
Oklahoma James Lankford Republican
Pennsylvania Pat Toomey Republican
South Carolina Lindsey Graham Republican
South Carolina Tim Scott Republican
South Dakota Mike Rounds Republican
South Dakota John Thune Republican
Tennessee Marsha Blackburn Republican
Tennessee Bill Hagerty Republican
Texas John Cornyn Republican
Texas Ted Cruz Republican
Utah Mike Lee Republican
Washington Patty Murray Democratic
West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito Republican
Wisconsin Ronald Harold Johnson Republican
Wyoming John Barrasso Republican
Wyoming Cynthia Lummis Republican

These are the people who said to the citizens of this nation:

  • We do not value your lives
  • We do not honour our oaths to protect and defend the Constitution
  • We do not care about democratic processes
  • We care only for our own continuation of power
  • We are loyal lapdogs to the former ‘president’

It should also be noted that six Republicans did find their conscience and voted in favour of the commission.  My thanks go out to …

  • Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
  • Senator Susan Collins of Maine
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
  • Senator Rob Portman of Ohio
  • Senator Mitt Romney of Utah
  • Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska

On January 6th, a mob of thugs, domestic terrorists, white supremacists attacked the U.S. Capitol.  Five people died that day, and 140 police officers were injured.  They were protesting a fair and honest election, attempting to stop the democratic process of certifying the results of that election.  Why?  Because they had been told by the former guy and by some number of members of Congress that the election was not fair, that President Biden was not the true winner, and that somehow, they should attempt to stop the process of certifying the election.  They were encouraged and instigated by not only the former ‘president’ but also by certain members of Congress who provided them with information about the tunnels under the Capitol, about who would be where, and other vital information.  They were instigated by a member of Congress who gave them a fist-bump to show his support for their criminal activities.

Those who attacked the Capitol must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, however those who operated behind the scenes from a position of trust must be punished even more severely.  Yesterday, members of the Republican Party in Congress and two members of the Democratic Party voted or showed by their lack of vote that they are arrogant assholes, cowards who are more afraid of the former ‘president’ than they are of the people of this nation.  We elected these asses, we pay their salary, and what do we get in return?  Not one damn thing.  They turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to our pleas, to our needs, to our very lives.

Were it in my power, I would expel each and every one of these asses from Congress tomorrow.  Sadly, it isn’t, but what IS in my power is to use my voice, such as it is, to wake up the people of this nation and ensure that these asses are voted OUT of office the very next time they come up for re-election.

The truth will come out … there will be investigations either by a special House committee or by the Department of Justice.  It is my fondest hope that before the 2022 mid-term elections, we have direct evidence of the roles in the attack by such as Matt Gaetz, Margie Greene, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy and others, not to mention the former ‘president’.  These people do NOT deserve their positions, they do NOT represent us, and frankly in my book they are wasting precious resources like air, food, and water by their very existence.

Yesterday was a dark day for the United States, perhaps the darkest in my lifetime, perhaps even darker than 9/11, for yesterday we were told in no uncertain terms that the Constitution is null and void and that our lives do not matter.  This country took a huge step backward in terms of democratic principles, of fairness, honesty and integrity.  Domestic terrorists have been given a green light for future endeavours.  Ultimately, the truth will come out and justice meted out to all guilty parties.  Meanwhile, our elected officials care more about their own fortunes than about our lives.  Remember that, my friends.  Remember the names at the start of this post, for every last one of those senators has something to hide … I’d bet my life on it.

32 thoughts on “Remember These Names!

  1. Thanks Jill. I won’t repeat what I said on your previous blog, but will reiterate this point. These folks who voted “no” will not care until they are made to care. They continue to make the political calculation they can corral the former president and harness his fervent voters. Yet, what they continue to fail to factor into their calculations, is the events they need to rationalize continue to happen. When lying is a modus operandi, ones should not be surprised when the lying causes problems. The question I want these 44 Senators and other Republicans to answer is “what will you have to defend next week, the week after that, next month and so on?” And, the scary part is they do not even know if the transgression has already been committed. Keith

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    • FYI, I sent a variation of this into my newspaper. Here it is:

      “Voting no to establish a commission to investigate one of the darkest days in American history, an insurrection on a branch of government, is concerning. People died and their own lives were in jeopardy. These Senators continue to make the political calculation they can corral the former president and harness his fervent voters. Yet, what they fail to realize is the events they need to rationalize continue to happen. When lying is a modus operandi, ones should not be surprised when the lying causes problems. The question I want these 44 Senators and Representatives to answer is what will you have to defend next week, the week after that, next month and so on? And, the scary part is they do not even know if the transgressions have already been committed. “

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    • I read something tonight that turned my blood to ice. A couple of renowned political scientists said that if the GOP regain a majority in both chambers of Congress in the 2022 mid-terms, and then Trump runs and loses in 2024, the Senate will refuse to certify the Democratic winner (presumably Biden, but perhaps Harris) and will install Trump into office against the will of the people. By refusing to investigate the events of January 6th and hold those who played a role accountable, are we in fact setting the stage for such a tragedy? And then what … if that happened??? I know 2024 is a long way off and it is my fondest hope that the former guy will be in a prison cell by then, but still … the possibility of such a scenario is beyond frightening.


      • Jill, while my former party has shown time and again that truth and oaths do not matter anymore, the former president ‘s career as a politician is toast. He has more troubles coming his way that he will have to explain. Of course, lying and fake news claims will be a part of his defense, but he will still have to explain. He will remain an influence because spineless sycophants cannot state the obvious truths without getting in trouble with his base, but he won’t be running again, in my view. I am actually disturbed at what Texas Republicans just did as well as the support for seditious activities made by the Republicans in the US Senate by not seating a January 6 commission. Keith

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        • I agree that his career as a politician is toast … or at least it should be … but far too many fools in this country still see him as somehow qualified for the job. My best hope is that he’s in a prison cell and doesn’t have any chance to even throw his hat in the ring. Like you, I am incensed by the Texas voter suppression laws and also at republicans in Congress for failure to uphold their oaths … they seem to have forgotten all about that “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” thing.


          • Jill, I was tickled that a former Republican congresswoman said if the former president went missing, there would not be many Republican leaders in the search party. That should be telling that he is holding them hostage by fear. Keith

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