America’s longest war

I wrote yesterday about the horrific Tulsa Race Massacre which has been largely buried in the history of this nation for 100 years. I was aware of some other similar events, but I have to admit that even I did not realize just how prevalent the attempt to cover up the darkest moments in our history is. And … it’s not only our history, but even today there are those who would bury the truth about the horrible racism in this nation. Our friend Brosephus has written of ‘America’s Longest War’ and he is quite right … Black people in this nation have been fighting for their survival since the nation’s founding. Please take a few minutes to check out his links, especially the partial listing of incidents where Black people were literally eradicated from governments, towns and cities. I hang my head in shame of what this nation has done to its OWN CITIZENS!!! Thank you, Brosephus, for bringing this to the forefront … we must ALL become more aware and we MUST stop this white arrogance NOW!

The Mind of Brosephus

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May 31,1921 is a day that has lived in the minds of Black America for 100 years. Now, the rest of the world is beginning to come to grips with what it has been like to live Black in America. The Greenwood Neighborhood was one battle in what has been America’s longest war, the war against Black America.

I can already hear the huffing and puffing that I’m making this up, but if you’re not a Black American, the odds are that you’ve never heard of the following incidents linked here. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the attacks that Black America has suffered. There are many that never get talked about and have been swept under the rug of revisionist history in America. As one former Attorney General said about history, “history is written by the winners, so…

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  1. Jill, I will repeat what I posted on Brosephus’ site just to add Billie Holiday’s painful lyrics here. Tulsa, Wilmington (NC), and other cities saw brutal racism to eradicate successful Blacks. In Wilmington, they were duly elected and Whites staged a coup to remove them. But, then there is what happened on a daily basis captured by Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” written by Alan Lewis. Keith

    “Southern trees bear a strange fruit
    Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
    Black bodies swingin’ in the Southern breeze
    Strange fruit hangin’ from the poplar trees

    Pastoral scene of the gallant South
    The bulgin’ eyes and the twisted mouth
    Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh
    Then the sudden smell of burnin’ flesh

    Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck
    For the rain to gather
    For the wind to suck
    For the sun to rot
    For the tree to drop
    Here is a strange and bitter crop”

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    • Heartbreaking song, my friend. And in some ways, we haven’t come very far even today, which is the heartbreaking part. Far too many don’t want things like the Tulsa Massacre, slavery and other dark eras in our history to be taught in schools, don’t want to be reminded, but even today we see racism in policing, in education, in politics … I think as long as we keep covering these things up, we are destined to keep repeating our mistakes.


  2. I won’t repeat my comment left in Bropheus’ blog, but I will write around it. More than a century of Residential School atrocities are now coming home to roost on the hearts of the Canadian government. It was people like Sir John A. MacDonald, our first Prime Minister, who organized, sponsored, and instructed religious orders to whiteify indigenous children by any means, at any cost. Their goal, racial genocide. It wasn’t enough to just abuse us menrally, phtsically, and sexually, we now have proof they murdered ys and through our bodies into mass graves. History is being rewritten, and white society is having its face ground into the blood of our dead children. Whiteified history is unravelling all over the place. Be it Tulsa, OK, or Kamloops, BC, the truth is coming out. Racism needs to stop now!

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    • Racism is as much of a pandemic as is Covid, and has been around forever, it would seem. I will never understand how any person can believe that their skin colour or the home of their ancestors makes them somehow ‘better’ than others, but it sure does seem that most people feel that way. Even today, there is a concerted movement to keep from teaching the darker parts of our history such as the Tulsa Massacre, to keep those things hidden from the public view. The myth that the U.S. is somehow a ‘great’ country has been shattered, in my view. It is no better than any other nation. Perhaps the same is true of Canada, though I don’t know enough to say with any degree of certainty. Yes, racism needs to stop now, but I don’t think it will … perhaps in a few more generations, but even then I have my doubts. Sigh.


      • Yeah, it is bad in Canada. I think we are at least trying to work on it, except for people Like Kenny, who is a total ass. Yesterday he said he would not support taking down the names of people associated with Residential Schools, which have now been proven to be murder factories for young indigenous children in their time. Most Albertans are up in arms about this, even some conservative voters.
        And then, yesterday, the first day of his new plan to come out of lock down, when the rules state indoor eating out is still forbidden, but outdoor eating is okay again for up to 4 people from 1 family only. Well, he and his politician buddies got together on a rooftop patio where they wouldn’t be seen, sharing food and drink without social distancing, or masks, or any pretence of following their own rules for everyone else. Since I am telling you this story, they were obviously caught. But they are saying the rule they were following was having up to ten people at a gathering outdoors. Except the video shows several people going inside for varying lengths of time, then coming back outside to join the dinner party again. Nope, they cannot worm there way out of this one either, apologies to the real worms who don’t show such arrogance, or untrustworthiness. They call themselves our leaders, but they have rules for us, and different rules for them. They need a good caning! That is bad leadership.


  3. Hello Jill. Thank you and Brosephus for keeping the issue from being swept under the rug and white whitewashed from history. There is a powerful group of people who desperately want the entire racial history not talked about so they can continue to oppress POC. They don’t want things to change because they either agree with or profit from the current way POC are treated. Hugs

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    • Indeed, so much has been swept under the rug in the history of this country … I had no idea how much until recently. You’re right in that some would keep the darker parts of our history hidden in order to continue oppressing people of colour, but there’s another reason I think. Throughout the history of this country, people have referred to it as the “greatest country on earth”, the most democratic, and if you view our entire history, that is proven to be a myth. We have just as many dark things in our past as any country on the planet, and worse yet, we are continuing to do the same things. We haven’t learned from our mistakes, for those mistakes have been hidden. This is why I think the 1619 Project is so important and should become a part of every school’s curriculum … we need to teach history, all of it, in order to prevent the same mistakes being made again. Hugs

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  4. I will confess to being ignorant of this until very recently. I couldn’t believe what I read when I looked it up. How could people be permitted to hire planes to drop firebombs from?! What, if any, consequences did the rioters face?

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    • Throughout the history of this nation, the dark incidents and periods have been a well-kept secret. The rioters in the Tulsa Massacre were charged, but none were convicted, none punished. Even today … how many of the police officers who murdered unarmed Black people have been convicted? Only one of many. This nation is still very much racist, but it’s gotten harder to hide it with the Internet and social media. Still, they try to downplay and justify it. Sigh.

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  5. Shameful incidents from the past appear to have been written out of history. It’s noted how people of colour riot when they feel threatened or have been threatened but it’s largely against property. No mention of whites rioting and the taking of black lives that occur then. There has long been a war against the black people of America which is ongoing even now in the attempt in Southern States to take away their rights to vote, these by people who would take away Democracy and install an autocracy under Trump who would govern for the 1% of obscenely wealthy in the Country. Note how Trump admires and emulates the autocratic leaders of other Countries.and via his QAnon followers cheers the recent removal of the Democratic Government of Myanmar to be replaced by a military one.

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    • Throughout our relatively short history, there have been far more dark periods and incidents than most people are even aware of, for they have been buried, swept under the rug, never taught in the schools. And you’re right … we are no better today as white people call the Black Lives Matter movement a ‘communist’ organization, as people defend police officers whose racism leads them to kill unarmed black men. January 6th was more about racism than many people think, and I believe it was only a ‘dress rehearsal’ for a future attack. This country that has billed itself as “the greatest nation on earth” is so far from greatness … the U.S. has so much to atone for, and yet there is a large portion of the people in the nation who would deny it. Sigh. I used to think we are moving backward, but in truth, we’ve always been back there … it was just well hidden.

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