Filosofa’s Pet Peeves

A few things annoy the bloody heck out of me these days.  We all have our pet peeves, things that for whatever reason grate on our nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Mine used to be confined to such things as drivers who don’t move when the traffic light turns green because they are too busy playing or talking on their cell phone, but lately there is a whole new crop of things to annoy us.

One is that any time I visit a news website such as the New York Times or The Washington Post, they have some video that loops the first few seconds repeatedly.  I find this so distracting, having something moving in my field of vision while I’m trying to read that I cannot help but wonder how many people with epilepsy have been sent to the hospital for seizures from these annoying videos.  Sometimes I can use ‘block element’ to get rid of them, other times I can’t.  I have my browser settings set such that videos will not automatically start playing, but these are just clippets similar to gif files and don’t technically qualify as a video, so they fly under the radar of my browser settings.

There are a number of politicians or hopefuls that I follow because I’m interested in what they have to say.  A few are Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Nan Whaley who hopes to become governor of Ohio next year.  I appreciate hearing what they are doing, what battles they are fighting, etc.  What I do NOT appreciate is the begging that accompanies each and every email I receive!  I am not made of money … I am retired, live on a fixed income of about $1,500 per month, more than half of which pays for my insulin and other meds.  I cannot afford to donate to every politician every day and wouldn’t even if I could!  Recently I have opted out of most of their emails because I’m sick and damn tired of being asked for money … money that if I can spare it, I will donate to people who are in need of food, clothing, and shelter, not politicians whose net worth is already over six figures!

Photos on every news site and every social media site of people receiving their Covid vaccine.  I’ve seen more bare arms in the past three months than in the 70 years prior to that!  I know what a needle going into skin looks like, for I poke one into my belly or leg six times every damn day, okay?  I really don’t care to see a needle poised to enter someone’s bare arm!  It’s not bad enough, but certain friends on Facebook have to share the picture of them getting their vaccine.  Just get the vaccine, don’t make it a social media advertisement, and then shut up!  Sheesh … I don’t post pictures every time I shoot myself with insulin, now do I?

People who post pictures of every meal they cook/eat on social media.  Seriously, my friends, we have much bigger problems in this country than what crappola you ate for lunch!  Are people really so obsessed with food that they think their salad and grilled sausages are more important than the fact that people are being murdered daily, our government is under constant threat, climate change is killing us, people are homeless and starving all over the world?  Yes, I know we cannot constantly worry, that we need to sometimes step back and give ourselves a break, but … posting food pictures???  Really???

Scammers and hackers trying to infiltrate our lives.  It used to be just robocalls on the cell phone, so I now have an excellent call blocker that only allows calls from known contacts whose calls I choose to accept.  Now, however, the scammers have infiltrated text messaging with things like “Your order is being held up because we need more information … please click this link,”  or “Your PayPal account has been suspended … please click the link.” Now, I know better than to click that link, but how many people don’t think, just click the link?  Doing so could put a virus on your phone or computer, could ask for something like bank information or social security number and then use that information to clean your bank account out.  Apparently, there are a lot of people who would rather steal our money than go out and earn their own!

Software, websites and browsers that make sudden unwanted changes.  Most of you here on WordPress can relate, for WordPress has made numerous changes over the past six months that most of us hate, but they seem not to care about the opinions of their customers.  Microsoft Office continually makes small changes, or what they call ‘improvements’ that require us to do something differently, generally requiring extra time.  And the two browsers I use, FireFox and Opera, have recently made changes that, at least in my view, are not welcome!  It seems we just get used to something, figure out how to work with it, and then it’s changed for no apparent reason.

I have more pet peeves, but these are the ones that are bugging me most at the moment.  What are some of yours?

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  1. The video/ad thing is an irritant that we share. I can’t stand ads in the middle of a video – stick them at the start if you must, but in the middle?! Seriously?! I will often not bother to finish a Facebook video if an ad interrupts it midway through. It annoys me too much to continue.

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  2. Agree with you on your peeves, the robo calls drive me crazy! We literally had a robo call that we would let go to voicemail and I am not kidding when I say that they called 12x in a row leaving messages each time!
    A pet peeve that I have had for quite awhile is when I go to a fast food place or customer service counter, etc. and walk up to the counter and the employee just stares at me. Or says “What do you want?” while frowning. I worked at fast food places through HS, you SMILE and you say, “May I help you?” Its just simple courtesy!

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    • Things like that robocaller are why I use a call blocker! The one I have is great and never lets any callers through who aren’t on my approved contact list … and that’s only about 5 people!
      I fully agree about the customer service in fast food … and other … places! Like you, I went to work in customer service at age 13 and the first thing I was taught is that you ALWAYS smile and be polite to the customer, even if he/she is being a jerk. I guess they don’t teach them that anymore.


  3. Hi Jill! I noticed your comment about insulin. There are several new programs to control the cost of medication; if you know about them, great, if not, ping me and I’ll get the information for you.

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  4. Yeah, following pols and then getting inundated with daily begs for money…grrr… Those television prescriptions ads and all their damn warnings and cautions, especially the one along the lines, “Don’t take this medicine if you’re allergic to it.” WTF? WordPress pisses me off on a regular basis. Haven’t found something that I prefer but I’m looking. Videos of OTHER STORIES with nothing to do with what I’m reading running in the middle of the story. Yes, I’m looking at you, SFGate, among others.

    Two things that really piss me off, though, are one, misleading headlines, and, two, GOP hypocrisy. Then there are Trump supporters. Their ignorance… So, yeah, those three things, along with people who can’t count. Oh, yeah, and continued climate denial. And the stupidity of Trump declaring he’s gonna take office later this year AND he’s running in 2024. That’s all. Well, then there is Palestine and Israel needlessly increasing body counts. And people making inane declarations about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    But that’s all. Well, all that I’m willing to let come to mind. Oh yeah, and search engines. They seem to get worse by the week.

    Hugs and cheers, sweets.

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      • A previous doctor of mine made a profound comment one day when he and I were discussing options for managing my migraines. He said “All medicines are poisons. Some have good side effects”. It’s a message I have taken on board.

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    • Your list of peeves is rather like my own … I can always think of ‘just one more’! I’ve never understood the reason for drug commercials and I imagine doctors would just as soon see them gone, for I’m sure some people go running to the doc saying, “Hey doc, I just saw this new medicine advertised … whaddya think?”

      As for the GOP hypocrisy, that is at the top of my pet peeve list, but I didn’t include that here because … if I get started on that topic, I’ll write a thousand words on that alone! Another is people’s gun fetish. Sigh. So many things to be peeved about these days!

      Hugs ‘n cheers, my friend!

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      • So it seems with the list of peeves as I read your posts, Jill. But, I do willfully cultivate mine; I’m currently a curmudgeon but I’m aspiring to be an old geezer. Every old geezer has a full list of pet peeves.

        Yes, I avoid writing about GOP hypocrisy as it often consumes too much energy. It also exposes me to dealing with the Democrats’ hypocrisies and shortcomings, which then evolves into a wearying loop of disappointment.

        Cheers and hugs, as always

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        • oh, one of my pet peeves is hearing celebrities talk about how much we need to save the environment but then take off on their yachts or fly around in jets that emit more carbon than the average household.

          oh, and all of those democrat politicians like noosome and whitmore completely disobeying their own covid restrictions in 2020, of which there is astonishing amount of video proof on the internet.

          I know the GOP has their issues with hypocrisy but the democrats aren’t exempt from that vice either, it’s just not called out as much by people loyal to the party or even a lot of independents. Not a personal afront, it’s astounding how many libertarians are okay with politicians being hypocrites.

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        • I beat you to it … I’m officially an old geezer having just hit the big … sigh … 7-0. But then, I’ve had a full list of pet peeves since I was around the age of five, I think!

          I hear you about the endless loop of disappointment. Still … the hypocrisy of the GOP takes the prize for lunacy in my book and nothing the Democrats have done can even come close. Sigh. It’s wearing.

          Cheers ‘n hugs to you, dear friend!

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  5. Probably one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is being interrupted when speaking. There’s a certain person in this household that does it constantly … and then gets angry when I call him on it. 😠

    Other than that, TV drug commercials! I don’t think I need to list the reasons why they’re a pet peeve.

    Of course, there are a “few” other things that would make the list, but this will do for now. Oh … and I agree with yours.

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    • I hate the drug commercials too, like they really need to do advertising, the doctors do all the marketing for them as it is so why spend the extra money?

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    • I share that one with you! Luckily, I don’t live with anybody who does that, but if I did, I would bop them over the head with a skillet!

      I agree on the television drug commercials … I was reading from other comments that it is only here and in New Zealand they are allowed … everywhere else they are banned.

      So many things to annoy us these days … I could have had an endless list!

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  6. People who stand and gawk if someone trips over instead of going to help them.
    Adverts between programmes that ask for money for charities, I have a few direct debits from my bank but they still make me feel guilty.
    On a similar subject I have enough problems leaving the house, and when I do, I dislike speaking to strangers. I acknowledge that they can’t know that, but, I hate being collared in the street who just wants to tell me about something. They launch into a spiel about their charity and try to get through it all because they’re paid on commission if they can get people to sign up to give monthly donations. .I’m usually happy to donate to most charities but they can’t do that, only a bank direct debit will do. I feel my time has been wasted, especially if it’s just to sign for a new credit card. Don’t approach people, let them approach you if interested.

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    • How anybody could gawk or mock somebody in need of help is beyond me, but yes, I’ve seen it happen. And I fully agree with the guilt trip by advertisers whether on television, email, radio, or snail mail. This is why I could never even consider going into marketing … I cannot approach someone and ask for money! I cannot misrepresent a product. Thanks for sharing your peeves … I fully concur!

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  8. I totally agree with all of these, especially the loud videos that play on some sites.
    speaking of hackers, whoever came up with the malicious, vile, reprehensible concept of ransomeware should be sent straight to the most isolated physical space possible on earth where such a miserable biological unit or group of biological units can live out their lives totally separate from the society which they infect with their evil presence.

    I’ll tell you mine

    When people write things like nom nom on social media when referring to food, with my speech program, it just sounds stupid.
    The same when people, and I’ve only seen this with some blind people but when they say stuff like “yum to the yums” it sounds equally stupid and even like something a kindergartener would say.
    Now, Cindy laughs at me when I pronounce covid with a short o or ubar with a beginning y because that’s how my speech reads it and I should probably change it but I’ve got more interesting things to do with my time than to train the screen reader in that regard.
    The funniest had to be when I pronounced anime as a two syllable word with the last syllable rhyming with time or crime instead of pronouncing it correctly as a three syllable word ending with the sound of long a. That one I actually had no idea of because I hadn’t heard a human speak it until recently.

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    • I fully agree with you about the hackers and developers of such things as ransomware that are designed to hurt the most unsuspecting in our society … send them all to Siberia!

      People, and I include myself in this, often don’t stop and think about those of us with disabilities. I know sometimes I put an emoji in a comment to you before realizing that you cannot see it and not being sure how your program will read it. And for me, being nearly deaf, the problem is similar when I try to listen to podcasts that are not captioned, or a video where the captioning is so bad that I might as well be watching a Charlie Brown cartoon. I love your telling of how and why you pronounced anime! In truth, the first time I saw the word I thought it was pronounced that way too! But, having a young artist in the house put me straight quickly!


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  9. You know my biggest one, Jill. Spelchek! But my other biggest peeve is people bit ching about wearing madks and having to social distance. You’ve been doing it for over a year now, it should be second nature. Just do it. If it ever becomes safe to stop doing those things, okay. But right now, even if you’ve got your dose, it has not been conclusively proven you are immune. So don’t tempt fate. Play it safe, and be glad you are helping to stop the spread, especially to you, your loved ones, and your friends and co-worker. We all need to work together…

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    • Yes, in your case I would be putting out a contract for a hitman for Spelchek! I fully agree with you about those who act as if we’ve sacrificed their firstborn by asking them to take reasonable precautions. Even those who are fully vaccinated can carry the germ to others who aren’t. It’s common sense, but people are too damn selfish to care. When I went to the grocery store the other day, I saw only 5 people wearing masks, the rest were breathing all over everything and everyone, and I bet money half of them weren’t even vaccinated. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Working together seems to be unheard of here in the U.S. … it’s all “I got mine, you go get your own”. Sigh.


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