Stop trying to keep your job and start doing your job

I am brain-dead today, but fortunately our friend Keith is not and his thoughts here are well worth sharing. It often seems that while we dutifully pay our taxes, part of which goes to pay our elected representatives, we are not being represented. The politicos seem far more intent on keeping their power and enhancing their wealth than on doing their duty to We the People. Thank you, Keith, for putting this in perspective for us … now if only we can get the people in Congress to listen!


Too many legislators and elected incumbents focus on trying to keep their job rather than doing their job. As a result, things do not get done, as every issue becomes a wedge issue rather than one that needs to be solved. I have grown long past weary on this lack of leadership and stewardship.

In my career, I have consulted on and actually been a part of several mergers between organizations, both for-profit and non-profit entities. Effective mergers require due diligence, planning and diplomacy. It should not surprise people, but the majority of mergers fail to be as accretive to the cumulative value of the two separate entities as first envisioned. Some actually are dilutive to that combined value – in other words, they fail.

One of the reasons is people involved tend to focus on keeping their jobs or getting good money to leave. They get overly protective of…

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18 thoughts on “Stop trying to keep your job and start doing your job

  1. Another good share Jill (I’m back from being Elsewhere, and working backwards through the posts). Another 10 cents worth on Keith’s site (at this rate I’ll get through a $ in no time).
    If only we could summon up LBJ and Bobbie Kennedy; do the impossible and get them to work together; there would be some wonderful butt-kicking and head-knocking together. (and that creature?…..He’d be shredded)

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    • Thanks, Roger! Yes, I noticed you were Elsewhere for you were not Here! I figured hard at work on the book, but then I wondered if perhaps something was wrong.

      Our past leaders are near qualifying for sainthood as compared to much of the current batch. Yes, indeed, let’s shred the creature who was a mistake of nature to begin with!

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      • Yeah, if I’m not ‘here’… I’m ‘there’😄.
        Who would have thought Nixon and George Bush jnr would have been getting a grudgingly good press…..until 2016 that is.
        That previous occupant set the bar so low I shudder at the thought of what could be worse (there’s always one)

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        • As I’ve said a few times during the former guy’s reign of idiocy, suddenly Richard M. Nixon is starting to look like a teddy bear who just made a few boo-boos.

          If there is worse than the previous occupant, I hope I’m not around to see it.

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          • It’s a sure sign of the times.
            The history books show Nixon was devious, ruthless, a racist, rabble rouser and paranoiac; and yet here we are looking back with a sort of nostalgia; because he knew the rules and how to play them….until like LBJ his demons and chip about being from the wrong side of the tracks got to him.
            Just goes to show what a piece of talentless, worthless trash the previous occupant was.

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            • Roger, Jill, while Nixon did a few good things – opening the doors to China and establishing the EPA, his paranoia will be his fatal flaw. If he was not so paranoid about the campaign, why would he risk so much to sanction a break-in? His henchman already made sure he was not running against Edmund Muskie, a much more formidable candidate than George McGovern. So, there was no need. And, his paranoia led him to tape people.

              What scares me about the future is a Trump like person who knows how to maneuver and does not come across as heavy handed or racist. Keith

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              • Quite so Keith.
                In History Trump will be seen as a mere manifestation of the voter base which created him. If you analyse his antics you will note a pattern of reacting to that base. In a less frenzied time he would have been sunk by the Republican Party (I cite Thatcher ‘s fate back in the 1990s), however since this very poor breed do not know how to control a mob, only rouse it ,they are its servants.
                Arguably the figure you mention maybe the least worst option as they would bring a measure of control back in their search for the Whitehouse, for they would have to gather a measure of stability; if they want to be president of the USA and not simply a collection of some states under a new format.
                In a nation the size and complexity of the USA if that nation wishes to remain United there is quite frankly no room for indulging the kind of maverick behaviour we have seen in the last decade. It has to be brought to heel, by both fair, foul and questionable means (something like the South at the end of the Civil War- only this time not sacrificing an entire racial minority which could not fight back)

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              • All true … Nixon was no hero, no saint, but at least he knew when his political demise was inevitable and stepped down.

                I share your concern about a future president similar to Trump only more intelligent, more able to hide his racism and bigotry, his desires to become an autocrat. Sigh.


    • Yes, Keith always has words of wisdom! Oh NO, Michael … I cannot possibly do a full week of celebrating! I’m a creature of routine and need to get back to my routine, such as it is! 🎈


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