A Brother’s response to Sen Manchin’s OpEd

I read Senator Joe Manchin’s OpEd in the Charleston Gazette-Mail and, like our friend Brosephus, under ordinary circumstances I would have agreed with most of what he said. However, these are anything but normal circumstances and even more so for Black people who are once again in danger of losing their rights. Please take a minute to read Brosephus’ post and think about what he says — it’s important! Thank you, Brosephus!

The Mind of Brosephus

Sen. Joe Manchin, I read your Op-Ed in the Charleston Gazette-Mail, and I have a few questions for you. You are well within your rights and responsibilities as a member of the Senate representing West Virginia with your concerns over the filibuster. In a perfect world, I think your arguments would have merit. In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past decade or so, we don’t live in a perfect world. In fact, Black Americans have never been within an Apollo rocket shot reach of a perfect world in America.

You may or may not be aware of the particular struggles of Black Americans, but I can assure you life here for us is no Saturday morning picnic. Our right to vote in America was enshrined into the Constitution in 1870 by the Fifteenth Amendment. It wasn’t until the passage of the Civil Rights Act…

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15 thoughts on “A Brother’s response to Sen Manchin’s OpEd

  1. Every word makes perfect sense. Joe Manchin could have no argument against this. He is totally avoiding the fact that even if the Republicans should be acting in a bipartisan manner, they’re not even trying to. The use of the filibuster will stop any decent policies from getting through and help the Republican States to consolidate their disenfranchising laws against certain sections of the community who have been without the vote for long enough. With no policies going through the Democrats could lose in 2022 and 2024 and lead to the days of the KKK as the people of colour rise up against this blow to their rights..

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    • I told you a few nights ago that under normal circumstances, I would have found little in Manchin’s piece to argue about, but that these are NOT normal circumstances. Naturally I was chuffed when I saw that Bro said essentially the same thing, and much better than I could have. You mention a return of the days of the KKK, and at one time I would have disagreed with you, but today? I can see it coming. Worse yet, I can see a revolution in the making. One part of me wants to get the hell out of this country, while another part wants to fight this fight tooth and nail. Sigh. Likely neither will happen.

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    • Yep, eventually … probably sooner than later … people will get tired of watching their rights being taken away, of being treated as worthless tools, and they will rise up and there will be violence, if not all-out war!

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      • Let’s hope that hard-ass old school Republican comes up soon and tears through the party driving this Unholy crew out to form their own silly little outfit.
        Then we can get back to Consensus and Back-room deals (I bet you never thought you yearn for Back-room deals between Republicans and Democrats again)

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        • I … I don’t see it happening, my friend. There is some driving force that has threatened, bullied, or otherwise coerced 90% of the GOP to follow the party line OR ELSE. I do not know what threat is being held over their heads, but … there is something. Back room deals sound great right now … you’re right, I never thought they would be the model. But then, I never thought I would consider Richard Nixon a teddy bear. Sigh.

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          • There’s nothing going on here that a Roman or Greek politician from the classical era would not recognise (although some of them would be wondering when the ‘sharp metal’ solution has not been used yet- they played for keeps).
            Y’see it always comes back to the mob mentality. Like I’ve said before; it’s been building up for decades and after the 2008 election it slipped its leash and howled across the land. Currently it is the mob mentality which runs the Republican Party; the top echelons having lost control of it, they fear it, they don’t know what to do with it apart from do as it tells them and that will not help them win a majority.
            If ‘that person’ does arrive, there will be a very ugly battle as they drive their way to the top and several folk you loathe will be pulled down in the process. The party might even split, but the forces of stable conservativism (the ones we used to dislike…yeah?) will have a say in the re-build, while the Unholy Church will be caste out to make its own grouping.
            That’s the cheerful scenario.

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