Trump’s Legacy: The Right to be a First Class Jerk

As always, our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters is spot on … take a look for yourselves! Thanks, Jeff! As always, you da man!

On The Fence Voters

Boorish, idiotic, and rude behavior didn’t begin with the election of the disgraced former 45th president. In my nearly six decades on this earth, I’ve run across several of these types — present company excluded. However, what we see these days when it comes to a lack of basic decency and etiquette, I will lay a considerable, if not primary, blame at the feet of the failed blogger/president. When historians take a look back at his failed presidency, surely this will stand near the top of his already disastrous legacy.

Ever since the infamous ride down the golden escalator, we’ve been subjected to his insults, lies, and politically incorrect behavior. His command of the daily narrative, usually starting early in the morning before most of us had started sipping our coffee, ruled the media throughout his four years in office. They, and many in public, couldn’t wait to hear what he’d…

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11 thoughts on “Trump’s Legacy: The Right to be a First Class Jerk

    • I just read your comment on Jeff’s post … an excellent summation. My particular favourite line was “And they found their action toy, at the bargain basement sale of the 2016 primaries.” Spot on!!!

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          • Of course one way to really get under his skin and make his creators froth at the mouth is to refer to Joe Biden as the 45th President of the USA, because that creature certainly did not qualify morally as holder of the office (anyway he got less votes than Clinton)

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            • I fully agree! Not one time did I refer to him by his official title unless it was in a quote and then I had no choice. In my mind, I feel like we spent four years adrift with no president, no leadership. And I’ve always said he did NOT win the 2016 election, but lost it by nearly 3 million votes, but through a quirk in the Constitution was allowed to spend 4 years sullying the Oval Office.

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