Ulcer-Inducing Mini Rants

Tonight’s min-rants have me growling, my ulcer flared up, and I will probably need a few hours of winding down before I can sleep.  But, rather than jump straight into a rant, let’s start out with something I found at least mildly humorous …

A bit of humour …

One of my many daily newsletters had this paragraph in talking about the comparison between the former guy and the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, affectionately called BoJo in the UK …

There’s been talk about how Biden and Johnson — whom the President’s predecessor referred to as “Britain Trump” — won’t get on. After all, Johnson, like the 45th US President, is a populist who won power by courting blue-collar grievance, had an itinerant love life, a distant acquaintance with the truth and a blond edifice on his head that defies gravity. 

That last part about the hair especially made me laugh.  At least, though, Boris doesn’t wear ugly orange makeup!  And … he can speak in full sentences … I’ve HEARD HIM!

Where did she get her medical license?

Sherri Tenpenny is allegedly a medical doctor based in Cleveland, Ohio, though if she does, in fact, have a license to practice medicine it should be immediately revoked.  She is known for her anti-vaccination campaigns and conspiracy theories and in May she put out a video claiming that the Covid vaccine would cause infertility in males and birth defects in a fetus if the mother received the vaccine.  She claimed this is all linked to a conspiracy by “the globalists and the de-population eugenicists, the stated Satanists who are out to destroy the world”.  I wonder if she’s been hanging out with ol’ Margie Greene?  Why would a doctor … someone the public is supposed to be able to trust, tell her patients bald-faced lies?   But wait, you haven’t heard the latest.

For some reason that I will never understand, this fruitcake was invited to testify as an “expert” witness Tuesday to a hearing in the Ohio House Health Committee in regards to a bill that would prevent businesses or the government from requiring proof of vaccination.  Her testimony was bizarre, to say the least, as she claimed that the vaccine turns people into magnets …

“I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures all over the Internet of people who have had these shots and now they’re magnetized. They can put a key on their forehead. It sticks. They can put spoons and forks all over them and they can stick, because now we think that there’s a metal piece to that.”

Gee … I scan the internet 12 hours or so every day and not once have I seen a person with keys or silverware attached to them!  In fact, having recently received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I decided to try this at home.  Nope, the butcher knife did not stick to me, though it did almost cost me a toe or two as it fell rapidly to the floor!  If you live in or around Cleveland, Ohio, please stay as far away from this quack as possible!  Meanwhile, I am writing to the State Medical Board to request that her license to practice medicine be immediately revoked … she’s a bigger nutcase than even Rand Paul!

Tenpenny also vaguely suggested that somehow the vaccine interfaces with 5G towers (those cellular towers that everyone seems to have some conspiracy theory about).  Now, you and I can blow this woman off, see her for the psycho that she is, but apparently Ohio legislators aren’t as intelligent as we are, for there was almost no pushback against her lunatic ramblings.  In fact, Representative Jennifer L. Gross, a nurse who co-sponsored the bill, told Tenpenny …

“What an honor to have you here.”

Say WHAT???  I’m moving out of this damn state!!!  My daughter’s company has its headquarters in New York … perhaps she can request a transfer!

It should come as no surprise to learn that Tenpenny is an anti-vaxxer who authored a book titled “Saying No to Vaccines” in 2008.  What does come as a surprise is that she’s still allowed to practice medicine.  And you wonder why I have a difficult time trusting the medical community?  Here we are trying to convince people to get the vaccine so that we can all be safer and freer, and this loon is perpetuating all these frightening lies to people who probably believe her and will continue being a walking germ tree.

What are they teaching their children?  What is this nation becoming?

People all across this nation and around the globe have found the brutal murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin to be a horrific crime.  We have all mourned Mr. Floyd’s death, it has led to massive rallies by Black Lives Matter groups, and there has been nothing even remotely humorous about it.  Until three high school boys … racist juveniles … thought it would be funny to re-enact the murder.

It happened at Mead High School in Longmont, Colorado when a trio of male students there published an image of them re-enacting Floyd’s murder in the school’s parking lot last month. Two of them had their knees on their classmate’s neck and back. The teen who was supposed to be Floyd was in blackface and lying motionless on the ground.  “Bye bye senoirs [sic],” the caption read, with a hand-waving emoji to the class of 2021.  They cannot even f*cking spell the word ‘seniors’ and they are in high school doing this disgusting, criminal sort of thing!

What the hell sort of values are we teaching our children?  Apparently in Longmont, Colorado, parents are teaching them to be racist jerks!  Just yesterday morning I wrote about young people seeing a need and reaching out, starting charities to help people, and now THIS!

To their credit, most students were sickened and outraged by the episode, and some claimed there has long been a culture of racism at the school.  The school’s principal of the last 12 years, Rachael Ayers, resigned as a result.

Folks … this story has literally made me ill.  I hold the parents of these three teens responsible for failing to even attempt to teach them values or kindness to others.  If we, as a nation, continue to allow these sort of incidents, then we are signing the death warrant of the nation.  The three students were each suspended from school for five days … big fat deal … they probably enjoyed those five days, rather than seeing them as punishment.  At the risk of sounding radical, I would like to see every parent of these three in jail for 50 days each and then forced to attend parenting classes, for they’ve obviously got it all wrong!

I’ll end as I began, with a bit of (dark) humour …

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  1. LOL, the vaccine magnetism story does sound like an elaborate hoax. There are some very convincing videos showing ppl rolling/ flipping refrigerator magnets up and down their arm where they have recently been injected.
    Now I can’t tell you from first hand experience whether this is true, since i haven’t gotten the vaccination yet, perhaps you can try the magnet test and let us know if this is fake news once and for all! I’m aware young ppl make phony videos all the time for the clicks (youtube pays content creators by the number of views per video).
    Stay safe and be well ❤


  2. Keep on ranting, Jill. I notice your followers are growing by leaps and bounds, and that is because you speak your truth. Keep on speaking your truth. Someone somewhere is agreeing with everything you say, at least on some level.

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      • It’s across the world Jill. It’s always been there; ask anyone from a racial, religious or social minority.
        The tragedy is if any of those groups get to be the majority…. they can be just as bad.
        This is why you get folks like me who have a ‘thing’ for austere authoritarian governments….Which seems fine until the said austere authoritarian government stops be firm but fair and starts abusing their authority.
        Annndd around we go again.

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        • Yeah, I know. I guess it’s just never quite affected me as closely and personally as it does today. It would seem that the Chinese are right in their belief that history is cyclic. Unfortunately, I think that humans cannot ever have a perfect system for greed and arrogance (bigotry) will always stand in the way and make some feel that their rights supersede all others. Ah well … 🐺

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  4. wow, i’m glad you’re not leading a city, town, state or the country, the prisons would be fuller than they already are.
    About those parents, you have no idea about how they raised their kids, for all you know, they probably got punished worse at home, at least I hope so. Wanting them put in jail, you’re right, not only is it radical, but it’s dangerous and ridiculous to have such notions in your heart. Now if the teens had killed someone, yes, parents should be held responsible, but this, as joe would say “come on man.”

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    • I can only respond that I, for one, am sick and damned tired of the racism that is taking over this nation. There is absolutely NOTHING superior about having pale skin, and there is NOTHING humorous about a white cop killing an unarmed Black person as has happened so many times in the past ten years that I’ve long since run out of fingers and toes on which to count. So, if I am radical, then it is with good reason. At least I’m not calling for the execution of all white people, as some are calling for the execution of all Black people. I would happily see every white person who thinks themselves superior put in prison for life. Radical? Sure … come on, man, it’s time we conquered stupidity.


      • I agree that there is nothing superior about having a certain color of skin but the truth of the matter is, though it was in very poor taste, only some feelings got hurt and that’s a hell of a lot less ulcer inducing than if lives are lost to a shooter who stole a gun from the home of his parents.

        We have become too sensitive, too damn fragile, too entitled to the notion that our precious feelings can’t be hurt over anything or else we might find ourselves in a psychological unsafe space.

        Are there things to be offended over? absolutely, corrupt politicians running rough shot over the constituents they claim to represent, $30 trillion of debt that we have no hope of changing unless the addicted spenders in washington’s district of criminals goes into financial rehab for their problem, people being shot in the streets of our major cities, but a couple of stupid teenagers making fun of a recent sociopolitical issue? give me a break, surely there’s something else that our media is lying about that deserves more attention than this.


        • No, Scott … some of us perhaps care too much about other people. It’s not fragile or overly-sensitive, just kind, compassionate, caring. I’m truly sorry if that makes me somehow worthy of being denigrated in your book, but … I am who I am and I cannot change, cannot be less than I am. Hasta luego, mi amigo.


        • Murder is NOT a sociopolitical issue, Scott. Whatever gave you the idea it was. Putting on blackface to simulate a racist act is not a sociopolitical issue either, but an unhuman way of looking at the world.
          I try to understand you, Scott, but it is getting harder and harder. Times are changing, the world is different from when I grew up, and from when you grew up. If we do not change with the times, why are we alive?

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  5. David has already commented better than I could on most of this, so I’ll just add my bit about ‘BoJo.’ Most of us have no affection for him, and tend to call him things like W***** (rhymes with banker). The nickname is only used by the rampantly right-wing tabloid rags that support him and believe, against all the evidence, that he can do no wrong. He does have better words than the former guy – the benefit of a privileged, fee-paying education denied to most of us – but he still has difficulty stringing coherent sentences together, particularly when being questioned on policy. It doesn’t really matter, though, once you realise that everything he says is a lie. The news here today – in The Times, no less – is that Biden has authorised a diplomatic criticism of the UK’s approach to the Northern Ireland trade issue with the EU – the G7 meeting could be lively 😉

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    • Ahhhhh … my mistake … I had heard a number of my UK friends call him BoJo, so I mistakenly thought it was … well, never mind.

      Heck, the former guy has a privileged education, too, though his diploma was bought and paid for by his daddy, just like his draft exemption. In the beginning, I saw Boris as rather a comic figure, but I now think that is the cover for his ineptitude.

      Yes, I read the same about Biden’s criticism, or ‘demand’ as I read it. My initial reaction was that the U.S. President has absolutely no right to ‘demand’ anything of an ally. And then Roger, from your side of the pond, gave me a different way of thinking about it, so now I’m just not sure. Yes, I do think the G7 could be interesting! At least the former guy won’t be there to insult everyone else!

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      • Some use it, I don’t! It implies an affection I don’t feel for the lying, incompetent racist cheat!

        That comic image was what got him noticed, but things got a bit more serious when he took us down the Brexit path.

        I think Biden’s intervention is perfectly reasonable. The US doesn’t need two close allies fighting each other over sausages, and a fall out could impact you. Unlike the former guy’s racist attacks on the Mayor of London, which served only to turn even more of us against him and were no business of his to interfere in.

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        • I shan’t be using that familiar nickname in the future! Sadly, though, you guys were already, as I recall, on the Brexit path and that was what did in Ms. May, though I thought she tried, but just wasn’t strong enough. Boris only finished the job. Two of my UK friends (David is one) are very much pro-Brexit, and the others are not. I don’t have enough knowledge to say, but I felt it could be a dangerous move, in terms of both economics and security.

          I developed a tremendous respect for Mayor Sadiq Khan during that time … a respect I still have today. You’re right … the former guy had something nasty to say about everyone who didn’t worship at the altar of Trump, including Khan, and frankly it was none of his damn business! I’m still hesitant to say that Biden is in the right to make ‘demands’, but I will wait and see what, if anything, comes of it all. From what I read tonight, all is okay between Boris & Joe.

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          • No, you need to go back to early 2016, when Johnson made a big thing about coming down on the Leave side, having previously been a Remainer, judging by what he wrote in his newspaper columns. It was a cynical decision, based on what he thought was best for his career prospects: Leave didn’t expect to win the referendum, but thought it would give them better bargaining power within government. Johnson and Farage, and to a lesser extent Gove, we’re the public mouthpieces of the campaign. May was utterly useless, going blindly down the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ path without working out what it meant, then capping the stupidity of the vote by issuing the two year departure notice – Article 50 – without even the beginning of an understanding of what it entailed. Johnson then swept in to sort it all out, and has made an even bigger mess of it than most of us anticipated. The current impasse with the EU, which Biden quite rightly got involved in as it affects the US too, boils down to the EU’s well placed distrust of ‘Perfidious Albion,’ a country which has often reneged on treaties and agreements, and looks as though it is about to do it again. I agree with you: in trade terms, leaving the EU is a disaster, as events are proving. And then there are all the issues around shared national security, research, education etc which are crumbling away from us. Challenge any Brexit supporter to come up with one good thing to come out of it, but don’t hold your breath awaiting an answer. There aren’t any. ‘Taking back control’ of something we had never lost, blue passports (when we could have chosen that colour anyway) – it’s the Little Englander mentality, a hatred of ‘Johnny Foreigner.’ In the five years since the referendum this has become a more overtly racist country: the dogs have been let out, and it was Johnson and his ilk who did it.

            Sadie Khan is the best Mayor London has had since the post was created, far better than the corrupt buffoon he succeeded. He stands up to bullies and puts the people he represents first – not something that every politician can claim.

            Yesterday was just papering over the cracks. Expect Macron to rip it apart when he arrives today – the whole thing could become a fiasco, largely of the UK government’s making.

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            • I had no idea that Boris had initially been on the ‘Remain’ side of the issue! Apart from David, you’re the only person I’ve discussed Brexit with beyond just the initial “I was against it to start with” or such. You’ve given me some insight I didn’t have before, and for that I thank you. What a mess it all is! I knew it was a mess, but didn’t realize until recently just how much. I know that for David the biggest issue was immigration … he feels that the EU was forcing the UK to take more immigrants than they could provide for. And I can understand that, but as I told him, for many of these people it was a matter of life or death … they had nowhere else to turn. I viewed Brexit as what my mother used to call “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. I can only say that I do hope things don’t become as dire as I’ve heard some predict, and I hope that the U.S. … now that we actually have a president … can be of some help. That is, of course, assuming that we don’t soon have a civil war on our hands over here! I shall keep my eye on news of the G7 … or try to anyway. Thanks for helping me to understand a bit better, my friend!

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              • Do bear in mind that I come from a very anti-Brexit standpoint, but I tried to stick to the facts there. Immigration is one of the dog whistle calls made by Leave. Johnson as guilty as most, claiming that Turkey was going to join the EU and we’d be swamped with their 90m population. Was never going to happen.

                Today’s headline is that the EU members at the G7 are threatening the UK with a trade war. It’s all going so well, isn’t it!

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                • As do most of my UK friends … I thought nobody wanted to leave, but for a few … obviously I was mistaken, though like Republicans here, I think the lies of the politicians made them vote to leave. No, Turkey was NEVER likely to be admitted to the EU, for Erdoğan had no intention of giving up his autocratic rule disguised as democracy.

                  Oh, I hadn’t seen that one yet … I’ve mostly taken a much-needed day off today. I’ll have to catch up tonight! Yes, sounds like it’s going great. At least you-know-who isn’t there to raise everyone’s hackles and continually demand that Putin be re-admitted to the G7!

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                  • The masses fell for the lies of the self-serving. Expect fireworks as the G7 closes: Johnson and his negotiator, Lord Frost, have gone into pitbull mode against the treaty they negotiated with the EU on our behalf, somehow losing touch with reality along the way. The longer term damage they are doing to the country, and to others’ trust in us, is enormous.

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                    • Ah yes … earlier I was reading about what has been dubbed the ‘sausage wars’, though I don’t fully understand what either side is seeking! But yes, in the long term such conflict will have residual effects to all involved. It sometimes seems as if the EU is out to punish you guys for leaving. Not very professional. In this era of so many global troubles, you’d think this would be a simple problem with a simple solution, but apparently not.

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                    • I think the EU could be forgiven for feeling like that, as we have given them plenty of reasons to do so, but I think it’s more a case of the them protecting the interests of their 27 members and trying to stop Johnson reneging on the deal he signed up to. There is a solution, but Johnson doesn’t want to try and find it. He has negotiated himself into a corner.

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  6. I’m not vaccinated and just caused a ruckus in the kitchen when all our stainless steel cutlery ended very noisily on the ground. Coincidence? I don’t think so! =^.^=

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  7. I had an antivaxxer ask me if he could apply a magnet to my arm to see it attracted and stuck to the one inside. I agreed just to prove it didn’t work, and it didn’t. Com on people, get real. Any doctor worth their salt will tell you the vaccines will work better on some people than others but that’s not because of any extras given with the drug. Doctors have as much right s anyone to be antivaxxer but they don’t have the right to lie about it to patients who rely on their expertise.
    I’m inclined to think there may have been an over reaction to the incident at school. It was in very bad taste but that’s often what boys of that age are like. Tasteless. Their parents my have been horrified at the act but certainly they should be held partly to blame for not making clear what is acceptable and what isn’t.. I think during their suspension the boys should receive English schoolwork that could help their spelling. If however, there have been other racist incidents related to them during their school years then no punishment is enough and none will likely work but we do need to know that in order to get a proper fix on this.
    The ‘Toon’ is unfortunately Spot on.

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    • I suppose that doctors have a right to be against vaccines on a personal level, but I’m not sure they have that right professionally. Vaccines of all sorts have been proven to safeguard the health of all, and if, say a pediatrician, recommended against parents having their children vaccinated for such things as polio, mumps, etc., they would be endangering that child’s life … a life they have sworn an oath to protect. On a broader scale, if a doctor plants the seeds of doubt about the Covid vaccine, then this pandemic that could be ended within a year, will continue to plague us for … infinity? That said, this Tenpenny lady is just a serious nutcase and really shouldn’t be entrusted with human lives … or even wolves lives!

      I imagine you are right, that we’ve overreacted and that this behaviour isn’t out of the ordinary for teens, but … it seems so racist, so disrespectful … it still makes me furious, whether it should or not. Sigh. 😞


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    • Searching for understanding I applaud, David, but no, these actions by the three teenagers cannot be written off as normal childhood pranks. If nothing else, they are at the very least bordering on racial hatred that needs to be stopped before these boys become Proud Boys and future Republicans. I did a lot of things as a teenager I am not proud of today, when times were very different from today. Our parents never taught us better because they were not as knowledgeable as parents are–or should be–today. Racism and other forms of hatred cannot be tolerated if we are to build that better world we all seem to want. Downplaying this stunt is playing into racist hands. Stop it before it is too late!

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