Making A Mockery Of Our Lives …

Of late, the Republican Party, aka GOP, have done most everything in their power to make a mockery of this nation, of the democratic underpinnings in our very foundation, and of the U.S. Constitution.  They have tested the limits of lunacy and it almost seems as if their entire goal is to prove that nothing really matters, that people don’t matter, the environment doesn’t matter, our very lives matter little to them.  Now, it’s easy to brush off their lies, their conspiracy theories as being beneath our dignity to even discuss.  And in one sense that’s true, but in another sense … their constituents listen to them, hang on their every word, believe them, and in far too many cases, such as January 6th of this year, act upon their words.  This means that yes, we must pay attention, we must be prepared to tell the truth, to counter their ignorance.  I have a few recent examples to share with you …

Last month, before Mitch McConnell and his band of senatorial thugs killed any hope for a congressional investigation into the lead-up and events of January 6th, the uneducated Margie Greene posted her argument against such an investigation on her social media accounts.

“They’re only going to use the January 6 Commission to tear down Trump’s legacy, tear down and smear him if he runs for president again in 2024.  And it will be used to demoralize Trump supporters and people that loved attending rallies and loved the MAGA movement and love America First policies, and it will be used to demoralize them and paint them as if they’re horrible people that entered the Capitol — breached the Capitol on January 6.”

Excuse me, Margie, but they are horrible people, else they would not have hung a noose outside the Capitol, would not have busted windows, pooped on the walls and floors, destroyed property, chanted ‘Hang Mike Pence’, and killed a Capitol policeman while injuring 140 others.  If this isn’t the definition of ‘horrible people’ then I don’t know what is.

Climate change is no laughing matter … with every passing day, the hope for a continuation of human life beyond the end of this century grows dimmer.  Scientists are working diligently to find ways in which we can slow or reverse the damage that has been done by people in industrialized nations.  They have some, but not all of the answers.  Enter U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert who claims to have the only answer we need.

Mr. Gohmert attended a House Natural Resources Committee hearing a week ago where he posed the following to Jennifer Eberlien, an associate deputy chief of the Forest Service …

“I understand, from what’s been testified to the Forest Service and the BLM, you want very much to work on the issue of climate change. I was informed by the immediate past director of NASA that they’ve found that the moon’s orbit is changing slightly and so is the Earth’s orbit around the sun. We know there’s been significant solar flare activity.  And so, is there anything that the National Forest Service or BLM can do to change the course of the moon’s orbit or the Earth’s orbit around the sun? Obviously, that would have profound effects on our climate.”

A lot of people found Gohmert’s remarks humorous … I did not.  They show a profound ignorance that should have disqualified him from holding a seat in the House of Representatives long ago.  He is an attorney and a former judge who has held a seat in the U.S. House, representing Texas, since 2005.  Listening to him, I would have guessed he had but a sixth-grade education.  Like Ms. Greene, he has made a mockery of a very serious issue.  And also like Ms. Greene, Gohmert is a follower of the conspiracy theory group QAnon.

And then there is the first-term U.S. House Representative from Georgia, Andrew Clyde, who along with Gohmert, has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that having to pass through a metal detector each day like his 434 colleagues do, largely without complaint, is a violation of … something.  His civil rights, perhaps?

“Unconstitutional!” “Authoritarian conduct!” “An active ongoing attack on our democracy!”

Oh for Pete’s sake!  Grow up, Andy … grow a pair!

Although he has been in Congress for only six months, Mr. Clyde has already been fined some $15,000 for refusing to cooperate with Capitol Police’s efforts to ensure the safety of every member of Congress.  If he is such a crybaby that he cannot man up and walk through a metal detector without having a meltdown, he surely does NOT belong in the United States House of Representatives any more than his two aforementioned colleagues do!  Mr. Clyde is a former gun shop owner back in Georgia who wears a tie clip in the shape of an automatic weapon.  Nice … real professional.

This might all be humorous if it weren’t truly a threat to our way of life, to the government we rely on in so many ways.  Is this, then, the face of the new Republican Party?  I still shake my head in amazement to remember that GOP once stood for Grand Old Party.  No more can they claim that title, for they have sold us downriver a thousand times over in the past decade.  These three examples are but a small sampling of the sheer ignorance that now dominates the GOP, the mockery they are making of our lives.

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  1. There was a time most people went into Government to serve. Now it’s all self service on the Republican side with no takers for being bipartisan over For The People Act which is popular with both sides of the fence for voters. And only the GOP states would think of refusing money intended for their own voters without asking the voters first. When are they ever going to have policies which don’t involve just stopping someone else’s? If they win a majority in the senate next year they’ll be in as much of a mess as they were when they won in 2016 and didn’t have the replacement for Obamacare they had promised.

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    • Quite so. And there was a time when the people of this nation cared enough to want to know the truth, to want to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions. A time when people expected their elected officials to actually represent them, and not merely their wealthy donors. What happened to those days? I think … propaganda … political rhetoric designed to keep the masses ignorant, to keep them believing what they are told without question. We have, perhaps, ‘dummied-down’ our society to the point that they are no longer citizens, but puppets. When will the GOP have policies other than stopping the Democrats at every turn? When We the People open our eyes, educate ourselves, and demand … DEMAND … that we have a voice. I doubt this will come without violence, sadly, for the Republicans may not be conscionable, may not have values, but they will fight to the death to retain their power and wealth. If they win a majority next year in both chambers of Congress … or even one … then this nation will no longer exist in the form we’ve always known it.

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  2. Jill, saying it plainly, not even seating a bipartisan commission to investigate a breach of the Capitol building, so as not to find the answers they don’t want found, is both spineless and a violation of their oath to the constitution. That is what this old fart, independent and former Republican, and someone who remembers Nixon and Watergate feels. The last previous president is the most deceitful, corrupt and now seditious president in my lifetime including the aforementioned Nixon. Letting him go with being held accountable is like the parent who won’t punish junior even after he stole the car and wrecked it hurting his passengers. Keith

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    • I agree. It made it painfully obvious that half the Senate wants to get to the bottom of it, find out who was involved in the planning, and the other half has something to hide. Like you, I remember Nixon and Watergate, the cover up, the resignation. What we have today is that scandal magnified by 100x or more. And, instead of holding his feet to the fire, holding him accountable, today we have toadies covering for and supporting the most deceitful person to ever occupy the Oval Office. Where do we go from here, I wonder?


    • Yes, I think that is exactly what they fear … losing power, losing their vast wealth, and one more thing … losing the standing of white Christians as the majority in the nation. The GOP has become very much a racist party and if you listen closely, much of what they purport to stand for is white privilege. xx

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      • I think here its the same, Jill! But just in Germany we havent had real migration, over the last seven decades. As Germany after the war was in need of workers, they had called some from Turkey and Italy. When I see old documentaries like these were scrutinized for health, I get suspicious thoughts about the Nazi era. When these people then caught up with their families and stayed, they were not taken care of. Since 1980 the only thing that had been ensured was that almost no migration would take place. European countries in particular are now suffering from this. xx

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        • I’m confused, then, for I thought that Angela Merkel had taken in huge numbers of refugees over the past several years? I really must learn more of how Germany is today. What are your thoughts about Angela Merkel? I’ve long admired her, but then I only see her from the outside, not from within Germany. xx


          • Angela Merkel is fine. The admission of a million refugees in 2015 was an emergency solution. Man had left the southern countries alone for too long. Merkel is not the problem. But in a democracy there is a majority (of the MPs). As far as I have noticed, these are all against immigration. A country cannot be governed so easily when there are migrants from all walks of life in the country. For decades, Germany has mainly taken rich people and their money. Als for laundring this money. Have a look on Wirecard. 😉 Our politicians, regardless of which party they are, want a homogeneous society. Above are a few rich people (including themselves), a little mix of supporting companies, and corporations from which I can also personally earn. In the end, a medieval society with a modern twist. That is why we so urgently only need the two great Christian churches here. Scientology is a horror for this Germany. Because Scientology shows that it’s all about the money. Lol xx

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  3. You can sum all this up in one phrase.
    ‘White folks in a panic’
    When Barack Obama became president……TWICE… MAJORITIES this finally flipped their prejudiced neurotic little minds and since then anything that does not appeal to them is a reason for hysteria.

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    • Indeed, I have often thought (and said) that what we are seeing today of the GOP is pushback against a Black president not just once, but twice! I wonder if the U.S. is the single most racist nation in the Western world? Seems like it to me.

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      • Not really. It’s just that you were the first to have a non-white leader.
        A few years back Yahoo ran a news story about a USA girl’s soccer team that all wore headscarves because their one Muslim team mate was threatened with being dropped from the team for non-regulation wear.
        Sweet story yeah?
        There were several knuckle dragging UK bigots who objected to that and started name calling. They came into my sites, and all five got shot down, it took me a day of shooting snark, low-level insults, mockery and downright obscenity free abuse at them all, but at the end of the day I was the last one standing.

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