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I’m doing something a bit different for tonight’s music post, because I came across a clip of James Taylor appearing on Stephen Colbert’s program (pre-pandemic days … late 2019 or early 2020 I believe) that I found both informative and funny as heck, so I’m sharing that instead of an actual song tonight!  If you still need a song, there is a list of a few of my previous posts by James Taylor at the end of this post!

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed his music, though he hasn’t really had the chart success here I think he deserves – only around the time of Mud Slide Slim, I think. That first album was the only one he made for Apple, and Paul and George just played on one track: Carolina In My Mind. I’m not surprised he doesn’t remember it, though: he was reportedly off his head on drugs in those days!

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    • No, and I was surprised to find that Taylor wasn’t as popular on your side of the pond as he was here. Back in the late 80s I think it was, I briefly dated an opthamologist in New York who used to call me up at night and play the guitar and sing James Taylor songs to me! Y’know, I almost played “Carolina In My Mind” on this post, but when I saw it hadn’t charted over there, I decided against it. Now I wish I had gone with it! Yeah, I’ve heard the same … I think it was almost requisite in the music industry back then.

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    • I know! I loved listening to him, and fully appreciated his sometimes self-depracating humour. AHA! THAT’s why he reminded me of you! I knew there was something … it’s the memory, or lack thereof!

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