A Handful of Mini-Rants

If we thought that with President Biden’s inauguration our troubles would disappear and peace would reign, we were dead wrong.  It appears to me that every Republican in any position of power, be it local, state, or federal, has taken an oath to make our lives a living hell and to destroy as much as possible of the nation.  If I could afford it, I would file a lawsuit against the Republican Party for costing me sleep, health, appetite and more!  As you read today’s snippets, you might conclude that I’m just a wee bit angry, but you’d be wrong.  I’m not a wee bit angry, I am livid.

I wonder if we could sell Texas to Mexico?

Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is planning to spend the hard-earned tax dollars of the people of Texas and solicit donations from racists in order to ‘build that wall’ that the former guy kept touting but only actually built a few miles of.  Abbott learned from the earlier fiasco that there is no way in hell Mexico is going to pay for the wall, so instead he is going to commandeer taxpayer dollars to attempt to keep refugees out of his sorry state.  He said he would take $250 million from the state’s general revenue fund for a ‘down payment’ on his wall.  He also plans to coerce landowners on the border to allow the state to begin ‘immediate construction’ on their property.  In addition, he is asking for donations of both land and cash.  There are probably a few fools who will write him a check, but they’ll be throwing their money away, because Abbott’s wall isn’t going to happen (I hope).

Most people in the know say that Abbott’s proposed wall will meet its destiny, likely in the courts.  According to David Donatti, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas …

“If the governor wants to blow hot air on TV, he can do that. I truly don’t think he has thought this through. The governor is not a king. We have checks and balances in the state of Texas.”

As it happens, the governor does not have jurisdiction to enforce immigration laws, which are the sole responsibility of the federal government.  Apparently, Mr. Abbott needs to study the U.S. Constitution and his job description a bit longer.  He is up for re-election next year and … I would like to see him toppled, for he is an ass, but his likely primary opponent, Don Huffines, is just as big of an ass who also supports the idea of a wall, saying …

“The Biden Administration won’t secure our border, so Texas will.”

Sheesh, Republicans … do you not have anybody in your party with at least half a brain and a conscience???

Meanwhile …

Unlike the former guy, President Biden understands the seriousness of climate change and part of his campaign promise was to cut carbon emissions, cut back on fossil fuels, and expand renewable energy sources.  In way of keeping that promise, one of Biden’s first actions, his first week in office, was to issue a series of executive orders, one of which was to put a temporary ban on new oil and gas leasing on federal land.  Thumbs up, I say, for I ascribe to the mantra “Leave it in the ground”, even if it makes life a bit inconvenient for some, or … GASP … reduces the profits of the big oil, gas and coal companies.

But, alas, if something makes sense and is good for the environment, good for the people, you can count on the damn republicans to nix it.  In this case, Jeff Landry, the Republican attorney general of Louisiana and attorneys general from 12 other states, all Republicans, filed suit in March to lift the White House executive order.

Judge Doughty

On Tuesday, Judge Terry Alvin Doughty of the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana – a Trump appointee –  granted a preliminary injunction claiming that that the power to pause offshore oil and gas leases “lies solely with Congress” because it was the legislative branch that originally made federal lands and waters available for leasing.

DAMMIT Republicans!!!  The future of the human and many other species depends on switching to renewable energy, on leaving the damn fossil fuels where they belong … in the ground!  I don’t want your damned oil and frankly I don’t care if the CEOs of every fossil fuel corporation, who have been robbing us blind for decades now, all fall off of Wall Street and end up without a penny!  We have, for the first time in over four years, a president who cares about the future of the planet, who cares about We the People, our children and grandchildren, more than you the Rich Bastards!

As for Judge Terry Alvin Doughty … I wonder if he called the former guy to ask his advice on this one, for it reeks of trumpism.

Manchin’s “Compromise”

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia … you know, that state that has no economy and thrives on ignorance … already said he would not support the For the People Act that would ensure our voting rights, among other things.  Our right to vote … our only voice in our lives, our future … and Manchin doesn’t care enough to support it.  But wait …

Just this week, Manchin drafted a memo stating that he would be willing to compromise.  He would support at least two weeks of federally mandated early voting and to eliminate partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts.  Well, that’s a good start, though not nearly enough.  But wait …

Manchin has conditions!  Manchin’s compromise would require an ID requirement for all voters and the ability of local election officials to purge voter rolls using other government records.  NO NO NO NO NO!!!

One thing that keeps many poor people, Blacks and Hispanics away from the polls is that ID requirement and it is grossly unfair!  My granddaughter does not have a photo ID, she does not drive, and I don’t have the means to take her to obtain a state issued ID.  She is 26 years old and has been voting by mail since she was 18.  Under Manchin’s version of this bill, she would not be able to vote.  I know numerous Black people here in my own neighborhood who do not have a photo ID, but they pay taxes, they are citizens, and they have the right to vote, dammit!

And Manchin’s notion of allowing election officials to purge voter rolls is far too vague.  I can understand purging voters who have died or moved out of the state, but to give state and local election officials carte blanche to purge voter rolls at will?  Surely you jest!  Said Manchin …

“I’ve been sharing everything that I support and things I can support and vote with and things that I think is in the bill that doesn’t need to be in the bill, that doesn’t really interact with what we’re doing in West Virginia. We’ll have to see what changes are made.”

West Virginia is only one of fifty states, Manchin!  The rest of us matter too!  The bottom line, though, is it doesn’t make one damn bit of difference if Manchin supports the bill or not, for it will be subjected to the senate filibuster and we all know there are not ten republicans in the United States Senate who have a conscience.  Hell, I’m not sure there are ten republicans in the United States who have a conscience!  As far as I’m concerned, Joe Manchin can stick his ‘compromise’ where the sun doesn’t shine.

24 thoughts on “A Handful of Mini-Rants

  1. people need id’s to do all sorts of things in this country, if I’m blind and can manage to get an ID card, surely these poor minorities can do the same, it’s not rocket science you know. This argument about id requirements being racially motivated, honestly, is just stupid and whenever I ask the general question of people to prove to me with sound logic why it isn’t, I never, ever get an answer. Oh well, just more futility, more spitting in the wind and I wonder if it’s all even worth it anymore.

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    • Scott … yes, you are blind, but you are not Black. Most white people truly do not understand how badly Blacks are discriminated against, nor do they understand how few Blacks have the opportunities that middle class white people have. I have gone with Black friends to try to get a photo ID … not a driver’s license, just an ID. I’d bet money you got yours in a matter of a few minutes, but not most Black people. It’s like living in a different world, my friend, and most people just don’t get it.

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    • Too late there! I developed an ulcer at the age of 8, and mostly they leave me alone, but these past couple of weeks they’ve flared up a bit.

      I’d rather have your blessings, or well wishes, than the blessings of some person who is authorized by some faux power to bestow them. You are a friend, and I greatly appreciate your kind thoughts!

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    • Yes, I wrote about that one a week or two ago and, just as with the rest of the gun culture, I am appalled by that. Abbott has to go, in my book … you guys need to oust him and find somebody with both a brain and a conscience! Hugs, Larry!

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  2. Arrogance, combined with unthinking audacity. No wall will keep anyone out anyway. He might be able to build it, but he cannot afford to control it. Texas will be as poor as Alabama before he can text Trump to say the wall is finished.
    Meanwhile Doughty and Manchin can go have a My Pillow fight. If they are kept busy trying to outdo each other, they won’t have time to screw up everyone else’s lives.

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    • You’re 100% right about Abbott and his wall … even IF he could build it, he cannot by law control it, so what a waste of taxpayer’s money. Manchin will, I suspect, get his due next year when he fails his re-election bid. As for Doughty … sudden death is the only thing that will stop him from ruling more trumpistic cases into law.

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  3. Jill, bless his heart, this governor. Question for him, what would prevent refugees from coming into the US across another state border and coming to Texas that way? It is not the issue, it is the optics. “False bravado” has two words of equal importance. Speaking of “false,” these folks who pretend to like the former president as they are scared of angering him or his base, are the most spineless of the bunch. Keith

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    • Ha ha … I hear that North Carolina twang in your ‘bless his heart’! I would bless it, but I’m not sure he has one. You’re exactly right … Nevada, Arizona, and California all border Mexico and I have no doubt it would be only a matter of days ’til an “underground railroad” of sorts was devised. Though, under the present circumstances, I don’t know why anybody would want to go to Texas!

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      • By the way, we should remind the governor, that after being his #1 campaign issue, the former president had agreed to a deal with Sen. Dick Durbin (D) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) – $25 billion for his wall in trade for making DACA law. That was in the morning, but by the time Graham and Durbin got there to sign the deal, Sen. Tom Cotton (R) had talked the former president out of it. So, Gov. Abbott, your leader had his wall, but he reneged. This was the day of the “Sh**hole Country” comment, so we should never forget it. Keith

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        • Oh my … I had forgotten all about that! So much dirty dealing, lies, and broken promises during those four years that nobody can remember it all, least of all this old mind! I do well remember the comment about “Shithole Countries”, though. Sigh. I’m glad he’s gone, but … he really isn’t, is he?


          • Jill, this is just one more example why the former president’s word means so little. In Woodward’s book “Fear,” the rule was be the last person to talk with the now former president, as you can sway his final opinion. Keith

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  4. “If we thought that with President Biden’s inauguration our troubles would disappear and peace would reign, we were dead wrong”.

    Excuse me, there’s another word for it. PT Barnum said one was born everyday.

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  5. I rather imagine that Abbot will ask for and get money from Republican voters and than suddenly realise that he cannot build the wall against Federal Law. That would probably leave him a substantial war chest if he decides to go for President. Or even for continuing to be Governor of Texas.
    I think Texas should be given to Mexico since a good portion of the State was annexed from Texas in the first place.

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    • No doubt some will donate to the ’cause’ … those who have more money than sense, or who have something to gain here. Sigh. I hope that the fiasco that is sure to ensue as Abbott tries to build his wall and runs into a ton of legal roadblocks will send him into the annals of history, never again to be heard from by the general public. Am I hoping for too much? As far as I’m concerned, Mexico can have Texas … just let us get the few good Texans like our friend John and Larry out of there first. I wonder if we can persuade them to take Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, too?

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