Keith, as always, has words of wisdom that need to be heard and heeded far and wide. Thank you, Keith, for reminding us of that oft-forgotten concept of “accountability”.


Parents have tended to emphasize to our children that they need to be accountable for their actions. When I see a child or adult accept accountability, it impresses.me, probably because it should be more commonplace than it is. “It is my fault, I messed up, and I will take care of it,” are words that need to be said more often.

Sadly, one of the worst examples of the lack of accountability is the former president. He has long avoided accountability which has contributed to his blaming others or avoiding blame for his mistakes. This is a key reason he remains an “enfant terrible” even into his 70s and is well known for his deceitful bent.

The latest example is the sycophants in Congress who are rationalizing his autocratic-like spying on people he perceives as his enemies – Democrats and the mainstream media. This is on top of only seventeen…

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    • Yes, you’re right … I see it in many other countries as well … perhaps responsibility is becoming a thing of the past? Wouldn’t that be tragic? Do we have to fight another war over this? Sigh. xx

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      • Jill, people now try to revise their part in decisions which cause problems. The UK and Boris Johnson are seeing the problems with Brexit first hand, but none of this should be a surprise. Yet, it was sold with smoke and mirrors, not realizing how hard it would be to execute and how dilutive it would be to the UK economy. But, that is not unique to governments as businesses do it all the time. GM could have had a major market share in the electric car market, but destroyed (actually shredded EV-1s) an advantage and made Hummers instead, which are no longer made – even their Board of Directors questioned it. I worked for some CEOs and had clients who had CEOs that made changes that were dumb the day they were announced. First Union made two of the top ten worst acquisitions (Moneystore and Golden West) in banking history and it cratered them. Their newly named Wachovia (as they tried to distance themselves from their own name) had to be sold to Wells Fargo. Keith

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