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Somebody said to me once that she thought I should try ignoring the news for a week or more, just think about positive things, and see if my mood wouldn’t improve.  Well, I didn’t bother to try her suggestion, for I’m a news junkie.  I think it’s our responsibility to stay on top of what’s happening, not only in our own country, but in the world.  Y’see … it’s not all about me … happiness and joy aren’t the end goal here, but rather, at least in my book, leaving a positive mark in the world we occupy, making a difference somehow.  And that’s why things like these two snippets make me growl, put a scowl on my face, and why I must share my growls and scowls with you, my friends.  Happy Sunday!

Murder by any other name …

Chris Craven, a 38-year-old NASCAR team worker, was having a mental health crisis last August 2nd and was threatening suicide.  His family called 911 for help.  Big mistake.  ‘Help’ arrived in the form of two police officers, Alexander Arndt and Christopher Novelli, apparently operating, under the philosophy of ‘shoot first, ask questions later’, and after shooting Mr. Craven 15 times with high velocity bullets, Chris Craven was dead.  The officers claim that Mr. Craven pulled a pistol on them, but Craven’s family disputes this and says he was complying with the orders the officers barked.

Last Friday, ten months after the murder of Chris Craven, the prosecutor assigned to the case, District Attorney Andy Gregson, decided not to file criminal charges in connection with the shooting.  He says that the two officers ‘reasonably feared for their lives’ when they opened fire.  Even if that is true, why did they fire their weapons 15 times and why did they shoot to kill?  They already knew that Mr. Craven was suicidal from the content of the 911 call … why did they decide to murder him rather than call for help?

The body cam footage has been kept secret and not released to the public.  Gregson claims that the body cam footage shows Craven pulling the gun, but the family says otherwise and they have not been allowed to see the body cam footage.  Craven’s wife, Amy, said in a statement that the District Attorney’s findings were …

“… a tale of twisted stories where unsubstantiated statements from the officers are mixed into the explanations of the video to create a story that suits the narrative the MPD wishes was the truth.”

The killing is one of more than 900 fatal shootings by U.S. law enforcement over the past year.  Don’t you think it’s time we changed the way law enforcement officers are trained to deal with such situations?  Don’t you think it’s time we hold police officers accountable for their actions?  I damn sure do!

Andrew Clyde once again crosses Filosofa’s radar

Freshman Representative Andrew Clyde from Georgia (the same state that sent Margie Greene to the House) has crossed my radar no less than three times in the past month.  First, he declared that the mob who attacked the Capitol on January 6th were just ‘normal tourists’ and that there was no insurrection.  Then he joined forces with the ignoble Louie Gohmert in filing a federal lawsuit claiming that the requirement to pass through a metal detector in the Capitol was in violation of his civil rights, or some such nonsense.  And third, he was one of the 14 racist members of the U.S. House of Representatives who refused to vote for the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act.  These newbies sure do know how to raise our hackles, don’t they?  They come into Congress, still wet behind the ears, and act like they know more than anybody else.

Anyway, Clyde has now set a new record by flying across my radar a fourth time in a period of a month.  This one is just downright disrespectful and as a human being, Mr. Clyde disgusts me.  Clyde voted against awarding police officers the Congressional Gold Medal for their bravery in protecting the U.S. Capitol against violent, pro-Trump rioters on January 6th, but it gets even worse than that.

Alexandria, VA – January 13: Michael Fanone, 40, is an officer with the Metropolitan Police Department that helped fend off rioters at the U.S. Capitol and was captured in a now viral video where he was dragged down stairs and beaten unconscious and suffered a heart attack. (Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Officer Michael Fanone was one of the more than 140 police officers who were injured that fateful day.  His injuries were severe – he was beaten unconscious and suffered a concussion and a heart attack.  Along with U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, Mr. Fanone came to Congress this week in an effort to meet with the 21 members of the House – all Republicans – who voted against awarding the officers the Congressional Gold Medal and tell their story about that day.  One of the first people Fanone ran into in the Capitol was Representative Andrew Clyde.  According to Fanone …

“I simply extended my hand and said, ‘How are you doing today, Congressman.’ I knew immediately he recognized me by the way he reacted. He completely froze. He just stared at me.  I said, ‘I’m sorry, you’re not going to shake my hand?  I’m sorry, sir, my name is Michael Fanone. I’m a D.C. police officer and I fought to defend the Capitol on Jan. 6.’  His response was nothing. He turned away from me, pulled out his cellphone and started thumbing through the apps.” 

What a disgusting piece of human flesh Mr. Clyde is!  Democrat or Republican, male or female, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for such rudeness.  Georgia has sent to Congress at least two of the most disrespectful, horrible representatives that have ever walked the halls of the U.S. Capitol!  DO NOT send them back in 2022, Georgia!  And in the future, teach them some damn manners!

So, Andrew Clyde is now near the top of my list of the ten most horrible people in the Republican Party.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Snark

  1. More and more mental health/suicide calls in Canada and ending with the police shooting the people in need of help to death. It doesn’t matter if they are armed or not, or what those who are armed are holding. Bullets are not the answer.
    Also, many of these deaths involve teenagers and young adults. Some involve people who are able-challenged. It does not matter, the police shoot everyone, and no one loses their job over it.
    We scream, take the guns away from the cops, make them deal peacefully with issues involving mental or physical health issues, but no one listens.

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    • No different than it is here, except that here the police do have justification for carrying guns, since nearly every Tom, Dick and Harry owns multiple guns. But the problem is the same … there is no effort made by police to diffuse a situation … it’s shoot now and ask questions later.


  2. Jill, I won’t comment on the Georgia representative which needs no further time wasted. If he will argue issues, that is worth considering, but to babble inane remarks to deceive his followers is beyond the pale. As for the police being called on the first issue, even the best of police officers are ill-equipped to handle mental health calls. This one ended tragically, but most do not end well. So, funding mental health professionals to accompany police officers for these calls is worth the effort. Keith

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    • Agreed that Clyde doesn’t deserve any more of our time, but … is he and others like him becoming the face of today’s GOP? If so, we need to really start educating the voters in this nation!

      Yes, more and more it seems that mental health issues are being treated as criminal ones by police. This case was heartbreaking. He was severely depressed because the pandemic had kept him out of work for a year or better. I think we can all relate to that! And yet, rather than even try to scope out the problem, the cops literally turned him into a piece of Swiss cheese. 😥

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      • Jill, the last one makes you angry as it was so poorly handled and the police became the problem or at least did not lessen one. As for the first guy, like the Catholic church failed to learn for many decades as the stories got out, if a group does not police its own, then it spoils the whole group. And, I don’t me lip service, I mean making folks accountable. We will continue to learn over the next many months how corrupt and deceitful the previous president was before, during and after his presidency. Scottie and I have chatted in the past that things are likely far worse than what made it to the press. Not holding this person accountable his entire life has led to this. Keith

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        • I fully agree … I think there are many things yet to be discovered that the former guy did during his tenure. And as far as his contributions to the events of January 6th, Seth Abramson has been doing much research and publishing it along the way. I’ll be doing a post or two on that once I can wrap my head around it.

          Yes, we simply MUST stop sending trigger-happy police when there is a reported mental health crisis, but send people trained to deal with it. To me, it is murder to just shoot somebody without at least attempting to get the facts and use compassion rather than force in these cases.

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  3. I think a court order to release the footage of the body cams is in order and if as suspected he footage does not agree with the litany of lies then the family should sue the two policemen into oblivion, and the police force and the City. They should call for the Chief of Police to resign and for the sacking of the prosecutor. If possible they should see if the prosecutor can be charged with subverting justice. Somehow these blatant coverups must be discouraged.
    Andrew Clyde is a coward He knows he lies and distorts facts and is not even able to face up to pretending to believe them. The people of Georgia might have made a mistake in electing him but if it happens again it was no mistake and will impugn the honour of a man who did his job on Jan 6th while another did not. To get all biblical on you… By their votes shall you know them. Georgia will have a huge stain on it’s character if either of it’s blots on the face of humanity are returned a second time.

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    • I’m hearing that the body cam footage has been viewed by the family’s attorney and is to be released to the public this summer, but I’m also hearing that it has been tampered with! I’m with you … if I were his wife, I’d be out for blood … sue the living hell out of the county, the police, and the two officers personally. Eventually, surely somebody will listen.

      Andrew Clyde is trash. Yes, he’s a coward and a conspiracy theorist, has been taught well by the likes of Ron Johnson and others in the GOP, and he’s sold his conscience, if ever he had one, upriver. If he were an anomaly, I might be able to brush him aside, laugh him off. But, as we both know, he is ever more becoming the face of the Republican Party. Sigh.


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  5. Hello Jill. Clyde is one of those people with no moral compass but what he thinks may gain him something. He is a transactional self-interested power-hungry prick. But sadly that is who the Republicans keep electing now. But I am so sick of the constant gaslighting Republicans do now. Hugs

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    • Yes, he and far too many others in Congress lack that moral compass, have forgotten all about those oaths they took, and their sole focus is their own power & wealth. I, too, am sick and damn tired of it, but … we can’t give up, Scottie … we have to keep making our voices heard! How have you been? I’ve missed you lately! Hope all is well for you both. Hugs

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