Open Letter To Every Republican Senator

Dear Republican Senator …

YOU had the unique opportunity to pass legislation that would have protected mine and others’ right to vote for the foreseeable future, and you stupidly passed up that opportunity for reasons that are completely incomprehensible to me and my fellow citizens.

When you took that Oath of Office and swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution, did you think it was a joke?  Did you think you were just saying words that had no meaning, that carried no responsibility?  Why did you even run for office if you had no intention of acting in the best interests of the nation and the people who live here, who work their asses off to survive and pay their taxes so that you can be paid every month?  It appears to me that you did not run for office because you wanted to help this nation or the people, but only so you could take donations from wealthy corporations to feather your own nest.

You, Senator, do not deserve the position you hold, the office you occupy.  The people who you have caused grievous harm to are people like me … the elderly, college students, Black and Hispanic people, and single working mothers.

I sincerely hope that one way or another, you are forced out of the United States Senate and soon, for you have let the people of this country down, you have been derelict in your duties, and you are a greedy, racist person who I have lost any respect I once had for.  I do not respect you or any of your republican cohorts in the United States Congress.  You failed miserably today, and you have no excuse … not a single one of you even voted to debate the bill!  Do you really hate the people you represent that much such that you will not even spend a few hours considering protecting our rights?

I expect a reply to this letter … it is the very least that you can do, since you have robbed me of my constitutional rights and made me wish I lived anywhere but this ‘shithole country.’


Jill Dennison – citizen, taxpayer, VOTER

15 thoughts on “Open Letter To Every Republican Senator

  1. Those high up legislators, all live up inside, those ivory towers, with, absolutely, zero understanding of the trials of “we the people”, and, we were all, way too stupid, to vote them into office, and hopefully, we would’ve, learned, from that mistake, and vote for, someone else, who actually, has the “best interests” of “we the people”, in mind, when they make those, policies, but, it’s, quite, unlikely…

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    • You’re quite right. More than once I have said that every person running for a seat in Congress should have to spend one month living in a homeless shelter with NO access to their own money, in order to get a taste of what it’s like for the most disadvantaged to try to merely survive, for right now, they have no idea. They do live in ivory towers and most always have.

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  2. I absolutely feel as you do Jill. I simply don’t know what to think anymore. Tonight is not my night to feel strong. (Tomorrow I will, I hope.) Right now I find myself admiring the Canadian people. 🇨🇦

    I’m so disgusted. Even when we seem to have hope, in the end we just never do. Our politics are simply nonworkable. America is a ship taking on water and all we do is shoot more holes through our hull. How long before we roll over and head to the bottom?😖

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    • No, tonight is not my night to feel strong either, my friend. Tonight I am pondering the future of this nation, and I don’t see anything good … not a single thing … on the horizon. If I were younger, I’d be making a plan to get out. As it is, I told my daughter tonight that she should start thinking about getting herself and my granddaughter out once I’m gone, for I think that by the end of this decade we will see the Constitution burned and all our rights along with it. Hugs, my friend.

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