No Buckhead, you’re not a special case

One of the topics I cover frequently is that of the gun culture in the U.S. Here, guns outnumber people and our society seems to have largely become inured to the daily gun violence and death. Outside the U.S., our gun culture is viewed with horror and incredulity, rightly so. Some communities think the answer is to wall themselves off from the rest of the nation, but our friend Brosephus tells us of some much more viable, widespread and comprehensive solutions to the problem, though my own preference would be to take the guns out of the hands of civilians! Thanks, Bro, for this wise post.

The Mind of Brosephus

Through the first five months of 2021, gunfire killed more than 8,100 people in the United States, about 54 lives lost per day, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit research organization. That’s 14 more deaths per day than the average toll during the same period of the previous six years.

Fear does strange things to us. It causes all kinds of responses from the instinctual “fight or flight” impulse to making rash decisions. Instead of making rash and rushed decisions, we sometimes need to take a few seconds to assess the situation facing us. That few seconds allows us to cool our jets and make rational, fact-based decisions as opposed to knee-jerk reactions. We must remember that fear can sometimes be False Energy Appearing Real.

We all watch the news and see the reports on crime increasing. However, it’s…

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  2. Why is no one looking at wealth inequity. It is not mental health, per s, that needs to be battled, but the wealth inequity between the haves and have-nots. Give everyone a nice home to grow up in, a good school to attend, enough money to buy healthy food and wearable clothing, and give them access to affordable –read free– health care, and quit treating poor people like they are inferior. You never get rid of gun violence until you change social problems.

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    • While it’s true that sometimes mental health issues can be tied to wealth inequality, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Even people who have all the amenities you mention such as a good home, healthy food, etc., sometimes experience mental health problems, so we’re really talking about two different things here, though there is often a correlation. I agree with you that all these things are essential and that we are doing a lousy job at reducing the income disparity, but that is not likely the biggest cause of gun violence, though it no doubt plays a role.


      • Not all gun violence us a result of social inequalities, no. But 99% of gun violence perpetrated by people of colour is. Those privileged to be born white, gun violence if 99% a result of sheer stupidity. Those who have to resort to guns are not intelligent enough to figure out a safer way to deal with a problem.
        This is ONLY MY OPINION AT THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY. Five minutes from now I might say differently, but right now this is how I feel.


        • Well, you’re talking two separate issues here. There is the issue of income inequality, and the issue of racial equality. The two sometimes go hand in hand, but not always and they truly are two distinct issues. Yes, most gun violence committed by Blacks is due to one or the other or both of those issues. However, contrary to public opinion, most gun violence is NOT committed by Black people, but by whites. That isn’t at all to say that both income inequality and racial inequality don’t need to be addressed, for the DO! But, the argument is better made when it is made with facts rather than speculation or ‘feelings’. Right?


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  4. Have the Government find the money for more mental health treatment. If the professionals report someone is in danger of harming themselves then their guns can be taken away until such time as they’re well again. If that is not likely to happen then the weapons can be destroyed so they cannot find them once back on the streets. Lift the minimum age of gun ownership since younger minds haven’t found a better way than anger to react to problems.
    Register/license all firearms so that all owners have to undergo mandatory firearm safety courses and for heaven’s sake limit the type of weapons that are legal in private hands. Yes, people will cheat and not declare most of their weapons for fear of the Government taking them away but if that fear’s been there for years and it hasn’t happened

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    • I (and most other readers of this blog) fully agree with ALL you say, but every suggestion has been tried in Congress and blocked by Republicans who are in the pocket of the NRA and gun manufacturers. Suicides are one of the biggest area of gun deaths, but apparently nobody in the Republican Party cares enough to even implement sensible legislation such as what you propose. We are a nation of fools. The argument about government taking them away is simply an excuse, as is the argument that someday they may need to repel a foreign power. Ha ha ha … even the biggest and nastiest assault weapon is like a pea-shooter against a tank! Sigh. A nation of fools.

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