Jolly Monday — Smiles Galore!

Good Monday morn, my friends!🌻  No, I’m not bright and cheerful, I’m just trying to put on a good act … is it working?  So, how was your weekend … do anything special?  Miss Goose and I were reminiscing a day or two ago about the last time we went to the book shop and out to eat at a restaurant … over 15 months ago.  That was the weekend that the governor of our state announced that all non-essential businesses must close, and I remembered how I turned to my daughter and said, “Well, it better not last past next weekend!”  We laugh about that now, some 64 weekends later!  Ah well, we’re alive and surviving, and in truth, Miss Goose and I have gotten quite comfortable with staying home in our jammies all day every day!

I promised after last week that there would be a better spread this morning, so Joyful and I have been busy li’l beavers in the kitchen this morning rustling up some grub!  Grab a plate and a cuppa and then we’ll see if we can’t start this week out with some humour, eh?


Fred Flintstone is alive and well in Hillsborough, California!  Well, sort of anyway.  Property owner and retired publishing mogul Florence Fang has quite an interesting home and outdoor décor in this ‘posh’ subdivision of San Francisco, including sculptures of Fred, Barney and the gang from the Flintstones cartoon series.  Take a look …

The house itself is shaped like … well, I’m not sure what that shape is, exactly … and the décor is whimsical, to say the least!  Well … the people of Hillsborough apparently didn’t like whimsical, but preferred stodgy, brick and mortar homes that looked just like their own, so they complained to the city and the city filed a lawsuit against Ms. Fang.  She counter-sued and the whole thing turned into a comical brouhaha, but at long last (this has been going on since 2019) the lawsuits are settled and the important thing is that Fred and the gang get to stay!  I’m sure the neighbors are green with envy!

And now, we have some cute pictures to share with you today!

So, are you ready for this week’s cartoons, courtesy of Phil over at Phil’s Phun?

And I couldn’t resist some of these memes …

I hope you have … what … oh yes!  Thanks for reminding me, Jolly!  It just wouldn’t be Jolly Monday without a cute animal video now, would it?  Jolly picked this one, for he loves baby critters!

And, as they say in the movies, that’s a wrap, folks … for today, anyway.  We hope you have a safe and happy week.  Remember to share those smiles when you see someone who looks like they need one, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

22 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Smiles Galore!

  1. Happy Monday! Hope you are not as sweltering in the heat as we are here on the Canadian West Coast. My workplace even closed today (including for thos of us still working remotely) due to the extreme heat! Definitely not something we are used to up here…

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    • It is hot and humid here, but not unseasonably so, at least not yet! I am hearing that some places are seeing temps well in excess of 100°!!! I would die! Do you and Kevin have air-conditioning, I hope? I know that in the UK, since it rarely gets hot, most people do not have a/c … I sure hope you do! Stay cool, dear Emily … I worry about you!


  2. Sometimes, like during current situation of yet, another wave of, outbreak, there’s, nothing we can do, but keep going through the motions in our own lives, waking, working, eating, sleep, and, everything becomes, too, ordinary and bored, and, we wonder, when we will be able to be free again, to start enjoying, the simplest things in life, like taking a long walk, greeting those we meet on our, morning runs, and, knowing that, everything will, eventually, turn back to, normal, that, is the only thing we have, of, holding onto, to, help us through, pur, current state of, being forced, to, limit our activities, to a, bare, minimum.

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    • Contentedness comes from within. We can choose to find ways to be happy, or we can choose to fixate on what we’ve lost. Relax, kick back, and just find something to laugh about … like the cartoons here on Jolly Monday!


  3. Sorry I missed the cremation, who’s was it? Would you mind asking one of hose chickens why i crossed the road. I love the animal pictures., enjoyed the ‘Toons’ and felt for all the young animals. Have a great week.

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    • Cremation? OH … you must mean the burnt bacon! Sorry, I didn’t get the name of the pig, but it was me what burnt it. Joyful was busy making the pie, so I cooked the bacon. Ha ha … when I saw that ‘toon with the chickens in the crosswalk, that was the thing that came to my mind, too … “Why did the chicken cross the road?” I think in this case because there was a sale in town on replacement feathers and they were eager to get there. Glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday … now have a great week ahead!

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  4. That made me smile straight away – not last past the weekend ha ha! Love the Flintstones, I would have them as neighbours- I had a friend who was actually called Wilma and that caused endless fun at school. I suppose when her parents named her they could not have known Fred Flintstone would turn up on British television a few years later!

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    • I’m so glad you found a few chuckles ‘n smiles here! Yes, I wouldn’t object at all to living next door to that Flintstones themed house … fun! People need to lighten up a bit! I’ve had friends named Wilma as an adult, and I imagine they took a fair amount of teasing at school! Have a great week ahead, my friend!


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