Blackness is a constant fight

Yesterday, the Supreme Court dealt a crippling blow to voting rights across the nation. The case involved a voter suppression law in Arizona, and the court ruled in favour of the state, allowing the voter suppression and disenfranchisement to remain law. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for We the People, for it may well be considered to have set a precedent for the other 40+ states that are passing or have passed voter suppression laws. Our friend Brosephus is angry, and I don’t blame him … I’m angry too! This Court decision takes us another step closer to a return to the days of Jim Crow laws. Please take a minute to read Brosephus’ take on this. Thank you, Bro, for sharing this … you’re right … we have fewer voting rights now than before the VRA of 1965!

The Mind of Brosephus

Imagine waking up to the realization above. That’s how my day has been so far. Last night was a pretty uneventful night at work with the usual routine at play. Everything was pretty unremarkable until I woke up this afternoon to the news about the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Arizona voting law case.

Justice Samuel Alito, writing for the court’s six conservatives, said Section 2 requires equal openness to voting, not equal outcomes.

“It appears that the core of [Section 2] is the requirement that voting be ‘equally open.’ The statute’s reference to equal ‘opportunity’ may stretch that concept to some degree to include consideration of a person’s ability to use the means that are equally open. But equal openness remains the touchstone,” Alito wrote.

“Mere inconvenience cannot be enough to demonstrate a violation of [Section 2],” he added.

After taking the time to read through analysis of…

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13 thoughts on “Blackness is a constant fight

  1. Here the government is trying to push through voting changes that make it a requirement to vote with photo I’d. That comes at a cost and as a result many poor will be disenfranchised. The excuse voter fraud. In the UK we are taking a maybe one case per election. Wow. Yet on the massive issue of serious malpractice on the Brexit vote, the Government are refusing to look at it.

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    • WHY??? Here, they claim it is to secure elections after the controversial 2020 election (where there was NO voter fraud, but we must humour the former guy, right?) but you guys don’t have that situation! Yes, it is the same here … many poor and minorities don’t have driver’s licenses and don’t have transportation or the means to obtain a photo ID. Thus, it will be those who will be disenfranchised and they are the ones who overwhelmingly vote Democrat! Gee … you don’t think there’s method to the madness here, do you? I hadn’t heard about malpractice on the Brexit vote … was there really, or is that yet another political ploy?

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  5. Wow! What a stupid and inhumane ruling by your Supreme Court. And what a powerful statement by BROSEPHUS!
    In this ruling, Donald J. TRUMP finally got the court he wanted to create. Up to now it has wiggled back and forth between democracy and non-democracy, but this ruling seals the deal. America is still for white people only, and people of colour are back to being slaves. You may think I am going over the top with this statement, but if freedom is not total and complete, it is not freedom at all.
    This ruling says some people are freer than others. To me that just says most people are not free at all!

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    • No, I don’t think you’re over the top at all with this comment, for I completely agree with you. This case will set a precedent for future cases and we are headed straight back to the days of Jim Crow.


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