Filosofa’s Mind Is Bouncy

There was much in yesterday’s news that I could, perhaps should, be writing about.  There was the Supreme Court decision to uphold Arizona’s voter suppression laws, Bill Cosby’s sentence being overturned, even though he has admitted his guilt, Trump organization along with CFO Weisselberg being charged with running a 15-year tax scam, and some other important stories.  However, as I seem to have a very bouncy mind today that cannot focus on one thing for more than 15 seconds, I instead have for you few fleeting thoughts on this, that, and the other from the bouncing mind of Filosofa …

“He’s not just a pig, he’s stupid!”

That was ol’ Tucker Carlson’s rant after hearing that General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified that he believes the military should be well-read and should learn about the past history of the U.S., including its dark, racist parts, in order to better understand where we are today and why.

So, here’s a talk show host who thinks he is smarter and somehow more educated than the well-respected, highest ranking military officer in the country, a man with not one but two Master’s degrees?  Tucker … in a battle of wits with General Milley, he would wipe the floor with you, then throw you to the dogs.

Why is it that so-called conservatives are so easily reduced to spitting insults and name-calling?  Have they not got the education and intellect, the vocabulary to actually carry on a conversation?  F*** Tucker Carlson … most all advertisers have pulled out of his program … it’s time to send him packing before he infects even more of the right wing.  And let him take his equally ignorant counterpart, Laura Ingraham, with him.

One week ago yesterday, the Florida condo Champlain Towers South collapsed into rubble.  A few survivors were found in the rubble on the first day, but after 8 days, there is no longer any hope that the 145 people still unaccounted for will be found alive.  None.  You don’t survive that and live for 8 days in this …

And yet, officials continue to call it a ‘search and rescue’ operation.  No, they are only looking now for dead bodies … this is now a recovery operation, nothing more.  Why prolong the agony of family members, telling them there is hope for their loved ones when there isn’t so much as a shred of hope of finding life in that mess?  It is cruel and heartless.  Thus far, 18 people are confirmed dead, and in my mind the death toll stands at 163.  Be kind, stop lying to the families so that they can stop holding their breath.

When I first saw this headline in the Associated Press (AP) …

Venomous snake captured in North Carolina capital

I thought … oh, goodie, they’ve finally captured and arrested Madison Cawthorn … or Richard Burr … or Thom Tillis!  But no, this was just an innocent snake, aka a reptile of the suborder Serpentes.

Just a venomous zebra-cobra snake.  Frankly, I think he heard about all the other snakes in the North Carolina legislature and figured he should go visit some of his family!  I’d rather cozy up to the zebra-cobra than any of the aforementioned human snakes!  They are far less lethal, less venomous to a much greater number of people than the human snakes!

And on the upside … yesterday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a moratorium on federal executions, reversing the former guy’s reinstatement of the death penalty in federal cases.  Sadly, it will not bring back the lives of …

  • Daniel Lewis Lee
  • Wesley Ira Purkey
  • Dustin Lee Honken
  • Lezmond Charles Mitchell
  • Keith Dwayne Nelson
  • William Emmett LeCroy
  • Christopher Andre Vialva
  • Orlando Cordia Hall
  • Brandon Bernard
  • Alfred Bourgeois
  • Lisa Montgomery
  • Cory Johnson
  • Dustin John Higgs
  • John Gardner
  • Donnie Lance
  • Abel Ochoa
  • Nicholas Todd Sutton
  • Nathaniel Woods
  • Walter Barton
  • Billy Joe Wardlow

All were executed after the federal death penalty was reinstated in 2019 after a 16-year hiatus.  Of the twenty, 9 were executed in Texas, 3 each in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, 2 in Florida.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Thumbs up to AG Garland for ending federal executions.  Now if only we could convince the 24 states who still practice executions to follow suit.  Texas seems to really enjoy killing people, for in the past 45 years, they have led the pack in killing and I mean by a LOT …

Top Ten State executions since 1976

  1. Texas (538)
  2. Oklahoma (113)
  3. Virginia (113)
  4. Florida (99)
  5. Missouri (92)
  6. Georgia (76)
  7. Alabama (62)
  8. Ohio (56)
  9. North Carolina (43)
  10. South Carolina (43)

Way to go, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Dan Crenshaw, Louie Gohmert, Ronny Jackson, et al.

Okay, my mind is still bouncing, so I think I’ll take it out for a walk now. 

18 thoughts on “Filosofa’s Mind Is Bouncy

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  2. Why is it that so-called conservatives are so easily reduced to spitting insults and name-calling?

    These “conservatives” do not have any conservative principles. They don’t care at all about principles. But they do care about principal (as in “money in the bank”). They have found that playing the conservative political game enables them to extract money from foolish people. They are banking on it.

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    • Neil, that’s a good point.

      Today’s conservatives aren’t really conservative, otherwise they wouldn’t be silent about the debt, just to name one issue. They railed on and on about it when Obama was in office but when trump got in, crickets. It just further demonstrates the hypocrisy of them in that regard.

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    • Agreed, they don’t. I’m not sure what I would even call them, but most often the term ‘obstructionist’ comes to mind. Yep, profit over people every time is the new Republican motto.

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    • No, politics is definitely NOT good bedtime reading!!! The voter suppression in this country is taking us back to the day of segregated water fountains, of separate schools, of treating Black people as if they are not quite human. I hate it! Sigh. You have a great weekend as well, my friend. Here it is a holiday weekend, so Chris is off work for 3 days, but we won’t be going anywhere, which is fine with me. xx


  4. I’m curious, how do you equate the banning of ballot harvesting with voting supression? the two aren’t even related? Please explain this to me, I want to understand your position better.

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    • First, there is more in that law than simply the banning of “ballot harvesting”. But just to take that single issue … consider the elderly person who no longer drives and has no family close by. Why shouldn’t her neighbor who checks on her every day and does her grocery shopping for her, be allowed to drop her ballot in the drop box? This can disenfranchise whites as well, but is more likely to be an issue in poor, minority communities.

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  5. Jill, let me get this straight. A leader who is well read and wants to understand an issue better, as he sees it as a threat to national security, is called a “pig” and “stupid” by a talk show host who pretends to be a news person until he gets sued for defamation and his company’s legal defense is he should not be mistaken for a news person, as he is an entertainer. Did I get all of the facts correct? And, these are facts, as Fox did use that defense. Keith

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  6. You’ve really got the bounce today though I note you didn’t miss the other events of yesterday. I think the Supreme Court’s decision is more than just morally wrong. It shows why Joe Biden should have loaded he court from the outset. All the money that was donated to get the last three judges is paying off in spades now. And if there’s to be any chance of a rescue via Federal law then Biden must ensure that his For The People act goes through. And we know what that means yet I don’t think Biden has the cojones to do it now. He’s giving the mid-terms and probably the 2024 election to the Republicans.
    The abhorrent piece of semi human scum hat is Tucker Carlson will always revert to type when bested. He doesn’t have he intelligence to fight with wit but he certainly appeals to his usual audience. He must be costing the channel a lot of money in lost revenue unless of course it’s being made up y black money contributions from the surviving Koch.
    I agree with you in Florida. Barring a miracle, hey must just be looking for bodies now. I’m glad they have the expertise of the search and rescue team from Mexico.

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    • Well, I wanted to cover those other topics, particularly the SCOTUS decision on voting rights, but I simply couldn’t. However, a few minutes later, I saw that Brosephus had covered it and done it much better than I possibly could have. I will have more to say on the topic, if I can ever get my mind to settle!

      Tucker Carlson is among the lowest scum of the earth — I would invite a cockroach into my home before I would allow him to set foot inside my door. The danger, though, is the uneducated, the ignorant masses who are looking for a reason to be angry, to rebel, so incite a riot such as the one that took place on January 6th. Tucker feeds their fear, their anger, and it grows out of proportion.

      Yes, it seems cruel to keep the families hanging on when there is no way in hell that any more people will be found alive in that rubble. My guess? The condo association and insurance companies have asked them to keep calling it a “S&R” operation. You know … money before people every time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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