Jolly Monday … On Tuesday!

Good Monday Tuesday morning, friends!  Come in out of the cold heat and make yourselves comfortable.  Sorry Jolly Monday is a day late, but Jolly, Joyful and I took some much-needed “me time” Sunday and yesterday … rather a mental health break.  I hope those of you in the U.S. had a peaceful and enjoyable three-day weekend.  I have no idea what Joyful has been cooking up this morning, but let’s go see, shall we?

It appears that David already helped himself to the BFG!

Grab a snack of your choice, and let’s find something to kick off this week with a grin, a smile, or maybe even a chuckle!

What say we start out with some funny ‘toons?

Jolly found some signs here ‘n there that are sure to make you roll your eyes or outright laugh …

And Joyful helped me pick out some memes that we both found humorous …

Now what would Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video, right?  You’re gonna love these birds!  I had no idea birds had so much personality … and rhythm!!!

And just in case our friend Hugh is able to drop in …

Well, my friends, the time has come for us to get on with the business of the day, I’m sad to say.  I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and please … remember to share those smiles with everyone you meet!  You just never know how much your smile may mean to someone else.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!


43 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … On Tuesday!

  1. Hey, no fair. You have no proof it was me, I was just coming for a piece now. I wore gloves before. Oops.
    What is that in the glass just above and to the left of the bacon?
    As you can imagine, I had a good laugh at the toons and meems but the highlight of my day was the birds .I know you’ve heard me say it before, but I WANT ONE.

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    • No, I have no proof, only my instinct … and that little bit of chocolate on the tips of your beard. And now, your confession, albeit unintentional!

      I don’t see a glass above and to the left of the bacon … all I see above the bacon is a veggie tray. Do you mean the little glasses with some pink & chocolate in them? Those are chocolate & strawberry mousse … try one, you might like it.

      I know you would love the bird video and that was partly why I chose it over a kitten one! Okay, dear, which of the birdies do you want? I like the white one who can make his fathers into almost a big, fluffy crown!


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  2. Ah, what a precious collection once more. Of course you a hol yesterday – no problem at all. I don’t care for parrots and such but this compilation really, really made me smile (a lot). And some of those ‘toons’…. gosh – some ppl stop at nothing – to make us grin, smile, holler with delight! Such a treat.
    Jill, thank you, as ever – made my day. Kiki

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    • I’m so glad you found some humour here to start your week! Of the three you mention, I think the craps table one was my favourite! Have a great week, my friend!


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