Governance??? I Think Not!

If you step back for a minute or two … take a few deep breaths and ponder the news stories of the past week … you cannot help but conclude that this nation is in one heck of a mess, thanks almost exclusively to the Republican Party, formerly known as the GOP that once stood for ‘Grand’ Old Party.  Never in my 70 years have I seen so much blatant corruption, so much complete disregard for the well-being of this nation and its people as I’m seeing today.  It’s easy to get so wrapped up in a single story, or a few particular stories, that you literally cannot see the forest for the trees, but once you step back and look from a distance, you cannot help being horrified at the bloody mess we are in.

Just a few examples …

  • Republicans have attempted to shift the blame for the January 6th attempted insurrection/coup to such groups as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, neither of which were on the scene, neither of which would be caught dead wearing the maga gear and painted bodies that the insurrectionists wore.
  • One freshman House member, also a follower of the conspiracy theory group QAnon, continually compares the mask mandate and push to get the nation vaccinated with Hitler and the Holocaust!
  • Not one single Republican voted for the American Rescue Plan Act, aka the Coronavirus Relief Bill in March, however they have all been more than willing to take credit when they are among their constituents.
  • The entire Republican Party has defended the filibuster … an outdated act that has been used more often than not to protect white supremacy.
  • The Republicans in Congress have done their level best to attempt to stifle any bipartisan investigation into the events and origins of January 6th, and even members of Congress who were frightened for their lives and condemned the insurrectionists on that day, have now claimed it was nothing more than a few tourists.
  • The majority of Republicans still claim to believe the Big Lie, despite every shred of evidence supporting President Biden’s win in November 2020.

And those are just a few.  But what set me off tonight was a Republican House member Charles Eugene Roy, aka Chip Roy.  This ‘man’ has been in Congress since January 2019 which, in my book, is about 30 months too long!  Roy is a Republican and a Texan who served as chief of staff to Senator Ted Cruz, which should tell you most of what you need to know.  He’s done a number of stupid things since taking office, but the one I focus on today is a statement caught on tape in which he said …

“Nobody knows what anybody’s gonna do right now. That’s the thing, this is the problem. I actually say, ‘Thank the Lord, 18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done.’ That’s what we want.  Honestly, right now, for the next 18 months, our job is to do everything we can to slow all of that down to get to December of 2022, and then get in there and lead. I do not apologize one bit for pushing back against the leftist mob that seeks to destroy America from within. I am proud of this country, not embarrassed by it and I will obstruct the agenda of those that are with everything I’ve got.”

There is not a doubt in my mind that Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and a host of other congressional Republicans have said the exact same thing, but just didn’t happen to get caught on tape.  So this, my friends, is the Republican Party platform:  obstruct and obfuscate.  Ensure that President Biden gets no legislation passed.  Ensure that the Democrats’ policies are dead on arrival.  Ensure that the people of this nation get no benefit from such things as an increase in the minimum wage, infrastructure repairs & renovations, lower prescription prices, gun regulations that will save lives, expanded early childhood education, environmental regulations to counter climate change, or any other damn thing that might help We the People, that might make this nation a better place for us all!  This isn’t governance, this is game playing … with our LIVES!

Chip Roy should give back the $435,000 that he has thus far been paid as a member of the House of Representatives, for he represents NONE of us!  Frankly, we should demand a return of his salary and a few hundred others who have done not one damn thing for this country other than stir up trouble, encourage racism, and take bribes in the form of campaign donations from rich corporations.

I’ve noted on more than one occasion that the Republican Party does not appear to have a platform, no policies, no ideology other than to obstruct and criticize the Democrats.  Mr. Roy’s words simply support what I’ve said … there IS NO policy, there is NOTHING of substance within the Republican Party.  They are, as I’ve also said, the party of “NO” and nothing more.  The only thing they seem to stand for is turning this nation from what was once a democratic republic into an autocratic plutocracy, and they’re doing a damn fine job of it!  Voter suppression seems to be at the top of their list, for unless they suppress our votes, the votes of women, of the poor, of Blacks and Hispanics, they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning an election.  So, nearly every single state in the nation is pushing through voter suppression laws and last week the Supreme Court effectively tore down the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and gave the ignominious Republican Party a ‘thumbs up’.

Democrats damn well better get their act together and come up with some truly great humanitarian policies and some equally great candidates for office.  Only one seat in the Senate and 5 seats in the House of Representatives must be flipped in order to give the Republicans a majority in both chambers of Congress.  WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

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    • It seems that it is, at least these days. In the days of yore, the Republican Party was actually the more conscionable of the two, but not any more! I think that in your country, mine, and many others, the ideology has gotten lost along the way, today’s political parties do not have the same values they once did. Sigh. xx


  1. To answer Rusty, democracy started to die when politicians were given the go ahead to accept two or more pay packets for the same job. One was from the employer, the people via the Federal Government and one was via donations from all the various corporations for the votes that should have been for the people’s benefit. Bot parties are guily of this like The Republicans get most of their donations from the gun lobby to hold back any control legislation despite the majority of Americans showing support for more control. The Democrats have donations from Big Pharma to keep high prices in place despite the immense difficulties people have in affording the high costa. The current Administration are at least trying to remedy this situation.
    The Republicans as you can see are determined to make no change and actually have no policies. They do not want a change to their funding and have nothing in mind to follow any policy the voters want. They want to ensure no more ‘State Handouts’ to voters and just concentrate on tax drops for the richest benefactors.
    Democracy will only work when one man one vote is restored and when the Supreme Court stops playing partisan politics. The policies put forward by which ever Government is in power show sink or swim on a majority vote with the filibuster being consigned to the deep.

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    • You’ve pretty much covered it. I would only add that the Republican Party became the party that began to destroy any democratic principles after the election of a Black president, for the Republican Party is one of racist non-values and the very notion that we elevated a Black man to the highest position in the government was a battle cry to them.

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  3. Your remark — the Republican Party does not appear to have a platform, no policies, no ideology other than to obstruct and criticize the Democrats. — is SPOT ON!

    They constantly find fault with everything the Democrats put forth, yet offer nothing in the way of a replacement policy. In fact, I recently had a visitor to my blog who shared plenty of criticism and reproval of the Democratic platform, but –surprise!!– presented little to no remedy.

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    • That is the $64 million question! Why, indeed? I think it’s time to step back and re-assess. Maybe make their pay commensurate with their performance, just as most working people’s pay is dependent on performance reviews. Yep, if you or I did such a lousy job, we wouldn’t have made it past our probationary period. I think democracy has been slowly dying for a couple of decades now, starting about the time we elected a highly qualified Black president, much to the horror of the white supremacists.


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