I Still Care, Dammit

I’m tired, folks.  I’m sick and tired of fighting to try to make people care about their own lives, their own future.  I’m tempted to say, “To hell with you all!  You want to die of COVID, then go right ahead.  You want to be a racist, a homophobe, to hate people you don’t even know based on a single characteristic – then go ahead, limit your world to a handful of white bigots like yourself.  You want to live in a country where chaos is the norm, where no laws benefitting you or anybody else ever pass, then fine … enjoy your petty, shallow life as a tool in the Republican toolbox!”  I’m tempted to say that, and I can afford to, for my own life is in its twilight hours, but what stops me is that the majority of us have children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren who deserve better than the ignorant among us would subject us to.

With every passing day, there is more and more wrong in this country.  The causes are two-fold:  the greed of our politicians and the ignorance of the voting public.  The majority of us still use our brains, still understand that the current situation is untenable, and are looking for reasonable solutions.  But therein lies the problem … reasonable solutions to unreasonable problems simply don’t work.

The personification of this is a statement by a right-wing shock jock the other day …

“If you tell people you can’t have a Twitter account, you can’t have a Facebook account, well, what else is there to do but actually walk into the Capitol and go all insurrectional? If you can’t talk about it, you can only act.”

Wow … so, next time I get banned from Twitter, I should go into the Capitol with my gun and face-paint and threaten people’s lives?  What rocks do these people come out from under???  Worse yet … how many people agree with his statement?  How many people believe that if you don’t like something, you should simply shoot it, blow it up, or otherwise disable it?

Among my former ‘friends’ are a number of people who are simply giddy … yes, giddy … about the current state of affairs, the chaos and drama perpetuated by politicians on the Republican side of the aisle.  It’s excitement in their boring little lives … to them it is akin to watching an exciting shoot-em up movie.

Folks, this is not a game, this is not a movie, this is not some country in the undeveloped world … this is the United States, once a respected republic, but now … now the laughingstock of the Western world.  We are no longer respected, we are no longer trusted among our allies.  Why?  Need you ask?

While citizens in other nations are still under lockdown, still waiting for the vaccine to become available to them, the people of the United States are stubbornly proclaiming the vaccine to be akin to some nefarious plot by government, comparing it to Naziism, to Apartheid.  Obviously, these people have no sense of history, do not understand either concept, and have no concept of how many innocent people died as a result of both.  Ignorance, again.

I have to wonder … since we are obviously not teaching our children history, such as the history of South Africa or Germany and Europe before and during World War II, and since we have obviously NOT taught them to THINK for themselves, what the Sam Hell are we teaching them in school?  Which leads me to another pet peeve … the Republicans denial of Critical Race Theory, which is not much more than the fact that racism is carefully embedded in our systems as a result of the racist history of this nation.  The Republicans claim none of this is true … or, if it is, they don’t want the next generation to know about it.  Let’s hide slavery, Jim Crow, police killings, the removal and murder of Native Americans, the Japanese internment camps, and more.  Yes, let’s bury the evidence, not let our children know what evil has persisted in this nation ever since well before it was even a nation.

I am, needless to say, disappointed in the people of this nation.  I am disappointed in any who can still believe in the Big Lie, who can support anyone affiliated with the Republican Party.  I am disappointed in friends who are too shallow to even pay attention to what is happening in this nation, but instead focus on “being happy” to the exclusion of all else.  If the people of this nation don’t wake up soon, it will be too late and this nation will find itself in the same situation as other nations under dictatorial regimes.  The ignorance of people in the United States is rapidly driving us into a descent from which there may never be a lifeline.  For my money, I am 70 years of age with likely only another year or two on earth, but I have loved ones who will survive me and for their sake, I still care.  Damn me … I still care.

50 thoughts on “I Still Care, Dammit

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  3. I recently read (can’t remember where) that a retired General said the next war we experience is going to be a Civil War. Unfortunately, the ways things are going, I fear his prediction may just be fulfilled. And with all the guns in the hands of those who think they need to DEFEND AMERICA!, it could get real nasty.

    BTW, if you feel “old” and on your last leg at 70, I hate to think what my future holds!

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    • I’m just a bit older than Jill, but I know how she feels. Physically the body is letting us down, and even mentally I struggle to find words that seem to just disappear out of my head. Between our bodies and our minds, not to speak for Jill, but definitely to speak for me, I am run-down, and my energy reserves last about 5 minutes. By the time I start a chore I cannot remember what chore I am doing. And I come from short-lived stock. My mother died barely into her 50s, my father in his late 60s. Of ten kids in our family, four are already dead, and two more are on their deathbeds. I, being the youngest still alive, don’t have much time to look forward to. I am mentally exhausted. But my spirit urges me to go on as long as possible. As long as I am still able to learn about life, I can motivate myself for brief moments. But with senility rearing it’s ugly head on more frequent occasions, I have no idea how long I will be aware of myself, and my spirit. If I lose myself, I don’t want to live…
      Of course, maybe I’ll become someone else. That person might find a better reason to live…

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      • You have hit the nail on the head, rg. As I told a few other commenters, I value the quality of life far more than the quantity. At 70, already there are things I am not able to do as well as I once did. I don’t feel nearly as well as I used to. When/if the time comes that I can no longer be fully self-sufficient, then the quality of life will be gone and so will I.

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        • The scariest parts for me is the losing of memories, and the losing of words. The memories is the funny part, the more I forget, the more even older memories pop up. I was trying to think of something the other day, and I remembered instead sitting on a swing set, age about 16, trying to serenade a girl I like by singing “You Were on my Mind” by We Five to her. I had forgotten that I couldn’t sing, and the looks that crossed her face were incredible. She wanted to enjoy being serenaded, but my voice hurt her ears. Never saw her again after that.
          But the losing words when I am typing, that’s rough. I’m continually asking Gail for the word I try to describe, which I knew not five minutes ago, but it goes in one finger and out the other. Gail gives me a similar word, then out comes the Thesaurus. And often by the time I find the original word, I can’t remember what I was trying g to say with it. For a person with a vast vocabulary and the ability to write for hours without repeating the same word twice (barring words like the and is) writing is often a chore now. And since English is my only language, it hurts that I cannot use it as well as I used to.

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          • I am experiencing the exact same, my friend. The other day, I had perfect recall of friends of my parents from 60+ years ago … remembered their names, their occupations, the layout of their house, and their two sons names. But, a bit later I went upstairs and by the time I got to the 15th step, I had completely forgotten what I went for. And I, too, sometimes start a thought on paper, then cannot remember by mid-sentence where that thought was headed. Of late, I’ve forgotten so many things that I truly wonder if I have the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The loss of physical energy and ability are disturbing, but much more so is the loss of mental ability.


              • If I’m younger than you, it’s not by much. I can’t pinpoint when my confusion started … seems like it’s been a while, and some days are better than others. Don’t worry … I shan’t tell a soul!


                • About 18 months, I believe. I was born in the first half of the last century, as this puts me well into my 3rd half-century. No not 150 years old, but if I get into another one, I will be 100 years old, lol.

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    • I vaguely recall hearing that, too. It would be tough, for unlike the Civil War of the 1800s, there is no geographical divide, the divide is ideological and both sides live side by side on the same street, shop in the same markets, send their kids to the same schools. Makes the idea of a Civil War rather logistically impossible … sigh. I think it more likely that this nation weakens to the point that we are vulnerable to attack from an outside player. But, who knows … we need to get our sh*t together and become a nation again. Sigh.

      Ahhhh … but you and I are not the same person, my friend. I’ve had serious health issues since birth, have been a constant smoker since age 13, so I’ve got a few strikes against me that hopefully you don’t have. I am far more concerned with quality of life than quantity, so I try to do something of value every day, and when I no longer can, then … I get to come back as a wolf!

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      • The civil war I’m referring to would most likely not involve the people you mentioned. IMO, it would more likely be the radicals actually using weapons to attack their “enemies” in government. Similar to what happened on January 6th … but on a more local level.

        Of course considering the mentality of some, I suppose it could touch the average citizen, but I tend to think it wouldn’t go quite that far. Then again …

        Re: age and heath — your body may not be an icon of wellness, but your posts clearly demonstrate your mind is performing at a very high level!

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        • These days, my friend, it’s hard to predict what will happen when we have politicians who lack integrity egging the radicals on, encouraging them to violence. I hope we’re both wrong … but I’m not holding my breath.

          Awwww … thank you for that, my friend!!! You’ve brought a big smile to my face!

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  4. Jill, there are many examples to draw from, but it simply puzzles me that people who should see the obvious, for some reason have left their glasses on the bed side table. Here a few questions for the red cap wearers.

    – Why would you think someone is on your side when he talks with disdain about you both openly and behind your back? The shooting someone on 5th Avenue is actually an insult – the former president is saying my followers are so stupid that I could shoot someone and they still would support me.
    – Why would you believe anyone who lies so repeatedly? He is like the philandering husband (actually and figuratively) who keeps saying he did n0t cheat on you.
    – Why would you trust anyone who fires or denigrates anyone who criticizes him, especially when the numbers are so vast?
    – Why does a person need an attorney and fixer? And, why would such person say under oath that his boss is a racist, con-artist and a cheat?

    I have so many more, but those are a few I would start with. Keith

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    • No insult intended, Keith, but when you use words like disdain, philandering, figuratively, denigrate, criticizes, and even vast, you are talking at levels Republicans cannot understand, and you are basically telling them you are superior to them. I know these words are standard in your vocabulary, but they are not standard in Republican vocabularies unless the leaders are trying to hide things from the rank and file.
      And I include myself in committing the same errors I see you committing.
      To talk to most Republicans, you must use Grade 5 language. Cut out the big words and replace them with the most simple words available. No, simple words are not precise, but most people do not want precision, they want See Jane run.
      Again, no insult intended. Well, maybe to Republicans. Jill wondered aloud what is being taught in school these days. It is certainly not a good vocabulary, or should I say, they teach only simple words for simple people.

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      • Well, now, I might disagree with you, at least to some extent, for I know a number of Republicans who are well-educated and perfectly capable of conversing on my level or yours. Granted, some are not highly educated, but … the same can be said of some Democrats. You just can’t make a blanket statement about it, I think.

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        • Was all sarcasm, Jill. I know it is hard to tell in print, but obviously blanket statements don’t work well. The main point to was that Republicans hear only what they want to hear, so reading that comment they probably didn’t catch that the insult was to them, not to Keith.

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          • Ahhhh … sorry ’bout that … I can usually tell, but I guess I was tired. I think they know when they’re being insulted, they just don’t care, don’t think they need the approval of the masses, only of their select few who they cultivate and make sure their blinders are kept in place.


    • I agree, Keith. It puzzles me to no end how some cannot see the corruption, the lies, the cheating on the part of the Republicans in office in order to retain power without actually earning it. Your questions are good ones … I wonder how a staunch Republican, a supporter of the former guy and believer of the Big Lie would answer them?

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      • Jill, to me one of the greatest sins of the Republicans in the US Congress is not protecting the back of inspectors generals, diplomats and staff under oath who raised legitimate concerns. These folks did their jobs which they knew they would lose and had to be attacked by the guard dogs of the former president. People like Nunes, Jordan, Johnson, etc. As I have said countless times, it matters not which party, this is a dereliction of duties. And, their actions are overt. Keith

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        • It’s sad to have to say, but today’s Republican Party is not about integrity, is not about doing the right thing, is not about a government “For the people, of the people, and by the people.” And the few within the party who do try to do the right thing are punished, disciplined. This is NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind!


  5. Why do you think you only have a few years left to live? 70’s not old at all. Unless you think your constant anger is going to trigger a heart attack or something … I worry that happening with you.

    I’m only 61 & I stopped caring about a lot of these issues a long time ago. There’s no cure for stupid & most GOP’s are so stupid it’s not worth talking to them. If they’re not stupid, they’re selfish.

    Most of my family are GOP & while they are well-educated & I enjoy talking to them about most subjects, you can’t talk to them about politics because it always comes down to 1. abortion & 2. taxes. There’s no use talking to people who only care about themselves (& abortion is always about them, as much as taxes). So I just don’t & I won’t.

    I don’t think this country is in any worse shape than it’s ever been. It’s in different shape than it’s been … but this country was always a lousy place if you weren’t rich & connected. You know that’s true & if you don’t, read Howard Zinn or some other good history of the US.

    I hope you last longer than a few years. Hugs

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    • No, as I told Kiki, I value the quality of life over the quantity. 70 is old, old enough that the body (and sometimes the brain) no longer function quite as they used to, and I have no desire whatsoever to live to be 90 or more, to be dependent on others.

      I could no more stop caring about issues like we (and many other countries) are facing today than I could stop breathing … it’s just part of who I am. I’ve seen too much, read too much history, to sit back and let things take their course without at least trying to make a difference. The nation today is much closer to becoming an autocracy than at any other time in my lifetime, and I see similarities to the U.S. today and Germany in the late 1920s – early 1930s. Think it can’t happen here? Sigh … oh yeah, it can. I hope it doesn’t and I will keep making my voice heard, but I’m only one voice … many more need to speak up and speak out against the corruption in the party that will lie and cheat to attain/retain power.

      Thanks, my friend! We shall see … time will tell, but I won’t be sad to leave this earth when the time comes. Hugs!

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    • Dear Jill and silverapplequeen,

      I was going to ask the same question that silverapplequeen raised, and saw that Jill has already answered it here.

      As for “many more need to speak up and speak out against the corruption in the party that will lie and cheat to attain/retain power”, I would like to inform you that I am still expanding my extensive and highly analytical post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠“, which is now a book-length post containing twelve major sections (plus a detailed annotated gallery) instantly accessible from a navigational menu. In this said post, I have attempted to unpack as much as I can the core issues and fundamental causes that have plagued many folks, whether or not they are victims or perpetrators.

      Wishing both of you a happy July and a pleasant summer!

      Yours sincerely,

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  6. Jill, are you terminally ill? Why else would you think to only have another one to two years on this earth? Ppl like you should ‘last’ much, much longer, as it’s sadly up to you and yours to remind this planet’s inhabitants of their duties, rights, wrong-doings and joys. Sending love and compassion, K

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    • No, not terminally ill, but I value quality of life over quantity. I have zero desire to live to be 90 or more, for even now there are many things that I find more difficult or impossible to do. I have a daughter and granddaughter who have learned from me and will carry on in trying to make this world a little better place when I am gone. Love ‘n hugs to you, my friend!

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      • Oh well, there we go! I sometimes respond to the top messages and then later on find the cause for my questions…. I always said I wouldn’t want to live to more than 80, then I married a much younger man and I am now constantly pushing the ‘death age’ higher…. 🙂
        But as long as we are on this earth, we ‘must’ try to make it the best place possible, for us and our beloved ones, children, grandies, friends and all!

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        • I’m so happy to hear you say that! Keep on living life to its fullest, my friend, and enjoy every moment! Yes, we must try to make the world a bit better place, and we’ll likely never know the impact something we’ve done might have had. Hugs!

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  7. I understand your frustration, Jill. There are days when I don’t believe the human race is worth saving. But if our DNA harbours monsters, it also spawns people of great courage and integrity. For them, we care. -hugs-

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  8. If people aren’t prepared to fight for what they want they have no cause to complain about what they get. I’m not talking about fight as in an insurrection, an attempt to overthrow a legitimate election on the word of a pathological liar who urges you to kill those he considers traitors because they dare suggest his lies are too extreme. I’m talking hearts and minds. I’m talking policies that people can think about and decide whether they provide what they want in order to survive, what they need to be happy. A living wage so there’s money to spare for a holiday. Medical care which does not take every penny of your savings in order to survive. The ability to vote and have that vote count for something and politicians who honour their words that what they do is or the benefit of you, the people, and not for either themselves or some secondary paymaster who doesn’t like the idea of the Federal Government being able to make them pay fair taxes as you yourselves do. Nor a Government who can say that States can make their own laws for certain things but that first their must be parity of certain rights for everyone. That must start with the right to a vote as a citizen of he country.
    When there is an election there will always be a winner and a loser. The idea is that the loser should come up with policies that they mean and which will draw enough voters so that they win next time. If they don’t, then maybe it’s time to re-examine themselves to find out why they don’t have popular support and try to win hearts and minds. Offering nothing or the same old policies is not likely to garner any changes. Especially if those policies offer nothing concrete to benefit the voters. At the moment the Republicans offer nothing in the way of policies and have decided to win their elections by manipulating the voting system to discard many voters or place them within boundaries where their votes won’t count. This will lead to a majority of people governed by a minority of people with whose policies they disagree. Not a fair representation of what people want. It might not be what some people want but majority rule is the best system. Currently the Republicans are looking to create a plutocracy when the wealthy rule. This will mean an end to the chance of a fair wage as employers will cry out that it will bankrupt their businesses. This is not true and in fact paying a fair minimum wag will stimulate the economy as more money is in circulation. Unfortunately many Republican voters who will not achieve a minimum wage are convinced the GOP tell them the truth and haven’t learned that as the party of Trump this is not the case, though even without Trump the truth doesn’t come easily to them as they are heavily subsidised by the 1% very wealthy people who would like to govern.
    The option of playing fair is there. The option of ensuring an improved life, especially in hard times as has been the case since 2020. You have the Government currently creating relief packages to help while the other side openly say it would not happen under them as Mitch McConnell told his Kentucky flock this week. The Government want to pay benefit to those that struggle butt The Republicans don’t believe in handouts. Life under them will be pretty stark. Think about the differences between the parties, the difference between the policies and try to ask your Representatives and Senators to follow your needs and not their own at the mid-terms.

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    • Your assessment is spot on … as I often say, those who don’t live here can usually see our situation more clearly than we ourselves do. And you’re right … we must fight against what I sense is coming down the road, but if a large portion of us are disenfranchised and not able to vote, then I don’t know how we can fight, what weapons short of violence we have. Mind you, I’m not advocating violence … I never would … but I sense that if the frustration on the part of those of us who want better from our government than the Republicans are willing to give continue being ignored, mocked and ridiculed, the day will come when we will make our voices heard, one way or another. I truly hope it doesn’t come to that, but … of late I’m not sure what other options we have. The Republicans are perfectly willing to lie and cheat to gain and retain power and the Democratic Party seems not to be willing to fight them, such as certain Democrats refusing to agree to kill the filibuster, thus almost ensuring that no sound legislation will pass in the coming two years, at least. Writing to our legislators seems to be an exercise in futility … I’ve been doing it almost weekly for years now and with one exception, Rob Portman, have never even received an appropriate response. Sigh.

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  9. Calm down, Jill! I fully understand you, and your angryness. Some days you really want not listen to the news, and want not hear anything about the world outside the own walls. But this is real life, and as sad as it looks like, there will come a better time. History had shown it. Enjoy your day! xx Michael

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