Kevin’s Slim Pickens

Clay Jones is, as usual, spot on with this one about the House Committee to investigate the events of January 6th.



A friend of mine used to hold a July 4th pool party every year…until one attendee got drunk and pooped in the pool. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence the pool pooper is a Republican. But nevertheless, no more July 4th pool parties. And pooping in the pool is exactly what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to do in the January 6 Committee.

The first attempt to have a commission to investigate the white nationalist MAGA terrorist insurrection on the Capitol Complex passed the House with very little GOP support, and died in the Senate. Republicans claimed they voted against it because the commission, with equal representation by both parties and each having full subpoena powers, would be too partisan. Before the vote, Democrats gave Republicans EVERYTHING they demanded before they could vote for it…and they still voted against it.

It’s kinda like taking your kids shopping for back-to-school…

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2 thoughts on “Kevin’s Slim Pickens

  1. After bending over backwards to satisfy the conditions for the Republicans to join the first party there should be no bending tis time The commission should go ahead with or without representation by them, but ceertainly with them in a minor role and not with equal representation as previously offered. If the indications are that Trump orchestrated this then he should be charged by the DoJ despite him being an ex-President

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    • Yep, it’s just further evidence, as if any more were needed, that the sole goal of the Republicans in Congress is to impede and obstruct. The few who have found their conscience have been harshly disciplined by the party leaders. I’m betting money that Trump, along with Bannon and others, orchestrated the attempted coup and yes, he should spend the rest of his life in an orange jumpsuit behind steel bars. Nothing would please me more. But … don’t hold your breath. Sigh.


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