Just Two Snarky Snippets

I could write at least 50 snarky snippets tonight, for my mood is dark, but in the interest of not steaming up my glasses any more than they already are, I’ll settle for two …

Bye-Bye Mr. Saul

Sometimes you have to look at things and just laugh.  Take, for example, the case of this man …

Andrew Saul was the Trump-appointed Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, fired on Friday by President Joe Biden.  First, Saul was asked to resign … a request which he refused.  Then, left with no other choice, the President terminated his employment.  You’re still waiting for the funny part, right?  The funny part is that Saul refuses to leave!  He claims his term lasts until January 2025, that he is “term-protected”, and he plans to be at work on Monday morning.  In the words of the late, great Forest Gump … “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Typically, the position of head of an independent agency such as the U.S. Postal Service or the Social Security Administration is protected from a change in administration, but in this case, both a recent Supreme Court ruling, followed by a Justice Department memo affirmed the President’s authority to terminate Mr. Saul’s employment.  According to a statement issued by the White House …

“Since taking office, Commissioner Saul has undermined and politicized Social Security disability benefits, terminated the agency’s telework policy that was utilized by up to 25 percent of the agency’s workforce, not repaired SSA’s relationships with relevant Federal employee unions including in the context of COVID-19 workplace safety planning, reduced due process protections for benefits appeals hearings, and taken other actions that run contrary to the mission of the agency and the President’s policy agenda.”

A wealthy former women’s apparel executive and prominent Republican donor, Saul, 74 — who served on the board of a conservative think tank that has called for cuts to Social Security benefits — had overseen one of the biggest operations in the federal government since his 2019 Senate confirmation. The Social Security Administration pays out more than $1 trillion a year to about 64 million beneficiaries (yours truly is one of those), who include seniors, the disabled and low-income Americans.

Now what in this man’s past qualified him to head the Social Security Administration … selling clothes to women somehow doesn’t get it in my mind!  And to add insult to injury, he was known for calling for cuts in Social Security!  I spent a lifetime paying into Social Security so that now, in my post-employment days, I could have a bit of income — not enough to live on, but it helps.  I’ll be damned if I want some bozo who sold panties and bras for a living controlling my hard-earned retirement income!

Much like the aforementioned DeJoy, Saul was not initially hired to promote and enhance the work of the agency he was charged with overseeing, but rather was tasked with that agency’s destruction.  I hope that on Monday Mr. Saul finds his computer access cut off, Metro Police waiting to escort him off the property, and his paycheck stopped.  Oh … Saul’s response to his firing?

“I quite frankly feel I’m doing an excellent job there.”  🤣🤣🤣

I hope Louis DeJoy is next.

CPAC Again???

There is yet another Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) taking place in Dallas this weekend.  No wonder the Republican Party hasn’t got the time to actually do their jobs, for they are always busy preparing for and attending these ‘conferences’ where nothing is ever accomplished except tooting their own horns and airing their grievances.

The ‘star’ of the show on Friday seems to have been Representative Madison Cawthorn, a genuine nutcase from the word ‘go’.  He has a theory about President Biden’s plan to have volunteers go door-to-door offering information and assistance to people about the COVID vaccine.  Says ol’ Madison …

“Think about the mechanisms they would have to build to be able to actually execute that massive of a thing.  And then think about what those mechanisms could be used for. They could then go door to door and take your guns. They could go door to door and take your Bibles.”

If only.  I honestly don’t know where the Republican Party finds these nuts … they must be shaking the trees really hard.

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  1. the thing that concerns me about the whole door to door thing is that people could pose as officials and they are not, thus opening the door to more home invasions to the vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled, etc. I’m not the first one to think about this as a possibility but in this evil corrupt worls, it hasn’t escaped my attention. What do you say?

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    • You make a valid point, and one that I had not thought about. I still applaud the idea of volunteers going door-to-door providing information and helping those who may need help to get the vaccine, for there are many who don’t have the wherewithal that you and I have. However, you DO make a good point and I’m not sure how we can safeguard against that, but we certainly must try.

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    • Hello Scott. I listened on the news show this Sunday morning and the current plan is to use local people, health offices, clergy, community leaders, others who understand both the hesitation to vaccines and can explain why they are necessary. Plus I would think the local news media will be publishing the names / titles of who is picked to go around to homes and I am sure they will show identification. In fact anyone interacting with others in an official capacity for a group should have identification to back themselves up. Hugs

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      • That’s a good point. If you’re blind like me, having that ID doesn’t mean a thing and someone who is a cop told me that if someone comes to my door and says they’re a policeman, I should get the id number of the person and call the local police department to verify that it’s them. If the person on the other side of the door isn’t willing to wait for me to substantiate such verification, I have to wonder about the legitimacy of their claim. Anyone can say anything and it’s really sad that it has come to this but you can’t be too careful these days.

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        • Hello Scott. I did not realize that ID for people that routinely deal with the public like police and other government agencies that would come to a person’s door do not include braille for the vison impaired. That is a problem that should be addressed asap. Thank you for letting me know it is an issue, as a person with decent vison I had no clue to the situation. Do you know of any advocacy groups or programs in the works to address it other than what you mentioned? I would think a police badge would be easy to add braille to, and even laminated badges can be done with raised bumps so it is possible there also. Please keep me informed as I think this is a problem that should be addressed. I am an advocate for more access to the public square for everyone and this qualifies as a legitimate disability caused situation that needs to be addressed. Hugs

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          • Hi there.

            As far as I know, there is no program like this in place that I know of anyway.

            I’m going to look into this further for myself, maybe some department has addressed it and I just didn’t know about it, with as many departments around the country, you never know.

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          • Hey, Scottie and Scott, the problem with your suggestion is that in most cases, the blind person would have to open the door in order to read the badge. Once the door is open it is too late. Even if they had a slot to pass things through without oening the door, the thing being passed could be covered with nasty substances. The phoning idea is a good one, as long as the blind person has a previously arranged phone number to phone to verify the cop at the door.
            But Scott, what happens in an emergency situation? How can you verify the person at your door is who they say they are? When time matters the time to make a phone call can be the difference between life and death.
            I think what is needed is a remote receiver inside the door that has to get a special signal from a police badge or other identifying piece of ID equipment that has to be carried at all times. Yes, the system can be hacked, or duplicated, but if that would take the criminal knowing you are blind, and knowing what frequency your remote works at. Just a quick thought, but surely it can be refined for different purposes.

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    • I can’t speak for where you live, but where I live, if someone comes to my door and claims that they’re on official business, the first thing I do is ask for ID. And if I were still suspicious, I’d call the police and ask for advice. Of course, that would be no good somewhere where you can’t trust the police….

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  2. Jill, good post. Saul and DeJoy were not the only two who were put in place to hobble the organizations they ran. From the Departments of Interior, Housing and Energy, to the EPA, to the NOAA, etc, the former president put people in place to muck things up. I know you have read this, but the premise of Michael Lewis’ “The Fifth Risk” was how much intellectual capital was not carried forward under the Trump administration – they did not take the time to be briefed nor did they want to be briefed. In fact, when apprised after he won about these concerns, Trump made, even for him, one of the most asinine remarks saying he could learn the government in a couple of hours. I think the Department of Agriculture has 64 organizations. Two hours? Keith

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    • No, Saul & DeJoy were only two of many, but most others, such as Ben Carson, Andrew Wheeler, Betsy DeVos, etc., were cabinet members who typically leave with the change in administration. Oh yes … how well I remember that comment about how he could learn it all in two hours, as well as later, the one about “nobody knew that health care could be so complicated …” Lewis’ book should be required reading for every person in this country!

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    • Only problem with that is … he’s already rich so a government check is probably nothing more than a “perk” to him. Of course he’s just an example of the “qualified” people that tRump put into various governmental positions.

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        • Ahhhh, but it isn’t only money that defines “entitlement” in today’s world … it is more about power. Sometimes money equates to power, but other times power can exist without great wealth. That power is what drives the far right, the Republican Party, today … they fear losing that power more than they fear bankruptcy!

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    • I suspect he won’t be allowed into his office or online tomorrow … I hope someone takes pictures of his humiliation! Arrogant bastard! How’ve you been, my friend? I know I owe you a letter … I’ve been terrible lately! Hope all is well with you. Hugs!

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      • I’ve been as busy as a one armed paper hanger, as the saying goes. Haven’t opened the computer for almost a week so it’s a wonder it even works now. I’m going thru everything and just deleting most of the spam stuff — unless it looks like it will be good for a laugh or two. Got my a//c working again so back to my flannel shirts and fleece jackets in the apartment. Hugs back atcha!

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        • A … a … a w-w-week away from the computer??? Did you have withdrawal symptoms? Heck, if I’m away from mine for two hours I go nuts! I’m glad the a/c is back on, for it’s been way too hot of late to be without … but then, I think of all the people who don’t even have a/c … I remember back in the day when we didn’t and had to rely only on open windows and fans! I promise to write tomorrow … er, um … today, as I see it is already Sunday! Love you! ❤


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