Anti-Vax Lunacy

I am as stubborn as they come, but I am fully vaccinated.  Why, you ask?  Because I believe that while I have every right to take chances with my own life, I have absolutely NO RIGHT to put others in danger.  It’s called ‘having a social conscience.’  It’s called ‘caring about others.’  It’s called ‘doing the right thing.’

I am appalled by those who have cited every excuse in the book for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID.  This pandemic has killed over 4 million people around the world … 623,029 in the United States, as of this writing, though by the time you are reading it, the number will be even higher.  And WE … You and I … have the key to stopping it in our hands.  If we fail to use that key, then we are complicit in those deaths.

The excuses are myriad and utterly without merit … in other words, the excuses are the epitome of stupidity.  Here are just a few (along with my non-scientific, sometimes snide rebuttals in blue):

  • We don’t know what the long-term side effects are. (So?  We DO know what the long-term effects of the coronavirus are … one of which is death!)
  • The vaccine might hurt my fertility. (So???  The world is already over-populated and with climate change, food and water resources are getting scarcer by the day … you don’t need any more kids!)
  • It’s none of your business if I don’t get vaccinated. (Oh hold on just a second there, madame!  It is the business of every single person on this planet!  We are, in case you haven’t noticed, all in this together!  Wake up and smell the f*cking coffee!)
  • I’m young and healthy, so I don’t need to get vaccinated. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha … first, ask some of the young people who are still suffering symptoms months after getting COVID.  Second, you can still transmit it to others … do you have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers???  Why not think of somebody besides yourself just for once?)
  • These vaccines only have emergency use authorization, not full FDA approval. (Yeah, and your point is?  Do you realize how long full FDA approval takes?  Do you see the drop in cases since the vaccine has been widely accepted?  )
  • I don’t want to get Covid-19 from the vaccine. (Oh for Pete’s sake … you cannot get COVID from the vaccine! None of them contain so much as a smidge of the actual virus!)
  • My faith will protect me, so I don’t need to get vaccinated. (My jaw drops on this one.  A lot of the 3,000+ people who died in the planes, in the World Trade Center, and in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11th, 2001, had faith even stronger than yours and it did not protect them.  Faith is a state of mind, it will not protect you from real world situations.  How ‘bout you take my hand and let me lead you to that nice doctor over there who can ‘splain this to you better than I can?)
  • I might not be able to afford a vaccine. (It’s free, stupid. The government is footing the bill on this one, for they want you to stay alive, though I have no idea why!)

And those are just the relatively sane excuses!  Others run along the lines of conspiracy theories such as Bill Gates has arranged to implant some sort of microchip into your body via the vaccine, or it’s a government plot to turn your brain into spinach soufflé.  (Note to readers … anybody who believes the conspiracy theories brain is already spinach soufflé or oatmeal … not sure which)

The propaganda network, Fox “News”, has played a large role in instigating the anti-vaccine movement and in my book, some of the deaths we are seeing today are on their hands.  Not only the brainless Tucker Carlson, but other Fox ‘hosts’ have denigrated the vaccine, urged their not-so-bright viewers to ‘resist’ the call to be vaccinated … this despite the fact that Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox, was vaccinated last December!  YO RUPERT … find your conscience … I think I saw it standing outside your broker’s office on Wall Street!

The US averaged about 19,455 coronavirus cases over the last seven days, a 47% increase over the previous week. Fully a third of those are coming from five hot spots: Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Nevada, all states with low vaccination rates.

Generally speaking, I would argue that what goes into my body is my choice.  However, I make my choices based on a myriad of informed sources, I respect scientific data, and I understand that sometimes we must make decisions without having perfect information.  With that said, I could see no alternative other than to become vaccinated.  But, until the rest of the nation opens their eyes, this nation will continue to see new cases, new variants, new protective mandates, and yes, new deaths.  Those who continue to hold out, who continue to argue and engage in conspiracy theories that don’t even make sense, will keep this nation under COVID’s thumb.

95 thoughts on “Anti-Vax Lunacy

  1. Notice that most of these responses are very self-oriented … which is also common to those who follow a certain political party … which is why the unvaccinated numbers are high within that party. Duh!

    As you know, awhile back I wrote a post on the U.S. becoming two separate entities. I’m still not so certain that it’s a bad idea … *sigh*

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    • Exactly … we are becoming what I’ve called a “me-istic” society … it’s all about ME, I am all important. And now the certain party you mention further encourages that attitude.

      I think perhaps you’re right, that it’s not a bad idea … or at least, I think it may have become inevitable. It won’t happen peacefully, though, and not without bloodshed. Yes … sigh.

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      • Sorry Jill! I had expressed myself a bit misleadingly. I said that we have never had such discussions about the need for vaccinations. Without previous vaccinations (tetanus etc.), but also when traveling abroad (malaria etc.), millions of people would have died unnecessarily. So why this big criticism now when it only serves the best.

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        • No worries! I just wanted to make sure you weren’t upset with me. I was thinking about the anti-vax movement and remembered that there are even people in this country who refuse to get their children vaccinated against such things as polio and smallpox, claiming it is the government taking away their ‘rights’ … what RIGHTS? The right to let their child die? Sigh. People are stupid sometimes. xx


  2. If you haven’t had the vaccine yet please remain indoors and wait for someone to contact you about deliveries of food. Please note there may be delays of up to six months for this. For the sake of staff, please do not attempt to enter trade premises without proof of being vaccinated.
    Maybe that will give impetus to get the vaccination.

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  3. Jill, it almost makes you think that one political party would love nothing more than to kill off many of their own people, if it means denying Biden any successes. You know, tank the economy, let Covid come back strong, states would start shutting down, masks mandates, etc…All in the hope of putting them back in power in 2022. Am I being overly cynical?

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    • They are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, my friend, but then … if they keep all of us except white males from voting, then … they cannot lose, right. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’m in such a foul temper these days that I threatened to bash in the head of a little girl that came selling something door-to-door. I need a vacation … OUT of this country!!!

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        • I think that if those who would suppress the votes of many win their battle, and if the religious right win their battle to put us under the thumb of their discriminatory beliefs, I will have no choice but to leave this country. I cannot … will not … live under those conditions. Sigh. Hang in, my friend …

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  4. Here’s the thing folks.
    Nature has decreed ‘There’s Covid’ and Nature has the final say on all accounts. No appeals. Doesn’t take notice of protest matches or social media.
    Thus like with Hurricanes, you can hunker down and hope for the best or exercise your right to walk around wherever and whenever you want to…..
    Good luck with that by the way.

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  5. I view the anti-vax stupidity as another dimension of Darwin. There are a number of factors that seem to be working cooperatively to reduce the global human population, and stupidity is just one of them. Anti-vaxxers will die. The only question is whether they will facilitate new mutations that will take down the rest of us.

    For the sake of consistency, anti-vaxxers should support legalization of euthanasia and suicide.

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  6. Hi Jill, while I agree mostly with your rational list of reasons, I still feel that ppl have the right to choose (rightfully or wrong). I would like to present additional facts which you may consider, and I will try to avoid talking points from the conspiracy nuts.
    My points against vaccination are gathered from the CDC’s own website:

    There’s still an issue of vaccine injury, while rare, some ppl do experience blood clots (thrombosis with thrombocytopenia), heart condition (myocarditis and pericarditis), and in some cases death (according to VAERS, over 10 thousand Americans have reportedly died to date, shortly after the Covid jab as reported by licensed physicians).
    As you see, it’s not so cut and dry that everyone should automatically take the shot. The elderly certainly reap the greatest benefit with the lowest side effects, however, a small percentage of young healthy adults without pre-existing conditions have succumbed to vaccine injury, even death. We should seriously weight the risk vs reward carefully… one size does not fit all.
    Besides, if the elderly and those who chose to vaccinate are protected, then what’s the problem? You are immune from the disease and need not worry…. unless you fear the vaccine doesn’t work? Besides, if conservatives and mostly Republicans decline vaccination and consequently die from Covid….. well you do the math regarding future elections 😉

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  7. Has anyone pointed out to those avoiding inoculation that the GOP seems to be losing VOTERS to Covid? In some areas, nearly 100% of those dying have not been vaccinated.
    With vote suppression measures, I almost hesitate to point this out.

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    • Interestingly, I was talking to my granddaughter the other night about this, and she made that very point! She said, “Fine, let them die and there will be that many fewer Republican voters next election.”


  8. Jill, at the heart of this is we lose sight that we have a responsibility to each other. We need to treat our neighbor as we want to be treated. I saw where some folks are wanting the law to say stores must serve folks even if they don’t follow their rule on vaccination or masks. I do recall the religious freedom argument the same folks used saying they don’t have to make a cake for a gay wedding. When rules are applied to all, it is not discriminatory. When rules are applied to a subset of a group of people, then it is. Yet, those who support the latter example cannot also support the former example. Keith

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    • Exactly, my friend. I don’t understand the extreme objections to such things as wearing a mask, social distancing, and being vaccinated. It’s really, if you think about it, no different than setting a 25 mph speed limit in a school or residential zone … it’s for everyone’s safety. Sigh. Rebellion is one thing, and I’m a rebel at heart, but … stupidity is quite another.


  9. Jill, you’re 100% correct. Still I might have a verifiable reason to not getting vaccinated: We’re residents of South Africa but not citizens, and I don’t think we’re eligible for the shot. And secondly is my hubby suffering from Multiple Sclerosis which brings with it a hyperactive immune system. In Germany he was denied many other treatments because of that condition already, a anti-Covid shot could be deadly for him. 😦 And thirdly they are now, after having vaccinated medical personnel, teachers and other public workers, vaccinating people 60+. Sorry, we’re not in that age bracket yet.

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    • Thank you. This is another reason it’s so disgusting to see people refusing the vaccine here just out of sheer stubbornness … so many around the world do not even have access to it! I’m so sorry about your husband’s MS … I have a good friend with MS, so I can somewhat understand the difficulties. I do hope, though, that you are able to get the vaccine soon!

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  10. Great blog on this subject! I had an argument with a little old French lady friend on Sunday about her refusal to vaccinate. She went down through your list and added a few. It reminded me of the documentary about people who believe the earth is flat. When confronted with physical, measured proof that the earh is rotating, they concluded that the machine was faulty…

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  12. Macron came up with brilliant wheeze to encouragepeople to get vaccinated, you’ll need to show Covid passport to go to bars, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, sports grounds etc Following his speech, nearly a million people booked a vaccination appointment on the relevant website.

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    • “you’ll need to show Covid passport ”

      Oh, careful Sheree with such measures. Special passports are traits of a totalitarian system. You divide people, drive them against each other, create new enemies from within. How about we force non-vaccinated people to wear a yellow star on the sleeve of their jackets? And give out rewards for snitches? 😦

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      • Gimme a fucking break. You have GD balls to compare a vaccine passport to a yellow star? & who said anything about giving rewards for snitches?

        Where I live, there are signs on all the businesses “Enter without a mask if you are vaccinated” … it’s all the honor system like PEOPLE DON’T LIE.

        There’s nothing wrong with proving that you’ve been vaccinated. Long before COVID, I had to prove my vaccination status just to return to college. It’s not a totalitarian system, it’s a judicious system that PROTECTS people.

        It’s not just about yourself. It’s about the health of ALL of us.

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        • There can be no comparison between requiring proof of vaccination and sentencing people to death during the Holocaust. I think people need to step back, take a deep breath, and put things in perspective. This is a pandemic, the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime. If we all do our part, we will survive … if we don’t, then we have the blood of the human species on our hands. Simple. Sigh.


      • Orca Flotta — While i agree with most of Jill’s points, I have to agree with your rationale that we should not discriminate against the non-vaxxed, thus regulating them to 2nd class citizen status. The US has a history of discrimination: against blacks, gays, women, trans etc… we don’t need to add another category of ppl to this ignominious list.

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      • I think in this case, the vaccine passport is a sound idea, one that every nation should put into place. It is not at all comparable to Naziism or any other authoritarian system — it is an attempt to save the human species from themselves.

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    • Sorry but i have to agree with Orca Flotta, in the US we have a Constitution, at the very least the gov’t must maintain an appearance of freedom. Believe it or not, freedom of choice/ sovereignty is one of the main reasons we sought independence from Britain.
      We also want to unite the population, not divide into vaccinated or non-vaxxed. To limit the unalienable rights of citizens who chose not to is DISCRIMINATION.
      Just like we should not discriminate ppl b/c of their race, creed, beliefs… we should not when it comes to medical decisions as well. What ever happened to “My body, my choice”?

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    • I think that’s a great idea! It was briefly mentioned here, but the nutcases went ballistic, comparing it to the Jews being forced to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust. People in this country don’t really understand the concept of ‘community’. Sigh. Good on Macron and the French people!

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